New Releases From Technic

Today's post is about the latest releases from Technic which I was very kindly sent. I'm a huge fan of Technic, they are so affordable and can easily be picked up either on Boohoo, Amazon or Ebay which is where I usually pick their products up from. I also really like them for the fact that they are also cruelty-free, so if you're trying to change to completely cruelty-free on a budget, these are a great brand to consider.

Metallix Eyeshadow Cream #2 Champange For Everybody* £2.95 -

First up is this metallic, champange eyeshadow cream. It's very pretty and flattering. I'm not usually an eyeshadow cream kinda girl but I like this. I've found tapping in the product works best and gives a better coverage and using an primer or concealer for a base. If you're looking for a more natural kind of look, then the eyeshadow cream is really easy to blend and it also lasts well (even in hot weather!).

Mega Lash Waterproof Mascara* £3.95 -
I'm already a huge fan of the original Mega Lash Mascara which I received when I last did a collaborative blog post with Technic. It works really well for my barely there eyelashes and makes them look more defined. The Waterproof Mega Lash works even better for me. The brush is slightly different and the mascara keeps my lashes curlier for a longer amount of time and I'm a huge fan of the metallic eye-catching teal packaging.

Black Liquid Eyeliner* £1.99 -
I'll admit I haven't actually tried this. Just because I personally find these liquid liners really hard to work with, so I didn't try to use it. Just because I prefer eyeliner pens more and I rarely wear eyeliner anyway. However, I did try the liner on the back of my hand to see how it holds up and the shade of black. It lasted well on the back of my hand and dried pretty quickly, the shade isn't the blackest of blacks but it's not bad. 

Superfine Translucent Powder* - £2.99
Looking at this in the pan, it does have a hint of yellow but once applied it's actually a great powder and the yellow tint doesn't show at all. It's super soft and works really well for my skin and sets my makeup in place nicely. I really like that it has a hinged lid and also it's pretty thin (and great for travelling) the pan is big and you get a really good amount of product for £2.99. This is a firm staple in my daily makeup right now, it's very light weight and doesn't feel powdery like some powder within the same price range do.

Prism Rainbow Highlighter - £3.65
I actually picked this up just before I found out I would be working with Technic again. I'll admit, I did pick this up because it's pretty more than anything. Unfortunately for me personally, the highlight, once it's all mixed together, is a little too sparkly to use for an everyday look but would be great for a party or festival. I think it's going to be more of a makeup blog prop to me. But if you're into your bright colours or glittery, highly pigmented highlighters than I definitely recommend picking this up. It does give off a pink-shimmer highlight when all mixed up together too.

Colour Fix Cream Highlighter Palette* £3.99
I'm more into my powder kind of highlighters but I really liked the look of this cream highlighter palette when I opened the package. They are really pigmented and easy to blend out, you can definitely get away with wearing these either natural or full-on blinding highlighter by building up the product. Out of the 8 highlighters in the palette, there's 6 which I can get away with wearing, with my pale skin, which is fab. For the price, this palette is a must have in your makeup collection! Also a little tip - if you apply with a slightly dampened beauty blender, the highlighter gives off even more glow.

Which of these new Technic products do you like the look of most?

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*PR sample, all opinions are my own


  1. Everything here looks amazing, and it's so affordable too! I love the sound of the cream shadow, it looks like such a gorgeous colour too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. Technic is one of my favourite budget beauty brands, their products are so affordable especially from Fragrance Direct. I need the rainbow highlighter in my life.

    Alice May Snell ♡

  3. Omg! I NEED that rainbow highlighter! Great post!