Getting The Very Best From The Big Girls' Night Out *

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Everyone needs a big night out now and again. It’s your perfect chance to chill out and unwind, to see some faces you haven’t seen in some time, and another excuse to look your very best. Some of you might not be fond of the idea of rushing out to clubs that are packed with too many people and the hassle of trying to get everyone home, and that’s entirely justified. With that in mind, there are a few ways to make sure the girls night out goes as smoothly as it can.

Pamper yourself together
Sometimes, when you haven’t seen your friends in some time and you’re planning a night together, the occasion can develop a certain uneasy pressure that can put you on edge. Spend some time getting everyone together and relaxed before it happens. Invite the girls out to lunch the day before or see if you can get a little retail therapy with one or two of them to buy your outfits for the night. It’s a great way to make sure you’re looking fantastic for your night on the town as well as to get it to a great start. If the conversation is flowing and the feel goods are growing long before you go out, then you’re only more likely to keep it going.

Get the star treatment
Always organize well in advance. Too many girl’s nights out have been spoiled by getting stuck in clubs that are too full to really allow you to enjoy one another’s company. You can much better enjoy the venue and one another if you book one of the clubs VIP tables in preparation for the night. These don’t just give a little space between your party and the rest of the party, either. You get the full club experience, catered to much more than the regular customers, that can make everyone feel a little bit like a star and will only make the night all the more special.

Make it as smooth as possible
The trip to and from the club is another thing that you should be organizing well in advance. If you hire transport or find public transport in advance and know exactly where you’re going, you can stick together and get home safely without any drama of having to wait for ages. But it also makes the night a lot cheaper. You should be willing to spend on enjoying yourself and making yourself look a better, but you should be less willing to pay the exorbitant fees that taxi drivers tend to charge people on a night out. When you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get back home, it frees up your mind to better enjoy the moment, too.

If you’re willing to spend a little more time organizing, your night out can be a much more enjoyable experience. You won’t feel the stress of having a super busy night, none of the hassle of being surrounded by people you don’t know, and none of the end-of-the-night drama when trying to get everyone together to go home.

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