Getting Plump-tastic Lips With The PMD Kiss

I don't like my lips at all, well especially my upper lip just because I think it's a lot thinner than my bottom lip and it's looks weird. But in general, I think my lips are a little bit too small for my round, moon-like, chubby face in all honesty. I don't want full on fish lips or Kylie Jenner lips but I just want a little bit more of a plump look going on. I do own a few lip plumping products and I love the Colourpop Satin Liquid Lipsticks because I find they somehow make my lips look plumper but none of the current options I use last very long.

I was really excited to receive the latest release from PMD which is the PMD Kiss Lip Plumping Device*. The PMD Kiss is a pain-free, anti-aging device which (you guessed it) plumps your lips. It uses pulsating vacuum technology and comes with "Smart Lip Plumping Serum".

It also states it will increase your lip volume, boost collagen production and reduce the look of lip wrinkles.

Inside the box you get the PMD Kiss device, the Smart Lip Plumping Serum, 2 'Plumping Tips' (one small, one large - depending on lip size and desired look) and also a USB charger. The PMD Kiss also comes with a 1-year warranty.

It's a simple device to use - it has two "Smart Treatment Speeds" -

1 - Standard Speed - Ideal for a quick plump
2 - Low Speed - For a more intense, targeted plump

I personally use both depending on what kind of look I'm going for and/or how long I want my lips to look more plumped than my natural lips.

How to use -

All you have to do is apply the Smart Lip Plumping Serum only clean, dry lips and then pop the Kiss on, place the plumping tip firming and directly onto lips to create a tight seal (for suction). 

For best results use Kiss in 4 sections -  left and right upper lip and left and right lower lip - You should let the Kiss pulse 10 times on each section of your lips. You will hear the Kiss working as it kind of vibrates and ticks (which I'll admit, is kind of a downside if you're the first one awake in your household in the morning and you don't want to wake everyone up, it's kind of a shame it doesn't have a silent setting or something like that but oh well, it's not the end of the world). 

I really like this device I can honestly say it's completely pain-free and causes no discomfort either. It's a great option to use if you don't want to go down having lip fillers (or if you're scared of needles) and I do think it's worth the RRP £125. I tend to use the smaller Plumping Tip because I find that's the one which works best for me. Another fab thing is that it only takes around 2-5 minutes to get plumper lips depending on the look you're going for. I would say my lips stay plumped for around 8 hours for me and then they slowly go down to their normal, natural size. I definitely feel a little more confident about my lips when I use the PMD Kiss. I haven't used the device for 6 weeks yet, so I can't say whether or not the device does actually help to increase your lip size for a longer time as the box and website states but I will keep you updated on my social media which you can follow me on below. 

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*PR Sample, all opinions are my own


  1. It seems like a good investment. I've been thinking on getting lip fillers but now that you mention the PMD maybe I should go for it.


  2. This seems really interesting- I have been looking into similar devices recently!

    Emily xo