Celebrating 15 Pink Years With Essence

I've been blogging for just over a year now and I first started to work with brands at the beginning of this year. A few weeks ago, I received my first "proper" PR box - like the ones you see Youtubers unboxing so I thought I'd write a blog post about it as I definitely think it's a kind of blogging milestone.

The PR box was from Essence who I didn't realise have been around for a whole 15 years! Me and Essence have had a bit of a love affair this year and I literally don't go a day without using at least one of their products. This post is more of an unboxing than review kind of post as I haven't got around to trying out all of the fab goodies inside. But if you fancy having a nosey at the lovely things I was sent then stick around...

So inside the box, there was not only bag full of Essence makeup, there was also some sweets - Lovehearts and some M&Ms with the Essence logo on - so cute! Along with lots of ribbons, paper pom poms, party hats, heart shaped balloons, love heart confetti, party whistle blowers, basically everything! 

Inside the Essence Goodie Bag -

Volume Stylist 18h Curl & Hold Mascara -

First up is another mascara to add to my collection from Essence. I really like the look of not only the pretty purple packaging but the brush looks like my kinda brush. I already own a few mascaras from Essence and I do really like them so I can't wait to get around to trying this one!

Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil - 03 Black Midnight Sky

I already own a few of these eye pencils from Essence and they are fab, they last a really long time and there are some gorgeous colours to choose from, even my mum has a little collection of them going on. This Black Midnight Sky shade is exactly as it's described - it's a creamy black with glitter. 

I Love Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base

I'm not one for eyeshadow bases or primers I just tend to use my concealer because I'll admit, I'm quite forgetful and it just seems easier to use a concealer. But I will give this a try and report back if I do like it soon. I have swatched it on the back of my hand and it's very creamy and easy to apply.

Shine Shine Shine Wet Look Lipgloss - 01 Behind The Scenes

A clear lipgloss which I actually already own but it's great for popping over the top of liquid lipsticks if you want them to look glossy and it also smells lovely too.

Matt Matt Matt Lipstick - 04 Pink Up Your Life

A gorgeous bright pop of pink shade to add to my collection. I would say it's more of a Spring/Summer shade for me personally so I'll definitely try and get some wear out of it before Summer is over!

Matt Matt Matt Long Lasting Lipgloss - 03 Girl Of Today
I'm not the hugest fan of Lipglosses in general, I don't mind them but I do prefer a proper lipstick or liquid lipstick. This lipgloss is matt and it smells so good - literally good enough to eat (obviously don't lol). It's in-between a liquid lipstick and lipgloss and I really like it. It's a pretty pink shade and I think it will be a great transitional shade for Summer-Autumn.

My Must Haves Empty Palette -

You may have seen a previous blog post here, all about these fab, affordable, customisable palettes. Well, I have picked up a few more shades since and now I have 4 new shades to play around with too!

12 Want a Mint?

I was genuinely shocked when I swatched this because in the pan it looks like a pretty pastel green but when swatched it's a pale-mint green with a gorgeous gold shimmer.

14 Purple Clouds
Another shade I really like, it's a nice pastel kind of purple shade and it suits my blue eyes and is an easy kind of shade to wear if you should want a slight wash of colour, but it is pigmented.

07 Mauvie-time!
I love the name of this shade and it's exactly as it's called a pretty mauve shade.

01 Go Goldie!
I really like this because it's not an OTT gold shade and can be worn as an everyday kind of eyeshadow.

All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder -

This is perfect for me because of me being so pale, whilst I'm guessing it will flashback because of it being pure white, that doesn't really bother me in all honesty but I just thought I'd mention it. I really like the hinged packaging and that it's a handy, travel sized powder.

All Aout Matt Oil Control Paper -

I really like the handy packaging of these control papers, I always have a pack of them in my bag because of my oily skin, so these are some more to add to the collection.

Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette -

This is a great palette for travelling and the shades are great if you struggle to find highlighters for pale skin. I really like the pretty imprint of the highlighters and they are super pigmented! Definitely a new favourite highlighter palette.

Matt Touch Blush - 30 Rose Me Up!
I picked up the Coral shade of this blush a few weeks ago and I can't stop from wearing it so it's great to have another shade to add to my blush collection from Essence.


I just want to say a huge thanks to Essence for the lovely box of goodies and Happy Birthday! It was very surreal to receive my first ever "proper" PR box and it was so nice that it was from one of my new favourite brands.

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*PR sample box, all opinions are my own

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  1. I really like the mascaras and eyeliners from essence, I do like the look of that highlighting palette, congratulations on your first PR haul!, I love posts like this.
    Charlie | http://www.charlieswonderland.co.uk/