Going Coconuts For Lee Stafford's New Coco Loco Hair Oil

I've been on the hunt for some new hair products as my hair seems to have gotten immune to my usual favourites and obviously, Winter is coming (well, Autumn, but still it means colder weather). I have found some new favourites already which you can read about here but I was also recently sent the newly released CoCo LoCo Hair Oil from Lee Stafford RRP £7.99*.

CoCo LoCo Hair Oil is a light weight, non-sticky or oily hair oil which has been made to help your hair look its healthiest. It claims to make your hair look shiny, glossy and healthy and smell deliciously coconutty.

You can use the hair oil on wet or dry hair and style as normal, you only need to use 2-3 pumps and rub it in your palms and then apply to your mid-lengths and ends. I would say obviously as it's a hair oil, don't apply too much straight away because you could make your hair look greasy but because it's so light weight, I personally haven't run into that problem with this hair oil. 

I've been following the 'hot tips' method on the back of the bottle and I have used it as an overnight treatment about twice a week for the past few weeks and I've got to say my hair is looking and feeling a lot healthier, considering it's in need of a trim asap because well, it's looking a little damaged right now (but I can't decide on if I want to just have it trimmed or have my lob back, hmm). 

Obviously, the scent of the hair oil is coconut but it's not like an 'in-your-face' kind of coconut scent, it's more of a summery coconut scent and it's gorgeous! I've actually picked up the CoCo LoCo Heat Protection Spray in an online order because I can't get enough of the scent. Even though Summer is almost over, it doesn't mean I can't smell of Summer, right? Overall, it's definitely a new product I'm going to be using on my hair, especially over the Autumn/Winter when my hair is in need of more moisture and deep conditioning. 

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*PR Sample, all opinions are my own

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  1. This product sounds great! I'm always on the look out for different oils to use as my curly hair needs a lot of moisture