Getting All Scientific With Salon Science Haircare

Salon Science is a brand I'd never come across or heard of before but when I was asked if I would like to try out and review some of their products I was intrigued because of the science behind the products. I received three products from the Celluluxe range and also the latest product - Thickening Serum* packed with AnaGain Organic Pea Sprout Extract. I've been trying out all four of the products over the past couple of weeks and here's my verdict -

Celluluxe Shampoo*

"A luxurious cleanser enriched with nourishing phytonutrients, CELLULUXE™ Shampoo contains powerful plant stem cell extracts of a rare Swiss Apple to restore volume and rebuild fine, fragile and ageing hair. Containing a youth replenishing formulation, CELLULUXE™ Shampoo protects and rejuvenates tired looking hair for optimum health, vitality and thickness."

I really like this Shampoo, it's lightweight and foams up well and I can definitely can tell when I've used this and when I've used a different shampoo as my hair just looks more thicker and healthier. The best way to describe it is my hair looks and feels as if I've just stepped out of the hairdressers, even the scent kind of reminds me of being at the hairdressers too. I don't know if I'd buy this at the full price £12 just because it's a lot more then I'd usually spend on my daily shampoo/conditioner but if I see it on offer then I'd definitely pick it up in a heartbeat.

Celluluxe Conditioner*

"A luxurious light weight conditioner enriched with nourishing actives and shine enhancing components to repair and rebuild fine, fragile, ageing hair. A youth replenishing formula using powerful plant stem cell extracts of a rare Swiss Apple, CELLULUXE™ Conditioner hydrates and nourishes from root to tip, leaving hair silky soft and shining with health."

Obviously, I've been using this after the shampoo, again it's lightweight (as the packaging states) and thickens up my fine, thin hair. It smells lovely - it's kind of a fresh, fruity scent and it makes my hair look great, even if it's not in the best condition (basically most of the time lol). Again, I would pick this up if it was on offer just because I do get through conditioner quicker than shampoo so the amount would quickly build up if I was using it every day. But I can't fault this shampoo or conditioner at all.

Celluluxe Masque*

"A rejuvenating, anti-aging treatment enriched with the advanced plant stem cells of a rare Swiss Apple to protect the longevity of hair cells whilst improving the hair's health, strength and thickness. Formulated with Keratin and Wheat Protein, the CELLUTENSIVE™ Masque is a deeply nourishing treatment. Contains powerful repairing actives to prolong vibrancy and shine with lightweight, yet deep conditioning. CELLUTENSIVE™ Masque ensures hair is radiantly youthful and visibly replenished."

I am a huge fan of hair masks (or masques however you want to spell it) I literally am like a hair mask hoarder. This Celluluxe Masque, which has the same scent as the shampoo and conditioner states that you should use it in-between the shampoo and conditioner, but because my hair is so fine and kind of limp, I decided to not use it this way, just because I thought it would be too product heavy. So I've been using it just as a hair masque after I've used the shampoo. I tend to leave it on 5-10 minutes as it instructs and then wash it out and leave it at that. 

It definitely thickens up my hair and gives it lots of volume. The consistency of the masque is thick - it's that thick that you can tip the product upside down and it won't come pouring out. This is definitely a new favourite hair masque, it is on the pricier side at £19 but I think it's worth it because it works wonders for my hair and you don't have to use a lot per use so it will last longer than your usual £4-£5 hair mask.

AnaGainThickening Serum*

"A light weight Thickening Serum packed with AnaGain™ Organic Pea Sprout extract rich in restorative proteins, starch and fibres for visibly denser, thicker hair. Hair strands are plumped to give an all over fullness. This protecting formula with unique technology restores body and bounce, encourages hair growth and leaves hair stronger and healthier."

The Thickening Serum is the latest product from Salon Science. I have tried it about 4 times and it does thicken up my hair nicely but unfortunately I'm personally not a huge fan of the smell, it's not a horrible scent or anything like that but it's just not my cup of tea. But the product itself does work and I can see the difference when I use it, it is a little sticky but it gives my hair lots of volume, particularly at my roots, obviously, as I've only used it around 4 times I can't say if it's helped to make my hair grow. Overall, the product is good and does as it says but because I'm not a fan of the scent, I wouldn't pick it up again, which is a shame.


I am definitely going to try out some more products from the Salon Science range and I would recommend giving them a try if you're in the market for some new hair care products.

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*PR samples, all opinions are my own