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I thought I would share my go-to hair care products in today’s post, some of which have been favourites for a long time now and a couple of them are more recent finds that have quickly become a staple in my hair care routine. Everything bar one product is unintentionally drugstore priced as well so if you’re looking for some affordable hair care products then look no further! 
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In today’s post, I’m going to be reviewing the Bellissima Steam Elixir Hair Straightener RRP £149.99* which I was very kindly sent by Influenster for review purposes. I was excited to try the Bellissima Steam Elixir Hair Straightener* as I did actually own some steam hair straighteners many years ago and I remember I really liked them at the time. I’ve been using the Bellissima Steam Elixir Hair Straighteners for both straightening and curling my hair for around two weeks now and here are my thoughts… 
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Kristin Ess Hair offers luxury hair care products at an affordable price and their cruelty-free products are available from Boots both in-store and online. I’ve been trying out three products by the brand over the past couple of weeks and I’ve discovered a new favourite product in the process. Keep on reading for my overall thoughts and to find out more info about the must-have product… 

alberto balsam affordable shampoo bar
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I think most people these days are trying to be more environmentally friendly and well, if you’re not, then you should be. I even did a blog post a while ago on how to be more environmentally friendly and what affordable swaps you could make, which you can read here. One of the things I’ve been wanting to switch to using is a shampoo bar, but I just haven’t found one that works for me. So when I found out that Alberto Balsam have released their own affordable shampoo bars, I was definitely interested in trying them and doing a review on here, especially considering they’re only £2.50-£3 each depending where you shop and available at places such as Asda, Tesco and B&M. They're also completely plastic free and you can get up to 70% more washes than what you would get from a normal shampoo bottle! 

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 I was sent over two products to try out from the brand The Hair Boss by Lisa Shepherd recently and I wanted to talk about how I've been getting on with both of the products and whether I would recommend them. Lisa Shepherd who created The Hair Boss is the most awarded and profiled colourist and stylist in the UK today so she obviously knows what she's talking about when it comes to hair care. The products have been made so that you can create a mix and match stepped hair regime which is tailored to your hair's needs. The range is also affordable starting from just £7.99 and available from Superdrug and ASOS.

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In today's post, I'm reviewing the Scalp Restore range from Umberto Giannini which is aimed at people who suffer from dry itchy scalps and/or dandruff. The range is colour-safe and also cruelty-free and vegan like all of their other products. Umberto Giannini are a haircare brand I'm already familiar with as I've been using some of their products for literally years now. Their "Milk" Frizz Control Miracle Styling Milk and their 60 Second Smooth Pre-Shampoo Treatment are some of my all-time fave hair care products.

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Lee Stafford have launched a new and improved CoCo LoCo collection with a new Coconut fragrance with added Agave essence to add shine and hydration to your hair. My hair is basically a jumble of hair types I have quite oily roots but I also get dandruff sometimes in my hairline which is weird (and no I don't use too much product, sometimes I don't even use any conditioner on my roots) and then my mid-lengths and ends are quite frizzy and dry. So the new hydrating range sounds great for my mid-lengths and ends in particular. They kindly sent over two products from the range to try which I've been using for a few weeks now and I thought it was about time I tell you what I think. 
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Lee Stafford's latest range Hair Apology has been created to deeply nourish and repair damaged, overprocessed hair. My hair is definitely in need of some TLC right now, I've also recently noticed that I've got quite a lot of breakage from when I've been having my hair up in a messy bun (which is most of the time) which isn't ideal. Obviously, there's not a lot I can do about that apart from wearing my hair in a different way but I thought the Hair Apology range might help to repair and smooth those areas. There's an array of products in the range to choose from Shampoo, Conditioner, a 10-in-1 Leave-in Treatment Spray, Power Shots Capsules and a 4-pack of Intensive Care Masks. I was kindly sent the whole range to try out and I thought it was about time to let you know my verdict.
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I'm sure we've all got plans when the lockdown is lifted whether it's rushing off to top hairdressers in Manchester, booking in a gel manicure and pedicure, a full body massage or just having the full works and booking in the lot (I'm sure most of us will feel this way!). However, for now, we've just got to make do with what we can do at home and also what products we can buy during our essential shopping trips/online orders.
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In a blog post back in January I talked about how I want to change up what I talk about a little in terms of beauty and lifestyle and not just be known mainly as a "skincare blogger" because although I do love my skincare and talking about new in products and brands, I also want to talk about other beauty products and lifestyle topics too. So when I got an email about Paul Mitchell's Dream Texture Invisiblewear range, I was really intrigued and thought it would fit in well on my blog and the new structure. I also like the fact that they are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly too.

