Adorning Yourself With The Extras To Truly Express Your Love For Beauty *

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If you were asked to define what beauty means to you, how would you define it? Would you say that it’s the effort to make yourself look the best you possibly can? Would you say it’s the pursuit to make yourself feel as confident as you can? Every person will define how beauty routines improve their life to at least some degree. Of all of the self-care hobbies, a beauty routine is surely the one which helps you express yourself the most. Beauty application is 95% art, and only 5% of technical knowledge about how to apply. This is what makes it so exciting - everyone will have their own idea and interpretation of what it will mean for them.

However, there will always be one common theme, no matter who you talk to. A beauty routine will make the person in question feel more like who they are on the inside. For that reason, sometimes adorning yourself with the extras can be fun to do at special events, or even every day if you feel you’re lacking in certain flair. Here are a few examples.


Sometimes our hair is not as voluminous or healthy as it could be. Repeated hair dying or exposure to intense weather can leave it feeling dry or brittle, and the effects of this can compound for the worse over time. There’s no reason as to why this should leave you feeling unattractive, however. As you embark on a hair care schedule such as using specific hair moisturizers or even getting a trim to help remove the damaged goods, you could consider using tape extensions to thicken your hair or lengthen it to the degree you find desirable.

Why should you have to worry about the time it’ll take for you to regrow your hair when you can go for that luscious look straight away? What’s more is that this affords you the opportunity to experiment with different colours, as if you had dip dyed your look. Even if you haven’t damaged or dry hair to contend with, this might help you experiment with colours without causing the over-stimulation that hair dye provokes.


There’s a reason that jewellery is so universally loved, and that’s because it can help you look fantastic, elegant and glamorous. What’s more is that everyone will have their style, even to a further degree than a simple dress. Your jewellery will bring your outfit together, and just like an artist painting a canvas, can direct the audience to focus points of the outfit you’d like the audience to see. Have a beautiful faux leather bag which you’d like to flaunt?

Why not wear a solid silver watch on the wrist of the same side? What’s more, opting for jewellery with some form of sentimental significance, such as wearing pieces picked up in foreign countries or that have been passed down through the family can help you feel confident and secure in the statement you are making with your outfit.

As with anything beauty, these choices will help you become your best self, and are to be made individually. No matter how you enjoy your style, you can be sure that with the right practices, you too can look beautiful and more in tune with how you feel on the inside.

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