Painless Hair Remover? Yes Please! | Hollywood Browzer Review

The Hollywood Browzer* is a painless tool made to get rid of hair not only on your brows but also (annoying) lip/chin hair, hairline, peach fuzz and also the back on your neck, it also acts an exfoliator to the skin too. So far I've tried it on my brows and also lip/chin hair and here's what I thought of the tool...

Like I've said before on my blog, my eyebrows are rarely ever "on fleek" so I'm just saying in advance, don't expect to see miracles (lol). I did take a few "before" photos but because my eyebrows are so fair, it was really hard to show how overgrown they were (which I'd purposely let happen so I could properly test out the Hollywood Browzer btw). So I've only managed to post an after picture - putting my messy natural hairstyle and 5-minute makeup aside, I think my natural eyebrows look pretty good after using the Hollywood Browzer. I've even managed to shape them a little using the tool too, which was a lot less painful than using tweezers.

Overall I've loved trying out the Hollywood Browzer, it is totally painless and so easy to use. It's great for getting rid of the hairs between your brows and also on the sides where I seem to get hair quicker (kind of weird, I know). I've also used the tool on my lip and chin hair/peach fuzz and it works so well. It's definitely a great tool to have in your life. For £14.99 for two Hollywood Browzer's and a travel case, it's a complete steal. You can pick up the Hollywood Browzer here.

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  1. I have little hair razor removal items I get from Sephora that do that, but I do really like the fact you can move the blade around to get different angles.

  2. Have you tried the cheapie versions of this on Ebay or the Etude House ones? Wondering if the quality/effectiveness is comparable.

    Beccah xx

  3. appreciate your hair removal guides. Would you be recommending women hair removal epilator for hair removal? Perhaps it could help you to cut down the time for trimming / remove the hair and also it prevent your skin from sensitive issue or cuts due to the blade?