I don't think I've actually tried anything from Paul Mitchell before so I was excited to give the products a whirl as soon as they arrived because my hair is definitely in need of some help. If I leave it to its own accord, it's just a wavy, frizzy, flat-on-the-roots mess.

The Invisiblewear Dream Texture Trio contains the Invisiblewear Air Gel*, Invisiblewear Velvet Cream* and Invisiblewear Cloud Whip* (all available to buy separately) and each product has been designed to effortlessly create texture, volume and definition.

The first product I tried from the range is the Invisiblewer Velvet Cream* (RRP £21.95) which they claim smoothes and tames your hair with a feather-light definition. It also has a really nice fresh, clean scent which I like a lot. You apply a small amount to damp hair (I would say I use two pea-sized blobs) and then blow-dry or leave your hair to air dry to get a nice, smooth but textured result. This has actually become my new go-to hair product to use after I've washed my hair because it works sooo well and my hair always looks and feels smoother than usual but with a nice amount of definition going on too. I love it and I've already made quite a dent in the tube because I've been using it that often! I will 100% be picking it up again once I run out.

Next up from the trio is the Invisblewear Cloud Whip* (RRP £21.95) which is an unusual texture with it being a whipped formula and not something I've come across before from any other hair brand but the whipped formula is what makes it lightweight which is great if you have greasy or thin hair. You can use it on both damp and dry hair to add definition and it dries down quickly and doesn't leave any sort residue or crispiness to your hair like some products can do. I've been using this on second-day hair if I've curled my hair or if I'm trying to make my messy bun hair look less crazy when it's down and to add some definition once the curls have dropped a little. It does definitely help to a certain extent and if you hate the feeling of product in your hair but want a lived-in textured look then this might be something for you to try. 

Lastly is the Invisiblewear Air Gel* (RRP £21.95) which again is an unusual formula because it's almost like jelly and not like your standard gel hair product. You can use it on wet or dry hair and you can also revive the product by using their Boomerang Restyling Mist on your second-day hair. The aim of the product is to add volume and piecey texture with a light, touchable hold. Once again, it doesn't leave any sort of residue, crispiness or stickiness. I've used it twice and I personally think this product would suit someone who has got either shorter hair or hair which has a lot of layers. I have only used it when I've curled my hair and then I've run the product through my hair to see how it works with curls and it works okay holding the curls but it's not wowed me enough to want to pick it up again.

Have you tried any of the products above? If so, what did you think? I'm definitely intrigued to try more products from Paul Mitchell after trying these.

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If you're a regular reader of my blog then you're probably used to my Latest in Beauty reviews and how fab I think they are by now. They kindly sent me their latest collection box which is The LiB Beauty Resolutions 2020 box. The box is all about starting afresh with your routine in the new year, being more conscious when it comes to beauty and investing wisely as well as making sure we take time out for ourselves. It contains 14 products which are worth over £152 but you can get everything for just £28! Here's what's inside the box and my thoughts on the products I've tried so far...

First up is the Kiehls Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque* which I was excited to see in the box as I really want to try some more products from Kiehls this year, particularly their skincare. The 14ml pot is a nice travel size version and a great way to give the mask a proper try before committing to buying the full size. I've used the mask twice so far and really liked it. It definitely makes your skin feel as though it's had a deep cleanse without leaving it feeling stripped. 

You also get a Sport FX Blend & Go Sponge* in the box but I haven't actually tried it out yet just because I'm more inclined to use a makeup brush over a sponge just because I feel like I get a better finish usually. However, I will give this a try soon and either talk about it in an upcoming "New In Beauty" kind of blog post or on my insta stories.

The Kind Natured Shea and Aloe Cleansing Face Wash* has been a really nice, gentle morning cleanser to use over the past couple weeks. It's vegan-friendly and cruelty-free and it's got a subtle scent of shea butter. I'm intrigued by the brand and definitely interested in trying out a couple more products by them soon.

You also get a Patchology Keep Smiling Lip Gel* lip mask which aims to soothe your lips and help you unwind. It's also infused with lavender petals and sweet violet aromatherapy. I haven't actually got around to trying it yet but it sounds lovely!

The Slow Ageing Essentials Facial Essence* is described as a pure and potent elixir with 3 active ingredients systems. It says to use it daily for best results but I think for me it's a bit too much for me to use daily. But I have used it a few times and it leaves my skin feeling nice and soft and looking super glowy. 

