The Most Prettiest Curling Wand Ever? | Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Curler Review

I've been really into trying out new hair products and also hair styling tools lately as you may have noticed on my blog. I recently reviewed the Chopstick Styler from Lee Stafford* last month which you can read about here, I've also been trying out different ways to wear my hair since having my lob hairstyle back (life just seems easier with slightly shorter hair I swear). I've also been trying out the Lee Stafford RainBow SHiNE Wand* over the past few weeks which is from the new range of RainBow SHiNE hair tools. The range includes the Curling Wand, Hair Dryer, Waver Wand and Straighteners. All of them sporting the gorgeous, colourful rainbow shine which I am literally obsessed with. Who doesn't love rainbows?

The RainBow SHiNE Curling Wand has so many great features (as always with Lee Stafford hair tools) including - 
  • Clipless 25mm electroplated glamorous curls
  •  Heats under to 220 degrees in less than a minute
  • Comes with a heat protective glove to protect your hand and fingers from the high temperature
  • Universal voltage
  • Extra long 3m swivel cord
  • The wand also features an ergonomic soft-touch finish for comfortable handling whilst styling
  • 3-year guarantee (subject to registration) 
  • Cool tip

The wand creates lovely curls from beach waves (my personal fave) to bouncy, soft curls. Also, the heat protective glove is handy for anyone who is worried about burning their hands or fingers on the wand. I really like that the wand has a long wire because let's face it, there's nothing more annoying than a short wire on a hair tool! 

I think this may be my new favourite curling wand just because it's so pretty to look at, it almost it makes curling my hair less of a chore, even though when using this curler it takes no time at all to have a head full curls, thanks to the under 60 second heat up speed. The one thing that I kind of wish the curling wand had is a temperature setting. Just because I have been using my hair tools at around 180 degrees because it's apparently better for your hair. But because as I've just stated it takes barely any time at all to get the curls, I don't think the curlers heat would be that damaging to my hair. But I do always use my heat protective spray or other lotions and potions for extra protection because my hair is finally starting to look and feel a bit less frazzled and is looking healthier since having all the ends chopped off.

Overall I think this a fab curler and you can create a lot of different curl styles from it by sectioning off your hair in different sizes because the wand is just less than an inch in thickness. It's really lightweight and I like the soft touch feel so that it won't slip out of your hand easily. Plus it's just a stunning hair curler in general, I think it'd make a great gift and I also think the price is great at £34.99 considering it comes with a 3-year guarantee too. You can pick up the wand here and if you're not happy with the wand (which is highly doubtful!) then it also comes along with a 60 day money back guarantee too.
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*PR sample, all opinions are my own


  1. Oh wow! This does look super pretty. Need to try this out.

  2. This wand looks so pretty! If my hair could hold curls, I would definitely buy one of these!

  3. That looks so pretty - i love anything rainbow! Also, can i say, your photos are to die for?! New follower now - they are amazing.

    rosielouiselove | beauty blog