New Hair Care & Makeup Releases From The Body Shop

Last month I received some of the new releases from The Body Shop. As you may know, The Body Shop are probably my favourite brand of all time. So working with them again and getting to review some of their brand new products is really exciting. 

Lash Hero Fibre Extension Mascara RRP £12

I'll be honest, I've always found these type of mascaras a bit of gimmick... They don't ever work for me. I don't know if that's because my eyelashes are terrible and short, stubby and don't hold a curl for very long. So I'll admit, I didn't have high hopes for this mascara when I received it. However... after using it for about 2 weeks, I've got to say I'm impressed. It does work, it lengthens my lashes and makes them look naturally long, It does clump a little bit but not too bad. But unfortunately, I do have to go in with a different mascara (well the wand) just to make my lashes curly. So, I would say if your lashes are naturally curly or stay curly for a long time and you are looking for a lengthening mascara to give you some fluttery lashes then you should definitely give this mascara a go! You can also pick it up in other shades too.

Eye Colour Stick - Cusco Pink Opal RRP £8* & Bali Sunstone RRP £8*

I don't usually go for eyeshadow sticks, I don't really know why either. But I've been trying out these ones and they are fab. They as so long-lasting, they literally don't budge, I have to use my oil based makeup remover/cleanser to get them off properly. They also don't crease which is great too and obviously, the colours I was sent are both super pretty and have some shimmer present but not in an over the top way. I have reached for these a lot since receiving them and I will definitely be picking some more of these in other colours because I can't fault them and they have definitely made me consider going for eyeshadow/colour sticks more often. 

Fuji Green Tea Refreshingly Purifying Shampoo 250ml RRP £6*

I was really excited to see these in my parcel of products to try out as I was actually going to pick these up on my next haul from The Body Shop, I already know that I love the Fuji Green Tea scent, it's literally one of my all time fave scents in general - it's just really refreshing and great to kind of dust off the cobwebs and wake you up. The shampoo is more on the thick side, which I personally prefer and I found that it lathers really well. Each time I've used it, I've noticed that I don't need to use as much as I do with my usual daily shampoo. The shampoo makes my hair feel like it's had a deep cleanse and obviously because of the scent it not only makes it feel super clean and fresh, it also smells lovely and fresh too.

Fuji Green Tea Refreshingly Hydrating Conditioner 250ml RRP £6*

I'm just going to get straight to the point... I really like this conditioner! Again, it makes my hair feel and smell really fresh and it also makes my hair look more healthier and adds a little shine too.It's pretty thick but you don't really have to use a lot in your hair to get the full potential. If you use too much at once, then it may make your hair feel a little weighed down but other than that, I'm a huge fan and will be buying both the shampoo and conditioner again. 


Overall I like the mascara and I've finally found a fibre mascara that works but it's just a shame it doesn't help to curl my lashes but like I've said already, if you do have lashes which are curly and you want some length then I would recommend this mascara. I do like it but I do own other mascaras which work better for my lashes. I love the eye colour sticks, they are both so long lasting, they just don't budge until you want them to. I'm going to try and pick them up in other colours (but the colours I like right now are out of stock, sob). I'm a big fan of the Shampoo and Conditioner and will definitely pick them both up again!

Have you picked up any of the new products from The Body Shop lately?
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*PR samples, all opinions are my own


  1. I absolutely love The Body Shop and always get so excited when they release new products. I am so keen to try out these eyeshadow sticks, both of these colours are stunning! I've owned shampoo and conditioner from them before so I'm excited to purchase the Fuji green tea set and give them a whirl too! x

    Shannon |

  2. The Body Shop is one of my favourite brands and has been for years now, these all sound like great new launches. I've been meaning to try the eye colour sticks for a while now.

    Kristy |

  3. I love the body shop and so many of these products look great! Those eyeshadow sticks look beautiful the colours are really pretty xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. This eye colour sticks sound amazing and I love the shades you got too! X