I'm a bit on the fence about the Ashanti Cosmetics 15 Shades of Pink Pomegranate Face Cream* because it smells so nice and it claims to work well on dark spots and acne but I'm not sure if my skin agrees. It's quite a rich and almost-greasy formula and on their website it says that it's for dry/extra dry and normal skin and nothing about oily/acne-prone skin like my own. So I'm just not too sure about it. I think I'll probably end up passing it on to someone with the right skin type for it.

I haven't tried the Senspa Sleep Therapy Bath Soak* yet because right now as I'm writing this, we're dealing with a broken boiler which has been turned off by the plumber so we haven't got any hot water until the right part arrives because the manufacturer messed up. It's been such an ordeal over the past week and driving us all crazy. But I can't wait to have a proper pamper session and use this as it smells so nice! It contains organic lavender and organic oils of bergamot patchouli and geranium.

Because of the boiler situation, I also haven't tried the Biovene Barcelona Shampoo-In-A-Bar* yet just in case it doesn't agree with my hair and leaves it feeling dry because my hair wash options are quite limited right now lol. You receive either Citrus Dream or Pink Heaven, I got Citrus Dream and it really does smell dreamy! I'm still yet to find a shampoo bar that works well for my hair and doesn't strip my hair dye out so fingers crossed this is the one I need in my life.

The Murad Renewing Eye Cream* is quite a thick eye cream which isn't usually my jam but it really does work to help "lift" your under-eye area and sort out any dark under-eye circles! However, I checked out the price for the full size and it's £65 for 15ml which I definitely can't afford to buy on the regular which is a shame. I'll just stick to my Transformulas Eye Wakeup Serum which works just as well, isn't as heavy with it being a serum-like formula and is more affordable.

You really can't go wrong with Burt's Bees lip balms, they're definitely my go-to when it comes to picking up an affordable lip balm that does its job well. Inside the Beauty Resolutions box, you get a Burt's Bees Lip Balm in Wild Cherry* which is a flavour I've actually not tried before. I'm currently using their Coconut and Pear Lip Balm* which I love as well as the Milk Makeup KUSH Lip Balm which I talked about in this recent blog post.

You also get the Little Butterfly London Dewdrops at Dawn Body Lotion* which is actually an organic body moisturiser for babies. However, because of its gentle formula, it means it's also suitable for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. It's not super thick and heavy, so it dries down pretty quickly and it also doesn't really have a scent either. I'm definitely going to reach for this when I have an eczema flare which I usually get on my arms and elbow area and see how it weighs up against Lush's Dream Cream which I usually use.

I'm already a big fan of Feather & Down products and I always have a couple of their pillow mists in all of the time. I use both their original Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray as well as their Breathe Well Pillow Spray (which works really well if you have a cold as it really does help to unblock your nose and helps to settle that fuzzy head feeling too). So it was nice to see a travel-size version of their Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray* in the box which I'll be adding to my Feather & Down stash haha.

I've been using the LEBON Rhythm Is Love Whitening Toothpaste in Ylang Ylang, Yuzu and Mint flavour* recently and I actually really like it. I usually just use Sensodyne toothpaste as I have quite sensitive teeth and I find their toothpaste work best for me. But the LEBON toothpaste has definitely helped to whiten my teeth a little in the short amount of time I've been using it and the subtle flavour has been a nice change because I'm used to a super minty toothpaste usually. I'm currently using both because I do feel like I still need to use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth too and the LEBON one is more focused on whitening and not sensitivity.

Lastly is the Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment* which I used pretty much right away when I got the box because I've been wanting to try some products from Living Proof for a while. I found the mask to work okay but it didn't blow my socks off or anything. I feel like I get just as good a result using my go-to Lee Stafford Keep It Clean hair mask which actually smells nicer too.

Another reason why I love Latest in Beauty boxes is that inside the information leaflet you get exclusive discounts/promotional offers from a lot of the brands featured in the box. So if you find a new favourite you will probably find a discount code or some sort of deal for the product(s) too. You can check out the LiB Beauty Resolutions 2020 box and more of their collection boxes here.
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Because my hair is quite limp and flat at the roots, anything that says it's going to create some volume and add texture will always pique my interest. So when I got a surprise package from Feel Unique just before Christmas containing the Bed Head by TIGI Hair Volume Gift Set* I couldn't wait to try both of the products out. The gift set contains their Superstar Queen For a Day Volume Spray* and their Oh Bee Hive Dry Shampoo For Volume and Matte Finish* and the total value of the set is £30.50 but Feel Unique was selling the set for £19.99 at the time. However, as I'm writing this it's £9.95 in the sale which is a complete steal! They're also selling other gift sets for other hair types/goals for or around the same price. I did use to use a couple of products from TIGI's Bed Head range but for some reason, I just stopped using them, so it was nice to be reintroduced to them again. 

