Basic Car Tips Which Can Help Prevent Car Troubles *

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I've teamed up with Fife Autocentre to join in on their latest campaign of "A Little Auto Love N Care". I'm going to be sharing some simple tips which can help to prevent you running into any unnecessary car troubles, breakdowns or a trip to the garage. All of the tips are super easy to do and can help you save money in the long run too.

Running On An Almost Empty Tank -
You shouldn't let your car run on an empty tank or "reserve" tank often. Fair enough if you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with no petrol station in sight, but if it's a regular thing you're doing then you should stop right away. At the bottom of your petrol tank is where all of the unwanted bits and gunk goes and if you're letting your car run on an empty tank then you can end up blocking up your pipes with the unwanted waste, which can be a costly job to fix.

Check Oil Regularly (Once a fortnight is best)
Oil in a car is basically like blood to a human if that makes sense, it keeps everything going. Oil lubricates any moving parts and stops them from wearing out too fast. It also prevents a build up of dirt and just helps the car out in general. Make sure you're parked on a flat ground and that your engine is cold (and off). Take the dipstick out and wipe on a clean cloth then put it back in and then once you pull it out again, check the level indicator - if it's okay then leave it alone, if it's running low then top the oil up. Also whilst checking the oil, make sure the colour is either brown or black. If it's a milky looking colour then it could mean that coolant is leaking into the engine and may need to be towed to a garage. If you are looking for a car servicing in Dundee visit Fife Autocentre.

Hoover (More Often Than You Probably Do Now)
This may sound like a weird one but if you don't hoover your car out regularly then you could have a build-up of dirt around important areas of your car. In my car, I have sensors under the front seats and if dust builds up even in the slightest (I know, gross) then it affects my sensors which are connected to my dashboard warning lights, so there's been times when I've thought something was wrong with my car when it's actually just the sensors playing up. 

Check Engine Coolant 
Engine coolant is there to help remove any excessive heat from the engine. It's a mixture of anti-freeze and water. If the levels get too low, it can make your car overheat (which is not good, especially in the Summer!). It's something you should've learnt about whilst learning to drive/theory - locate engine reservoir (it looks like a water tank) and check the levels on the mix - max indicators.

Change Windscreen Wipers & Make Sure Your Screen Wash System Works
It's law that your screen wash system works - obviously it's there to clean your windscreen when it's dirty and can help improve your road vision. Keep it topped up with a good, trustworthy screen wash and check it works regularly. Also make sure that your windscreen wipers are changed within every 12 months to prevent smearing on your windscreen.

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