Secret Scent Box | November Edition

Secret Scent Box is a great monthly subscription for any beauty lover or perfume hoarder (like myself!). It's a great way to explore what new scents are available without having to leave your home and also to stop you looking like a mad woman by spraying 10 different perfumes on your body and trying to figure out which scent is which with an audience of customers watching in the middle of Boots (you know what I'm talking about, don't pretend you don't lol).

Each month you receive a 30 day supply of 3 different perfumes from 3 different designer brands which are delivered through your letterbox for just £15 per month including p&p. I also have a cheeky discount at the end of this post too! Some brands you may find in your Secret Scent Box include Chanel, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Davidoff, Gucci and more. It also comes in a presentable, cute box with little cards about each perfume included in your box for the month and I really like that the perfumes are a purse-friendly size too.

Inside November's Edition -

Burberry - Touch For Women

"Burberry Touch for Women evokes feelings of intimacy, sensuality and sophistication, representing many of Burberry's core values."

Burberry Touch for Woman is a nice everyday kind of scent, I like the mixture of floral and fruity scents mingled together without it smelling over the top. I like the scent it gives once it's settled a little. It's quite a classic scent if you know what I mean too so I think it's one for everyone from your sister, mum, nan and so on. 

Dolce and Gabbana - The One

"Launched in 2017 for a glamorous, joyful, spontaneous, charismatic woman who embraces her femininity and her emotions."

This one is just my perfect kind of scent. It is the most expensive one in full size (it would be wouldn't it lol) but I would definitely consider buying it because even though I'm a total perfume hoarder, I actually don't own any that smell similar to this which is very surprising. As soon I tried this one I wanted it so... sorry bank account! I am going to keep an eye on this in the Boxing Day Sales and hope I can pick it up a little cheaper.

Ghost - Girl

"A feminine floral scent with a feisty edge that unleashes the spirit of individuality. Sure o become a true classic in the years to come."

This smells floral and fizzy if that makes sense. Again, it's a nice every occasion kind of scent and I would potentially buy this one too. I've also been loving the new GHOST Dream which you can read about here

If you're interested in trying Secret Scent Box for yourself you can get 15% OFF your first box if you use my code: ASTOLDBYKIRSTY15

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  1. This sounds like such a fab idea - so great to be able to switch up your scent so frequently!xx

    Lucy |