The first product I want to talk about is the Bee Hive Dry Shampoo RRP £15* which they claim will give you volume and a matte finish. It has a very strong vanilla scent, so if you don't like vanilla, then this isn't for you. I personally really like the scent and I like that it's quite strong as it means it'll definitely freshen up your hair if you're trying to go an extra day or two without washing your hair. It's super light and it doesn't leave you with a white residue like a lot of dry shampoos do which is a huge plus in my book and it also gives you some tips on how to get the most out of the product on the back of the bottle which is always handy. I do really like this dry shampoo, it is a little pricier than I would be willing to pay as I do use a lot of dry shampoo as I use it as dry shampoo and to also add texture but if I saw it on offer then I would pick it up again. 

I find a lot of texturising products leave your hair feeling either super sticky straightaway or leave you with a weird sticky residue, even after you've brushed the product out at the end of the day. This is why I tend to turn to dry shampoo when I want to add texture. TIGI claim that their Superstar Queen For a Day Thickening Spray RRP £15.50* will create thicker-looking, voluminous hair with incredible texture. It's formulated with Palm Kernel Glycerides which creates the volume and texture, Triglycerides which helps to condition, smooth and soften the hair and Film Forming Polymers that helps to hold hairstyles and volume so they don't "drop". I've got to say this is definitely one of the best texturising and volumising products I've tried, I also really like the Berry Medley fragrance. It just works so easily, adds a decent amount of volume to your hair without it looking like something from the '80s and it doesn't leave you with any sort of stickiness. You also get a good amount of product for the price (311ml). I will be repurchasing this again as soon as I run out.

Have you got any faves from TIGI's Bed Head range that I need to know about?

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New In From Lee Stafford!

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Lee Stafford are one of my go-to brands for hair products which work well, don't break the bank and smell bloody gorgeous. They kindly sent over some of the recent releases and I've been testing them all out over the past couple of weeks...

The Heat Protection Blow Dry Cream* is a lightweight cream that aims to protect and shield your hair from heat and breakage. So it sounds great for someone like me who literally has to use a hairdryer every time I wash my hair because if I leave it to air-dry, I will literally wake up with my hair resembling a bird's nest. You just pop it in the palm of your hands and then apply to towel-dried hair on the mid-lengths and ends. I've really been enjoying using this and I definitely think my hair looks less frizzy and feels smoother when I use it. I also love the smell of both of the products in this post. I don't even know what the scent is but it's so nice and it also stays in your hair too which I personally really like and think is an added bonus. I do use a lightweight heat protection spray from Maui Moisture in my roots for added heat protection when using this too.

The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Protein Cream RPR £7.99* aims to repair your hair from the inside out. The intensive nutrient-rich protein treatment helps to rebuild and repair damaged hair to make it healthier, longer and stronger. You apply it the same way as the Blow Dry Cream but only use a pea-size amount (remember less is more when it comes to hair treatments!). I don't feel like I've seen an increase in my hair growth (yet anyway) but I do think my hair feels a bit stronger and it doesn't break as easy as it used to and I think it's down to the Protein Cream which I've been using a couple times per week. It also smells lush, just like the Blow Dry Cream!

A paddle brush is definitely essential for day to day use as they are great to detangle and smooth your hair. The Lee Stafford Smooth & Polish Paddle Brush RRP £10.99* can be used on wet or dry hair has a soft cushion to ensure comfortable styling. I really like the Lee Stafford Paddle Brush because it's a lot bigger than my current everyday brush and it means it's easier and quicker to brush and style my hair, which is handy when I'm having a bad pain day with my back because even brushing my hair hurts me. It also means that it gives a smoother and straighter finish if you use it when drying your hair too. 

The Lee Stafford Blow Out Brush RRP £12.99* is for creating big, bouncy hair which is great for adding some volume to your roots as well as for styling your hair. It has a soft-touch grip and seamless capped design which prevents your hair from snagging when styling, which is such a pet hate of mine when it comes to hairbrushes! A couple days before receiving the Blow Out Brush I picked up a new roll brush from B&M to give my roots some lift and to style my fringe to the side and it was pretty much ripping my hair out every time I used it. It just shows how the design of any brush you buy really does matter in how they affect and style your hair. The Blow Out brush is a great brush to give your roots some volume, which I definitely need fyi! and I can just about get away with using it to style my fringe too.

