Works With Water - Help: Clear Skin 28 Day Treatment Review | + GIVEAWAY!

I was selected to try out the Help: Clear Skin Works With Water 28 Day Treatment last month. As you will probably know by now, I have kind of problematic skin so I thought this sounds right up my street! 

It's very simple and easy, there are 28 sachets per box and every day you add one sachet to at least 250ml of a hot or cold non-carbonated drink or soft food. It contains PravECNAC a proprietary soluble formula with natural lactoferrin, high extract aloe vera and zinc gluconate to help maintain normal skin. It's completely tasteless and doesn't change the taste or texture of your drink or food.

I've decided to kind of do this blog post in a diary-like way which is something new to my blog. I did forget to take a before picture but before I started using this my skin wasn't overly bad, I did have a few blemishes but they were fading.

Day 2 - I woke up with a really bad breakout, I don't know if it is the first sachet getting into my system and pushing out all of the rubbish in my pores out or if it was because we were dealing with a heatwave and I was just a sweaty mess basically, who knows? But the breakout is really bad, mainly in my T-Zone area but also on my cheeks slightly too. I've also found I have broken out in places I don't usually get spots like my nose and cheeks. Obviously, I do get blackheads on my nose but not full on pimple kind of spots.

Day 6 - Above is a photo of no make-up, tired me resembling a potato in the heatwave, apologies lol. Anyway as you can see by Day 6, my skin has started to calm down a little from the angry mountain of spots I woke up to on Day 2. My skin is still not as clear as I would've hoped after using the treatment for almost a week and spots are still in my t-zone area.

Day 14 - So I'll be honest my hormones are a little all over the place if you catch my drift and 4 new spots have decided to pop up, which I suppose is annoying when I'm using a treatment that's supposed to clear up my skin but I do usually get more spots when it's that time of the month so I definitely think the treatment has worked to some extent. My skin is less blotchy and is clearer on my cheeks but I'm still breaking out in my t-zone area, unfortunately.

Day 20 - Today is day 20 and I'll admit, I'm not feeling that great, I'm just having a kind of low day and I think because I have been a little stressed over various things the past few days, it's made me break out quite badly and I do think it's more stress-related, rather than the product failing at doing its job. My complexion is pretty clear on my cheeks and jawline but I've broken out again on my t-zone. 

Day 28 - My skin is looking a lot clearer than it did at the beginning, I still have breakouts on my T-Zone area but they aren't as bad as usual. But overall for me personally, I'm not sure if I would use this treatment again. Just because it didn't completely clear my skin, it did clear my around and on my cheeks quite well but I wanted it to work more on my t-zone as that's where I tend to be more spot-prone. But as I've mentioned so many times on my blog, I do have bad skin, I rarely have a clear skin day. So I think if you're someone who has hormonal breakouts or just the odd few spots here and there, then this would probably work but if you have a skin condition or just spot-prone skin (like me) then I wouldn't get my hopes up too high when using this product but it may just make it a little more manageable.

If you do think this is something that may work for you or you would like to try then you can pick up the 28 Day Treatment pack here. Also, I have teamed up with the brand to host a giveaway and you can enter below!

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