It's Time To Make Fashion Personal Again *

The fashion world is constantly introducing great new potential additions to our wardrobes. However, many don’t like the unnecessary addition of the rules that seem to come with them. If you’re getting sick of following what’s trending, what’s in style, and what everyone else is wearing, it’s time to break off the old chains. Here, we’re going to look at how to take back fashion and develop your own personal style.

To thine own self be true
This might just seem like another set of rules being imposed on you. However, if you’re feeling like you don’t know where to start when finding inspiration for your own style, then looking at your own physical attributes can be greatly helpful. This includes dressing to your body type, picking pieces that flatter the most appealing parts of your figure and giving you a much greater sense of positivity about your own body. But it can go as far using your own colour scheme to figure out whether you’re a cool, warm, or neutral kind of woman. From there, you can pick the colours that work best with your skin tone, your eyes, and hair to create your own personal palette.

Keep growing your ideas
As mentioned above, the different labels and stores are constantly turning out great outfits and pieces. Just because you want to go your own way doesn’t mean that you should ignore something that you blatantly believe works for you. However, many girls find it a lot easier to craft their own style when they choose from a variety of sources and bring them together in a wishlist of their own. Pinterest is by far one of the best tools to do that, allowing you to capture images from just about any source. You can even create different albums for specific outfits, seasons, occasions, and moods. Then the next time you go shopping, you have a much more focused idea of what you want.

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Find your piece
There’s something powerful about choosing the right statement piece. As SoSensational shows, these are sometimes best used to express your identity and style even when you’re wearing an outfit that’s otherwise minimalistic and simple in design. Think about taking the statement piece a little further and turning it into a signature piece. Accessories offer women a lot of range in personal expression. Whether it’s a hat or a bag that just adds something constant to your silhouette or a piece of jewellery that has a fixed place with just about every outfit, it’s a great way to keep a consistent sense of personality regardless of what you’re wearing.
Be bold, be creative
Everyone has a little creative spark in them. They just don’t always have the courage to wear it on their sleeve or the means to really express it. This goes as far as the fashion picks we make as well. Quality bespoke fashion is rare and expensive in most cases, but there are some designers like TOTshirts that keep it simple and accessible. There’s something that just feels much better about wearing a piece that you know is unique to you alone. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself in your truest sense, wearing exactly what you want without being limited by all the pre-made statements and styles on the market. The next time you have an idea for a piece that just doesn’t seem to be out there, find the people who can make it for you.

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Mix it up
You don’t necessarily have to have something entirely new manufactured to give you a unique piece of clothing, either. Charity shop hunting is a hobby that every fashionista should get into. For one, it gives you the chance to find a bunch of great additions for a much lower price, meaning you can be much more experimental and occasionally get the things you otherwise wouldn’t. But even if a piece doesn’t work because it’s not the right size or the right cut, you can upcycle your clothing, often with little more than a sewing kit, to really alter your look.

As important as the clothes you wear is that you feel confident in wearing them. The tips above can help you ensure that you’re always picking outfits that look good on you, but having the confidence in your choices is going to help you pull them off much better. Spend time making your decisions, trying out different options, and experimenting so you feel a much greater deal of belief in those choices.

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