My (Budget) Bedroom Revamp

About a month or so ago I put up on Twitter that I was planning on doing a little bedroom revamp on a budget and if you wanted me to write about it on my blog - well here it is! It has taken a little longer than expected because I was unwell for a few weeks shortly after my tweet but whilst being unwell, I did some a few online orders whilst feeling as if I was on my deathbed and I picked up some lovely things. 
First of all, I just want to say I haven't painted my room because I wasn't sure on the colour I wanted it to be. I have had my dark plum purple walls for a few years and whilst some people may think it's a little depressing and makes my room look and feel smaller, I personally love the cosy feeling of my room. So instead I've picked up some new prints, homeware bits - cushions, bedding etc and I was also sent a gorgeous blanket from The Tartan Blanket Co which I will talk about later in the post. 

I really like the whole pink, grey and copper trend/theme going on right now and I wanted to incorporate it into my room without having to change my wallpaper or colour of my walls. Because my feature wall is quite busy and bold because of it being a vintage kind of brick wall, I thought plain bedding was the best thing to go for, so I picked up this basic Grey HOME Double Bedding Set from Argos for £8.99 and picked up various cute cushions - because we're heading towards Autumn/Winter I thought I'd get more cosy kind of cushions.

 I picked up the Crushed Velvet Cushion and the cute "Sleep" Cushion from Asda - both were £5 each. I really like them both and I love that the "Sleep" cushion is polka dot on the other side so I can switch it around for a little change if wanted too. The Grey Heart Cushion is from Primark and was only £3 and it's so comfortable, I really like heart shaped cushions because I find them to be handy if you have a neck ache/upper back ache (weird I know, but I guess it's kind of a hack?). The other furry cushion I have is from Asda but I've had it since last year so it's no longer available.

Finally on my bed is the lovely New Wool Blanket in Pink Blossom from The Tartan Blanket Co. RRP £65* which they very kindly sent for my bedroom revamp. I literally cannot wait to snuggle up in the Autumn/Winter with this blanket. It also has proved to be a great sick-day kind of blanket as I spent the beginning of Summer unwell for a few weeks and my cats have been eyeing it up too! (I guarantee it'll become not my blanket but also the cats blanket) It's so cosy and thick and compliments my new grey/pink theme bedding perfectly. I think it would a great gift for any cosy blanket lovers, especially in the Winter for birthdays or even Christmas! 

Behind my bed, on my wood kind-of panelling (which I think adds to the cosy feel of my room) I decided to pick up a few cheap photo frames both from Asda and pick up some new prints. I decided on a pretty photo of a Chanel no.5 bottle with some peonies inside from Room 7 Interiors which was £4 and also a lovely, motivational kind of quote "Celebrate All The Little Victories" from That Lame Company which was in the sale for £1.50. 

I also have a 1940's (I think) kind of fireplace which is actually not a working fireplace but is kind of a feature in my room. Because I didn't really know what to do in this area I decided to pop a large canvas wall art print in front of the fireplace but I am on the look out for a different print as the New York one is currently there is pretty old and does have paint splattered all over it (thanks mum lol!). Just to add something to the mantlepiece I picked up a Copper Tealight Holder from Asda for £3 which I thought was pretty cute and above the fireplace I do have a white Victorian looking mirror from B&M.

Sorry about the light on the photo - it's from my softbox light oops lol
Finally the last part of my little bedroom revamp is my bookcase. I have got a makeup kind of area in my room which I am planning on doing a separate post on soon. Also, I have my wardrobe and a set of tall drawers holding bits of bobs but because they aren't in the "revamp" I decided not to include them in this post. I only picked up my bookcase last year and now it's probably my favourite area of my room.

On the very top of my bookcase, I have my Xbox One which as much as I love, I do kind of think it lets my bookcase down a little but I have nowhere else to put it right now. Besides the Xbox, I have a cheap Primark candle and my adorable little fake plant, also from Primark which I picked up recently in a haul.

On my first shelf, I have three books - Wilde Like Me, #Girlboss and My Name Is Girl. I'll admit, I popped them there because I thought the colour scheme kind of goes together lol. I then have my go-to makeup brushes in a plant holder from B&M - the reason why I have to put my brushes there is because one of my cats thinks they are something to play with so I have to hide them from him, yep #crazycatladyproblems. In front of the brush holder, I have a lovely little trinket dish which was only £5 from That Lame Company which I love because it's so cute and tiny and is handmade too. Besides that, I have my fake succulent which I'm sure you've all seen as a blog prop on here now so moving swiftly on... Next to that, I have another motivational kind of print from Treatbox UK which was a gift and I also have my Circus K Light which was from Home Bargains earlier this year and I think it was either £3 or £4. 

My middle shelf is pretty boring but I did pick up the pretty Copper Clock from Wilko for £5, again I did want to have this on my bedside table but 1. The "tick" is quite loud and also my cats would probably break it within a few hours. I also have a basket, which I'll be honest, is just somewhere where I dump anything - blog lights, glue dots, paper clips, light box letters etc and then I just have a few books stacked on top of each other next to the basket but I'm planning on putting something else there soon, I don't know what yet. 

My final shelf I have two canvas boxes both from B&M and one has any new blogger mail in and the other has the majority of my blog props in and they both are desperately in need of a sort out, so excuse the mess. 


So there's my little budget revamp, I think all together I spent less than £50 and my room just feels and seems so much better and refreshed even though I've kind of done the bare minimum really. There is a few more bits and bobs that I need to get done before it's completely finished but I do really like it.

I hope you liked this post, I have tried to link everything that is still available when this post goes live! 

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  1. Love it, your room looks so lovely and cosy. Really love the blanket and the prints so I will definitely be checking those out! :)
    Lisa Rachel Blogs x

  2. I love the 'sleep' cushion was from Asda,I was expecting it to be from somewhere more expensive!Your room is so lovely and you've definitely achieved the cosy vibe x