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-This post is in collaboration with Melissa Salons, all opinions are my own-
In today's post I'm going to be talking about my holy grail hair care products as well as some hair care tips I've picked up along the way. I've always had quite damaged hair ever since I picked up my first pair of hair straighteners when I was about 11 or 12 (RIP to my hair). After I started using a lot of heat on my hair, every time I visited my hairdresser she would tell me to put the heated hair tools down and give it a break. But because my hair has always been quite frizzy and not "perfect" I'd still attack it with the hair straighteners every day as well as the hair dryer after I'd washed it too.

This continued until I started doing a hairdressing course after I finished school and even though I didn't love doing hairdressing itself, it definitely helped me understand hair more and how to look it after it properly. From making sure you give your hair a break from heat, getting it cut often to make it look and feel healthier, using the right shampoo and conditioner and pointing the hairdryer nozzle down when blow drying to close the cuticles and make your hair feel softer and look shinier.

I also think you should treat your hair to some TLC often because making your hair look better instantly makes you feel better, right? You can do this by visiting a Top Hairdresser in Manchester, popping an intense hair mask on once or twice a week or using a silk pillowcase to try and minimise breakage and any damage. It's kind of like self love but for your hair.

I've definitely found some products that I swear by and repurchase time and time again. I'm always recommending them to my friends and family so I thought it was time I'd talk about them in a blog post as well.

First up is the Umberto Giannini "Milk" Frizz Control Miracle Styling Milk which I've been using for a while now, it must be easily over 18 months and it's honestly so good for my naturally frizzy hair. It smells nice with a light floral scent and it isn't heavy on your hair either so it doesn't weigh it down or make it get greasy quicker. Plus it's super affordable and easy to pick up from Boots. 

I really like the Mane 'n Tail Hair Strengthener* and I like that it's a leave-in conditioning treatment which also protects your hair from heat. Another thing I like about it is that I personally think it smells kind of like Love Hearts sweets and it also lasts for ages even if you use it multiple times per week. I've also been using the Cake Beauty The Mane Manager* recently which is new to the UK. It smells like cake as you've probably already figured out and I found that it works well and reduces frizz.

Lastly is basically just a shout out my all-time fave hair masks which are the Lee Stafford ones. They're affordable, they smell lovely and there's something for everyone. I'm currently using the Keep It Clean Replenishing Mask and I think it's my favourite one out of all of the ones I've tried. The range is aimed at hair that gets oily at the roots quickly. The whole range smells absolutely gorgeous and the mask just makes my hair so much more softer and more manageable, especially when I pair it up with the UG Milk product. I cannot recommend it enough! I tend to apply it to my mid lengths and ends as that's where my hair is most damaged and frizzy and let it work its magic for around 10 minutes.

What are your fave hair care products or tips?

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A Haircare Round-Up

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-This post contains PR/Gifted items, no paid content. All opinions are my own-
I thought I'd talk about hair care on my blog today because I wanted to share some of my current favourite hair products. Some have been faves for a while and a couple are pretty new to me. My hair is a bit of everything, it get's greasy at the roots pretty quickly but it's also quite dry and frizzy on the mid lengths and ends. So I'm not going to lie, I do own a lot of hair products but it's just so that I can cater for the different hair situations I have to deal with day-to-day.

First up I'm talking about my three favourites from Umberto Giannini who are one of my go-to brands for affordable hair care. I've been using their 60 Second Smooth Pre Shampoo Treatment for about 18 months now and it's honestly amazing. It makes your hair feel like you've just come out of a salon. You put it through your mid lengths and ends before you shampoo and it smooths everything out as the name suggests. I can't be without it and a little goes a long way! Another products from UG which I've been using religiously for a while is their "Milk" Frizz Control Miracle Styling Milk which smells really nice and floral. I pop it on damp hair before blow drying and it really helps to protect your hair from the heat and smooth out your hair and the packaging is super cute too! The last product from Umberto Giannini which I've got to talk about is their Flowerology Rose Drops Miracle Mist... I'm not usually a big fan of mist type of products that you put on before blowing drying your hair but this is so good! It smells nice and it really does help to settle my hair down as well as protecting the colour when I've recently dyed my hair.

