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Because I'm not overly keen on any type of false nails just because I find them quite annoying and hard to do daily tasks without them getting in the way, I tend to just shape and paint my own nails. I like to have more of a kind of Squoval shape. On the rare occasion I do wear false nails then I really like the KISS imPRESS gel nails because they are so easy to apply and they suit my natural nails well, so I rarely have to file the nails down.

But my usual go-to for my nails is just shaping and painting my own nails. For Summer I tend to go for my pastel colours usually just because if I chip them, then it won't annoy me all day looking at the chipped nails (yes I'm one of those people, it really annoys me looking at chipped nails).

I don't really have one nail polish which has been my favourite because I have been wearing a lot of nail polishes in similar shades. So I've narrowed it down to just four. My favourite polishes I've been reaching for the most during Summer have been -

Essence The Gel Nail Polish - Perfect Match*
This is such a pretty kind of pink - it's not too bold but not too washed out. I can definitely get about 5-7 days out of this polish without having to repaint which is fab considering it only costs £1.60 and would be a great polish to wear on holiday.

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish - Rain Rain Go Away 
I have so many of these 60 Seconds nail polishes from Rimmel. This one is probably the latest one I've added to my collection and it's a pretty pastel purple-grey colour. It's a great everyday kind of shade and just goes with so many outfits and other colours.

Essence Colour Boost - Instant Happiness
I've been wearing this A LOT, it's a gorgeous kind of a bright mint green shade and it's a great nail polish to pop on if you're in a hurry because you literally only need one coat and you're done. 

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish - Bestival Blue 
Another one from Rimmel I love is Bestival Blue, I literally have people asking me what I'm wearing when I have this on my nails. I remember at my old job I stopped wearing it because I was sick of telling people what nail polish it was lol. 

So there are some of my favourite nail polishes I've been wearing this Summer, what have been your go-to shades?

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  1. Because my summer job is in a bakery I can't ever have my nails done which is so annoying! I'm counting down the days until my hols to get some fancy ones done. I love wearing brighter colours, especially corals in the summer!xx

    Lucy |