Autumn/Winter Primark Haul

Just over a week ago I visited in the new Primark in Llandudno whilst visiting some family who were on holiday down Wales at the time. I did spend more than I had planned but I did get a lot for my money, even though I kind of came out with hardly nothing Autumn/Winter related like I had planned, oops.  Because I haven't done a Primark haul in ages I thought I would share what I picked up.

I picked up the cute little red, floral printed hairband/neck scarf thing just to pop in my hair when I'm putting my makeup on or when my fringe is acting a little crazy and it was only £1.50, I have worn it quite a few times since I've bought it, so I'm definitely going to pick a few more up when I next visit Primark. I also picked up 2 pairs of the rose gold aviator sunglasses just because I thought they were pretty nice and obviously I'm not losing out on any money if I break or lose a pair (which happens far too often). I'm going to leave a pair in the car just as a backup pair too.

Something which I've seen a lot about lately is how good primer waters are and I've never personally tried one, so I got this cheap one from Primark just to see if I like it or not, it kind of looks similar to the smashbox ones everyone seems to rave about.

Probably one of my most favourite things I picked up which I thankfully spotted at the bottom on a display area is the gorgeous plum-red velvet looking pumps with an embroidered bee on the front, I can't believe they were only £8! They look a lot more expensive than they actually are. I just love them, now I just need to decide what to wear them with...

It's like an unwritten rule that when you go to Primark, you HAVE to pick up some fluffy socks and earrings, right? I didn't go crazy (like I usually do) and I just got some fluffy shoe liners and one set of earrings. I also got 2 little jar candles - I really like the scent of Pearl Grey but I'm not sure I like Pink Lemonade or not... but I think it'll look cute as a blog prop so it's okay. One thing I picked up that I did actually need is some new slippers and I couldn't resist the "Duvet Day" ones and they are super cosy and comfy.

I always buy at least one hat in Primark whenever I visit, I don't know why because I rarely wear hats... but I couldn't resist the cute black beanie hat with a colourful pom pom on the top. I also picked up another pair of shoes - some black with white details trainers, which are so comfortable and they kind of look like Vans, I did size up to a 7 again because I always think Primark sizing is a little off. But I love these and they go with some many outfits, especially for the more comfy, casual days.

I got some more makeup drawers, I'm not sure what I'm going to put in them yet, maybe lipsticks? but they were £2 in the sale, so obviously I couldn't not buy them. I also got a makeup remover cloth which is something I've been wanting to try one for ages. I am a little sceptical of the cloth working well, but who knows? I also got a few boring things - glass nail files, cotton wool pads and some face wipes.

Another one of my favourite things I picked up is a fake plant with an adorable pot with a smiley face on it, I thought it kind of goes with my blog's pink theme and I think it'll look nice on my bookcase too.

Do I really need more pyjamas? Nope. But I picked up this cute vest and shorts set for £4, I was definitely drawn in by the cute little arrows on the shorts and I do tend to wear shorts more than bottoms until its freezing in the Winter, obviously. Another fave is the adorable Strawberry sponge too.

Yep, I know... doesn't look Autumn/Winter related does it? But I do really like this top - I'm a huge fan of anything tie dye and the print is nice too. Even though it is more of a Summer top, I do have a few oversized cardigans which I think will look lovely with this, so I will team it up with those when the weather isn't too cold. Plus this was in the sale for £3 so it was a bargain too. In the short space of time of buying this top, I've worn it so many times - I've been pairing it mostly with a black lace kimono and they look really nice together.

I'm pretty sure my eyes must have been acting up because I could've sworn I picked this up in grey and it's actually khaki green. It's a high neck vest top with detailing on the back - a choker kind of thing going on at the back with a V neck. I thought it's okay to just wear around the house with a jumper or oversized cardigan and it was only £2 in the sale.

So there's what I picked up my latest Primark haul.
Have you picked up anything in Primark lately?
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  1. Love Primark hauls!! Those bee shoes are awesome! I can't wait to stock up on knitted jumpers and bobble hats

    1. Same! I've already started picking up sweatshirts and jumpers ready for Autumn/Winter :) x

  2. Love a primark haul :) Those velvet shoes are so pretty! They look so comfy too! x

    Tiffany x

    1. They are! Only worn them a few times but they add so much to a kind of plain outfit :) x

  3. Those sunglasses are gorgeous and I picked up the Primer Water as well xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  4. ooh i always pick up a pair of fluffy socks when I get into primark, That little plant is too freaking cute, primarks home stuff looks so much more expensive than it actually is, it's fab!.
    Charlie |

  5. Those pumps look so identical to Vans! I popped into Primark today, so happy that winter fluffy pjs are out.

    Alice May Snell ♡

  6. You picked up so many great things! I am loving those sunnies and the last top you showed!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  7. You got some great things! I love Primark as they do really nice pieces which don't break the bank whatsoever!

    Emily xo