Two products from LUSH that I love are BIG Shampoo which is a great product if you get a lot of product build up in your hair. It can feel a bit scratchy on your hair as it contains chunks of sea salt but it helps to get rid of build up as well as helping to add volume to your hair. It also smells bloody gorgeous too. I tend to only use it when my hair needs to be dyed because I have noticed that it does seem to pull hair dye out of my hair quite easily. The second product I love from LUSH is their American Cream Conditioner. It's probably one of my favourite scents ever and I've tried to find something similar at a cheaper price and haven't found anything like it. It's a product I use when I'm having a pamper or self-care kind of day/evening because it is quite pricey. The 100g bottle which I tend to pick up is £7. But it does make my hair feels nice and the lovely uplifting scent sticks around until your next hair wash.

My current favourite dry shampoo is the new Lee Stafford Keep it Clean Dry Shampoo* because it smells like the rest of the range which I ~love~ and it doesn't make your hair feel like it's filled with powder like Batiste does. It's a lot lighter on the hair aswell if that makes sense. Will definitely be sticking to this dry shampoo from now on!

Talking of Lee Stafford I've got to talk about my favourite hair masks which are the ChocoLocks Butter Cream and Keep It Clean with Pink Clay* hair masks. They both smell amazing, make my hair feel silky smooth and easier to manage and you don't have to use tons of product each time you use them (depending on your hair length) so they last a good amount of time. Another hair mask which is new to me this year is the Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask which is so good! It really helps to lock in your hair colour when it's freshly dyed as well as making it look glossy and healthy. Another must have!

My go to shampoo and conditioner over the past month or so has been the Palmers Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. The range smells nice and fresh and leaves my hair looking and feeling less frizzy which they claim the range will do. I've even turned my mum who is basically a die-hard fan of John Frieda products into a massive Palmers fan.

Another problem with my hair, especially since I've been put on different medication for my chronic pain is that it's quite flat at the roots. So to help lift and add volume to my roots I use the Design.Me Puff.Me Powder Mist which is a quick way to give your hair volume and some oomph. Less is definitely more with this product because if you put too much on, it goes all sticky and feels horrible so you do have to be careful. But when it's used right it's a great product.

Cake Beauty are a brand new to the UK and I've only tried two products from them so far and I'm actually blown away at how good they are, how affordable they are and how nice the products smell too. I've been using The Gloss Boss* which is a "Dry Hair Finishing Oil" which has been designed to be used on second day hair to refresh your locks and give your hair a lovely healthy looking shine. It smells amazing! I personally think it smells like a sweet cake scent with a touch of coconut and the same goes for the The Mane Manage'r 3-in-1 Leave in Conditioner* which makes my hair feel super soft and more manageable too. I can't wait to try more from them. 

Talking about leave-in conditioning treatments, I've been using the Mane 'n Tail Hair Strengthener* for ages and it's definitely one of my all-time fave products. I think it smells like Love Hearts sweets as it smells quite fruity and I just pop it in my hair either when it's damp and about to be dried or after I've dried it. It works so well on my fine hair and doesn't weigh my hair down at all like some leave-in conditioning treatments do. 

Lastly is another oil-based product that I've picked up time and time again is the Lee Stafford Chocolate Shake. It's from the ChocoLocks range as you've probably already figured out by the name of the product and it's one of those products that you have to shake to "active" as it's split in half inside the bottle. I tend to pop it on before I blow dry my hair to give my hair a bit of protection and also so that it smells like chocolate obvs. It's more of a light weight oil, so if you have thin hair or if you're scared of oils making your hair look greasy then you'll probably love this one. 

What are your favourite hair products? 

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I've noticed that satin pillowcases and satin hair scrunchies are being talked about more lately (mainly on instagram) because they can apparently help your hair and prevent damage and the pillowcases can apparently help both your hair and your skin too. In theory it sounds bloody great, doesn't it? But does sleeping on a satin pillowcase actually help to prevent hair damage, bedhead, spots and wrinkles? I've been trying out Morning Glamour's Satin Pillowcase* which is £12.99 (single) or £24.99 (double) for around 3 weeks now and I thought it was about time I share my thoughts. 

First of all I was sent the pillowcase so I didn't choose the colour and I'll be honest I'm not super keen on the pink colour I was sent as it just doesn't really go with my room. However Morning Glamour do have 8 colour options so I'd definitely be able to find a colour that'd suit the colour scheme in my room in the future. 

I was excited to try out a satin pillowcase because of all of the things brands claim that sleeping on a satin pillowcase can help you with. Also I feel like I'm the ideal person to put a satin pillowcase to the test because I have frizzy, wavy hair naturally, my skin is oily and spot prone and I've started to get fine lines around my eyes ~sob~ and I suffer with really bad bedhead first thing in the morning when I wear my hair down to bed. It literally looks like a bird is nest or something. It's bad. 

