Pretty Rose Gold Brushes From Luxe Studio

Remember last year (or maybe it was the year before?) when the Oval makeup brushes were everywhere? Well, I didn't jump straight onto the bandwagon right away but then a few months down the line, I picked a few up on Amazon really cheap and they were amazing. But... I forgot all about the "toothbrush" looking makeup brushes until recently when I received the Luxe Studio K1 Set RRP £18.99* to try out and review.

Available now in Boots, Luxe Studio brushes are just complete #goals, not only are they completely photo-worthy, they are super soft and can be used to apply not just makeup but also moisturisers and other skincare products too.

There is 2 brushes in the K1 Set which are the 6X and the 7X. 

The 6X is mainly for blending out eyeshadows which I have tried and tested and it does work well, I've also been using the 6X for applying my eye creams and I've noticed a huge difference when using the 6X brush as my eye cream always feels as if it's sunken in better than when I apply it with my fingers. Another way I have been using the 6X is to apply and blend in my concealer as it gets right where you want it to be and it blends out evenly and quickly - so great if you're in a rush!

The 7X is definitely my favourite of the two just because of the simplicity of blending out my foundation and/or powder. It really does blend out my foundation out like a dream and it looks lovely, I do have a few foundations which I love but they can sometimes look a little cakey if I apply a little bit too much, but these brushes really help to give a flawless finish. I've also used this brush to blend in a cream contour and again, it worked like a dream.

Both of the brushes are really easy to hold, which I know may sound a little weird because I know - "it's just a brush" but because they are so lightweight and are slightly shaped in a bent way, they make makeup/skincare easier to apply. These are perfect for someone who is travels a lot because the brushes can be used for both makeup and skincare - the 7X especially is a great everyday kind of brush because of it being able to be used for skincare, foundation, concealer and contour application. 

I think these would make a great first oval brush set, if you're wanting to try some out. I also think they would a great gift idea because let's face it, it's the end of August... in my eyes that means it's almost Christmas, right? (lol). I think they are fab for the price and they are so pretty, You're definitely going to see them more often in my blog photos because you all know I can't resist a makeup flat lay. If you fancy treating yourself to a set or someone else then you can find them here.

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*PR sample, all opinions are my own