Embracing My Natural Hair With Lee Stafford's New AirDry Range

My hair is everything you don't want, as I've said many times on my blog already. It's pretty frizzy/damaged due to dyeing it different shades of red/brown and bleaching it here and there since I was about 12. It's also quite thin, it used to be pretty thick a couple of years ago but life happened and it just thinned out, in a way it's a blessing in disguise because it's not as annoying in the Summer but because of the frizz, I rarely ever wear my hair with its natural waves and odd curls. Nope, I spend at least a good hour blow-drying and then curling to try and attempt to make it look like I haven't put a lot of effort in (when I really have), I love the beachy, natural looking waves that everyone else seems to be rocking lately but boy, is it hard to give my hair the lovely natural looking curls and waves that everyone else seems to be wearing.

This is where Lee Stafford's newly released AirDry range comes in - Air (or blow) Dry Cream Lite RRP £7.99* and Air (or blast) Dry Foam RRP £7.99*. Both of the products have to made to help you embrace your natural hair and to soften and control frizziness whilst giving a natural, subtle lift (which is something else my hair lacks, it's pretty flat). I was so excited to try these out and yes, I'm not going to lie, I was silently praying in my head that they would work for me because I've reached the end of my tether trying to find the perfect product(s) to help achieve the hairstyle I want. So here's what I thought of each of the AirDry products...

Air (or blow) Dry Cream Lite £7.99*

"To moisturize, soften and smooth for a polished texture whilst giving subtle lift, for a naturally chic hair'

Following the easy instructions, all you have to do is squeeze the equivalent amount of a Brazil nut into the palm of your hand and then apply to mid lengths and ends of towel dried hair. Then let your hair dry naturally or blow dry and style as usual. I prefer to blow dry my hair just because it's quicker and I don't like to sit around with damp hair either so after applying the cream I quickly blow dried my hair and I've got to say, my hair definitely looked less crazy and less frizzy, I could definitely leave the house without feeling like my hair is resembling a lion's mane. I also really like that it doubles up at a heat protection lotion and it didn't weigh my hair down at all. I also love the scent of the cream too, it's a slightly heavy but is a floral, fresh scent, it kind of smells like something you would pick up in LUSH. Styling my hair was also a lot easier after using the cream and I didn't run into stray frizzy pieces of hair or flyaways. 

Air (or blast) Dry Foam £7.99*

"To control frizz, fluff and flyaways, whilst enhancing and encouraging natural texture. For effortlessly tousled hair in a sexy, undone way"

I was slightly sceptical of the Air Dry Foam, just because other foam products don't usually work for my hair. Again I followed to instructions of applying 2-3 pumps of the product all over wet hair from root to tip (which did worry me because I thought it would make my hair look greasy after I've just washed it!). Then it says to just either leave it to dry naturally or blast dry, I quickly blast dried my hair and followed the handy tip of flipping my head upside down and massaging my roots whilst air drying or blast drying to add extra volume, which worked wonders. I really liked that the foam made my hair feel as if I had no product in it but left it's lovely, floral, fresh scent behind, I definitely think this foam's scent is a little lighter than the cream but they both smell amazing. Another huge plus for me is that the foam wasn't crispy at all, which I usually find with most foam products for hair styling.

The best part is that it gave me some texture to my hair but tamed the frizz and after I added in a few more messy curls/waves with my curlers, I had the beachy vibes kind of hair, yessss. Styling my hair was a complete breeze too because the loose natural waves were already there, I just wanted to add in a few more prominent waves that I know would drop and look nice entangled with the ones the AirDry foam helped to create. 


Overall, I can't fault these products at all. They do just as they say they will and believe me if they work for my hair then they work for anyone's hair. I can't even say which of the two AirDry products I like the most, they both work so well for me and I can finally say I've found some affordable hair product which work for my hair every single time. 

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*PR Samples, all opinions are my own