So how does the satin actually work?
Satin performs as a barrier to friction which prevents damage, breakage and bedhead and the satin pillowcase also protect your lashes from any friction too. Satin is non-absorbent which allows your skin to soak up any products you've applied before bed rather than it sinking into your pillowcase. Studies have also shown that sleeping on satin can help to prevent sleep creases which inevitably form permanent wrinkles.

I'll get straight to the point... I'm a bit on the fence about the satin pillowcase so far and here's why... 
I find that the satin pillowcase makes the pillow slip around on top of the other pillow underneath because it's so silky which is annoying, especially when you have chronic pain because it means that I have to be aware in my sleep that if I switch to lay on the other side then there's a good chance the pillow will move with me. I've also noticed that I've been getting more neck and upper back pain which isn't great as it all just annoys my normal lower back pain and I'm pretty sure it's down to the satin pillowcase unfortunately.

During the August bank holiday heatwave I did find that the pillowcase was a lot cooler than a normal pillowcase which was quite nice and refreshing. It's a bit annoying that it's not the same on both sides (because of the "stay-put pocket flap") so you can't flip your pillow over. Also even though it was nice and cool to use in the summer, does it mean that it'll be really cold in the winter? Because if so, I'm not about that life. I like being all cosy and warm in the winter.

However I have noticed that my skin hasn't been breaking out as much as normal whilst using the pillowcase but this could also be down to a couple of new products I've been using recently so I can't say for sure. It definitely helps with bedhead as they claim because I haven't been waking up to the crazy birds nest hair, so that's a positive. Obviously as I haven't been using the satin pillowcase for a long period of time, I can't say if it's going to help with onset wrinkles but I can say that I haven't been waking up with sleep creases whilst using the pillow. 

Overall I think it's safe to say that I'm not 100% on the product. It's a shame because I think it does help with bedhead and it does prevent sleep creases as well as potentially helping with my spot-prone skin but I think the fact that it slips and slides around so much is what bothers me the most because I don't want to make my chronic pain worse and on flare-up mode as soon as I wake up in the morning. 

Have you used a satin pillowcase before? 

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When it comes to hair vitamins I'm always kind of intrigued if they actually work. I have tried a couple before and have had mixed reviews so when I got the opportunity to try Sugar Bear Hair which are vegetarian, gluten-free and cruelty-free, I was excited to see if they actually live up to their claims because I've definitely seen a lot of positive results popping up on my insta and facebook feed.

So talking of claims... what do Sugar Bear Hair claim their hair vitamins will do? 

Because their gummies are formulated with hair-friendly vitamins such as biotin, folic acid and vitamin D they should technically make your hair grow, no matter what your gender is. They say that you should chew and swallow 2 of their Berry flavoured gummy bears per day to get the nutrients you need to make your hair grow and feel healthier. They also claim that they are easy to swallow and also easy on the stomach.

They also don't contain soya, dairy or any hormones. A bottle of 60 gummies will last 30 days (which are the ones I was gifted RRP £24.66* on the SBH website) but they also state that the vitamins work best if taken for a minimum of 3 months but best results are at 6 months.

Also for reference I've inserted the supplement facts from the website below...

-This is probably one of the most unflattering photos I've ever taken so I apologise haha-
My hair is what I would call a kind-of grown out lob in terms of length and it seemed to have gotten stuck at a certain weird length and I was hoping that the Sugar Bear Hair gummies would give my hair cycle a bit of a kick to get my hair to start growing again because I'm debating on growing it long again like how it used to be. If you look at my hair in the above "Before" photo my real length is the length you can see at the back if you get what I mean. The front parts look longer because of the positioning of the camera and how I'm standing (I guess?). So yeah, it's what I would call an awkward length for me personally. I like to have quite a blunt cut because since I've been unwell I've noticed that my hair has been thinning out a lot more than usual and obviously having a blunt cut kind of gives an illusion of thicker hair.

So what did I think of the vitamins and did they do any for me?
First of all I've got to say that they taste super yummy! They basically like sweets which is a big plus. As I've mentioned before I have tried a few vitamin brands before and they taste okay but not amazing. Sugar Bear Hair are definitely the nicest tasting vitamins I've ever tried. I also think they are cute but obviously it's what's inside that counts but I mean they are very insta-friendly. You can't deny that, can you?

In terms of if they worked for me I'll be honest I feel like they've worked more in terms of helping my hair feel healthier and thicker and just more manageable rather than significantly improving the growth. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just they worked in a different way than I was hoping. I do feel like they have kick started my hair cycle again though and I do think my hair has grown a little over the past month, whereas it was just pretty much dormant prior to taking the vitamins. I've also noticed that my nails have been a lot healthier which I'm pretty sure is down to the vitamins too - so I guess you could say that's an added bonus.

