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I've been saying over the past few weeks, I really wish we had another spare room in our house because I would definitely use it as a little office/chill out area. I'd love a place just where I can blog and be creative, as much as I love sitting on my bed blogging away, I'd love to have a dedicated area. I would say that my bedroom is a medium size but it's kind of bursting at the seams so a spare room would be the dream. So today's post is something a little different, it's a blog post full of things I would have in my office if I was to have one.  Obviously I can't pick and choose everything down to a T, or else this would be a really long post, but I thought I'd share some things I like the look of and would definitely pick up.


Obviously, the first thing you'd think to get for an office is a desk, I would choose the ALEX Desk from IKEA because I like that it's got some storage but also has enough leg room for my chubby legs (lol). I just think white desks look nice in general, to be honest. 

I would also choose to have Wooden Venitian Blinds either in white or oak effect. Ambition Blinds based in Liverpool are a family run business and sell a wide selection of blinds from Venitian Blinds, Blackout Roller Blinds, Aluminium Blinds and many more. There's also a good selection of colours to choose from so there's definitely a good chance you'll find what you're looking for and they also offer a 12-month warranty too.

I also really like the look of the cute Copper Globe from Asda, I'm a huge fan of Asda Homeware. I always find them to be great quality and affordable. 


I can't remember who has the Keira Office Chair, I think I saw it on someone's room tour on Youtube maybe, but I love it. It looks pretty comfortable and the copper legs just sell it to me, I'm not going to lie. It is a little pricey in my eyes for an office chair but this is a dream office post, so we're okay lol. I also love the look of the Star Marquee Light, again from Asda Home and it's only £10! I've seen them around at other places and they want £30+ for pretty much the exact same thing. I may have to pick it up for when I add some Christmassy decor in my room because I think it would fit in perfectly and I just think the Oliver Bonas Saskia Cat Ring Holder is just adorable. 

I wouldn't want a huge overpowering sofa so I thought the Skandi Natural Snuggle Chair from Dunelm looks nice and cosy. I would also have a bookcase mainly for adding some cute decor in the room rather than piling it from head to toe with books. I also really like the look of the Rose Quartz Book Ends from Oliver Bonas and I think they would blend in with the theme I seem to be going with.

10. Matalan Luxe Faux Fur Throw £45 / 11. George Home Copper Effect Desk Lamp £20 / 12. Primark Pink Fluffy Pillow £7 

How nice and cosy does the Matalan Luxe Faux Fur Throw look? I want it! I think that it would look lovely on the Skandi Snuggle Chair from Dunelm. I would put the Copper Effect Desk Lamp on the IKEA Alex Desk along with my laptop along with some cute stationery bits and bobs and some pretty prints. I also love the look of the Primark Pink Fluffy Pillow which I would most likely pop on the Keira Office Chair just to make it look and feel a bit cosier. 

I also love the look of the Cactus Vase from George Home. If I didn't have cats which literally purposely knock any vases over in the house, I would definitely buy the vase for my room right now. I also would have those ALEX Drawers from IKEA in my dream office and I'd probably store makeup inside if anything and maybe some paperwork too. I also like the look of the Palmistry Hand from Asda George, I think it would look lovely on the bookcase from Tesco.

So there's the kind look I would go for if I had my dream office (or an office at all lol). What things would you have in your dream office?
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  1. Love these pieces that you have picked out! Must be so much to collect together things you'd love to decorate a room with.. Makes me excited to have my own place!
    Amber x