I also agree with the claim that the vitamins are easy on the stomach because I do have gastritis which is basically chronic stomach inflammation and I have to take pills daily for it and I haven't found that the vitamins have upset or caused my stomach any harm.

Overall I feel like they've done something but I would've loved to have seen more hair growth after the first month. However I would potentially pick them up again though to trial them out for a further amount of time.

Have you tried any hair vitamins before? What did you think?
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I've talked about Lee Stafford hair products quite a lot over the past few years on my blog as a lot of the products from the various ranges seem to work well for my hair and my budget. I recently got a chance to try the new "Keep It Clean" range* which is all about purifying and keeping your hair fresh and clean without weighing your hair down (so it's great if you have a fine hair!). It's Pink Clay infused which acts as a magnet to oil, dirt and product residue. The range also smells bloody gorgeous, I'll even go as far as to say it's my new fave scent from the many Lee Stafford ranges. I find that Lee Stafford products tend to be either fruity or tropical scented (excluding ChocoLocks obviously) but this range has more of a clean, fresh floral scent, I'm not actually sure what the scent is as it doesn't say it anywhere on the packaging but it's really nice. I definitely recommend giving it a sniff if you see it in your local Boots haha.

First I'm obviously going to talk about the Purifying Shampoo RRP £7.49* which is described as a Pink Clay infused shampoo which gets right to the root of the problem for cleaner, fresher and more balanced hair. I do like the shampoo, however I have found that I have to use quite a few pumps to get a good lather going on. I've been getting through the shampoo quicker than the conditioner, which very rarely happens! But it is a nice shampoo and I do feel like it's been helping my hair to not get as greasy at the roots like it normally does and I've found I don't need to use as much dry shampoo when my hair does start looking a bit greasy. So I do think that the Pink Clay aspect of it works and draws out any excess oil, dirt and product residue.
Next is the Balancing Conditioner RRP £7.49* which is a nice consistency as it's not super thin but it's not too heavy which is what I like in a conditioner as I do have quite fine hair. I like that it's a conditioner that feels like it's done a good job at conditioning once you rinse it out and you hair already feels smooth and manageable prior to blow drying it.

After letting my hair dry a little in my go-to AQUIS Hair Towel* which is honestly a game changer by the way! I've then been popping on the Prep & Prime Weightless Shield RRP £6.99*. Unfortunately I've just not been able to get the Prep & Prime Weightless Shield to work for me. I've applied it to wet hair, damp hair and dry hair and in different amounts and I just find that it's too sticky and it makes my hair hard to manage the following day when I need to brush and style it. 

Lastly is the Replenishing Mask £8.49* and I'm already a huge fan of Lee Stafford hair masks as they're always packed full of everything you want and need in a hair treatment. The ChocoLocks Butter Cream Treatment mask is actually my all-time fave! So it's safe to say I had high hopes when I saw that there was hair mask in the new Keep It Clean range and it definitely does a good job at replenishing my mid-lengths and ends without making my hair feel heavy with product. So I now have the ChocoLocks Butter Treatment AND the Keep It Clean Replenishing Mask* on my beauty shelf in my bathroom. The mask is packed with mineral rich ingredients and you only have to leave it on for 5 minutes, so it's a good mask to use if you want a quick pamper sesh too. 

Overall I've enjoyed trying the range out but I am a bit gutted that the Prep & Prime Weightless Shield didn't seem to work for my hair. But the other products I will definitely be repurchasing once they run out. It is a bit annoying how I seem to need more shampoo than usual but I do also feel like it keeps my hair feeling fresher and cleaner for longer than usual which is good as my roots get greasy quickly and also it means I can probably go an extra day or two without the need of washing my hair (which is also good when my chronic pain is bad too). Another big plus is that I'm a fan of the pump bottle design as that's the one thing that let down the Cactus Crush range last year and why I never repurchased the Shampoo and Conditioner.

If you're interested in trying out the whole range then you can save some money as Boots currently have a Keep It Clean bundle for £20 (saving £10.46)!

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 Although I have a fair amount of hair care products which have been my favourites for a while, I'm always up for trying out new products and different brands to see if they work for my hair type which is basically a bit of everything - it's quite thin although it doesn't look it really because I like my hair to be cut quite blunt to make it look thicker and it's also frizzy and dry but my roots get greasy quickly. So it's really hard to find products which work for everything. In today's post I'm writing about five products I've been trying recently and whether they worked for me.