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I thought I would put together some gift ideas for anyone who might be stuck on what to add to your Christmas wishlist this year. I'm also putting together a Christmas gift guide which will include some main gifts and stocking filler ideas along with some mini reviews as well. The gifts that I’ve included in this post are mostly things that I’ve come across that I think would make lovely gifts as well as a few things that are on my own Christmas wishlist. 

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I thought I would talk about my go-to summer fragrances on the blog today as fragrances aren’t something I talk about that often and I’m actually a big fan of fragrances and buying new perfumes and I pretty much have a small collection going on at this point. There’s nothing nicer than being complimented on what perfume you’re wearing and the fact you smell nice, is there? So here are my top three favourite perfumes for summer…

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I haven’t done a favourites post for a few months so I thought it was time that I shared some of the things that I’ve been loving recently. I’ve discovered a hair care range that I’m obsessed with, a new Switch game that I can’t put down, a face moisturiser that’s perfect for oily skin, especially during the warmer months as well as a couple of rediscoveries too.

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  I haven't done a dedicated favourites kind of post for a long time and I thought it was time to change that. I've definitely discovered, as well as rediscovered some new favourites over the past month or two and I just wanted to talk about why I really like them and why I'd recommend them.

How Long Should Perfume Last? *

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How Long Should Perfume Last?
The concept of how long perfume lasts can be examined in a cross-section of ways.  This includes the fragrance formulation, its concentration, application, expiration date and even how it is stored. Below, you will find a detailed overview of each point.

Fragrance Formulation And Concentration
When you are trying to pinpoint how long your perfume will last, this is the first factor you should consider. When you look at the fragrance concentration, this is a good indicator of how long your perfume will last upon application.  Parfum holds the highest fragrance oil concentration and thus, it lasts longer. Eau de Fraiche on the other end holds the lowest concentration and therefore, lasts less long.

If you want to get all scientific when it comes to what scent you're wearing, you can also buy pheromone oil and other pheromone containing products from True Pheromones which can help you attract the opposite sex. 

Typically, parfum contains anywhere between 20 to 25% fragrance oils and will last up to 24 hours. Eau de parfum contains 15 to 20% fragrance oils and will last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. Eau de toilettes contain 10 to 15% fragrance oils and will last for several hours and so will eau de cologne, which is normally a lighter variant of Eau de parfum, with up to 5% concentration. Eau de Fraiche, also known as fragrance water or body mist, boasts the lowest concentration at 3 to 5%.  

Eau de Fraiche will last you within the hour. In addition to the fragrance concentration, the perfume formulation itself also determines how long the perfume will last as well as how it will interact with the surrounding storage environment.

Shelf Life AKA Expiration Date
Generally, most perfume makers recommend retiring your perfume anywhere between one to three years after usage. Yet, the special formulation of perfume doesn’t resemble that of food. Thus, using it beyond the recommended period will not result in any dire consequences.  As such, there are several ways you can preserve your perfume so it can last longer.
Your perfume will not alter its intensity yet; you will notice a slight change on the scent after it has been used for long. The scent becomes a tad bit acidic or metallic. This is because, over time, more and more oxygen enters the bottle to oxidize it. This is especially quite significant for perfumes that integrate citrus notes or other similar aromatics. You will also notice an accelerated dry down rate of your perfume.

 Fragrance Types And Longevity
Certain fragrance types will naturally last longer than others. Stable fragrance types such as woody, amber or leather fragrances tend to last longer due to their chemical stability. Additionally, natural ingredients tend to be less stable than synthetic ones. You will not notice significant changes in these fragrance types even after the recommended years of use.
In addition, perfumes that bear higher alcohol content tend to also last longer. This is because the increased alcohol content delays the rate at which aromatics are oxidized. Consequently, it is regarded as an important preservative for perfumes. So, you can expect perfume types such as eau de toilette and eau de cologne to last longer than Eau de parfum and parfum.
Fragrance types such as clean alcohol free, oil-based and patchouli or citrus-based fragrances on the other end will have a shorter shelf life or scent intensity. So you have to choose to prioritize either the clean aspect of the fragrance or a longer lasting shelf life and intensity.

Environmental Factors
In addition to the ingredients and fabrication, you should also consider external factors to the longevity of your perfume.

Light plays a great role in the longevity and intensity of your perfume. You will also notice on your perfume package or bottle that it says, store in a cool and dry place. Thus, as much as it looks attractive on the window area with natural light coming in, it is not a good idea to store your perfume under direct light, this is because the light rays will break down the perfume molecules, ultimately affecting the scent. This is because the breakdown of the molecules makes it unstable and more susceptible to oxidation.

Just like light, you should also avoid storing your perfume in places that are too warm. Avoid areas such as your bathroom cabinet, even though it looks appealing. Your perfume should be stored in an area that boasts a temperature of not more than 15 degrees Celsius. This is because excessive heat is more likely to alter the chemical makeup of your perfume and ultimately making it susceptible to oxidation.

 Stick To One Bottle
As much as it is difficult, it is advised to stick to one perfume bottle until it is empty. It is not always easy to do so. On average, many people have at least two to three different fragrances they are using simultaneously. Yet, leaving your perfume idle for too long also increases the risk of alteration by the already absorbed oxygen. Especially for highly concentrated fragrance, it is a good idea to stick to one until it is finished.

How To Improve Longevity
Apart from its chemical makeup and concentration which cannot be altered, you can still enhance the longevity of your fragrance through storage.  As mentioned above, you should always store your perfume in cool and dark areas.

Store Your Perfume In A Close Space
Your closed cabinet and the closed section of your dresser were probably built just for this.  These spaces make an excellent place to store your perfume as they effectively shield it from direct sunlight. you can even invest in those cute vanity boxes or leave it in its original packaging if you want an element of d├ęcor in your room.

Store Your Perfume In a Chilled Area
You want to maintain your storage temperature. there's no point in shielding the perfume from light if the alternative storage space is too hot. If you reside in warm climates, then adopt a DIY craft to further preserve the perfume.

For example, before tossing it into its box or vanity box, you can wrap it with aluminium foil. You can even store it in a refrigerator if it’s safe for your household. Remember, this can be hazardous if you reside with a child in your home. and you don't have to worry about it freezing thanks to the alcohol component. 

In addition to the storage, you should also adopt other practices that help to preserve its longevity even during application. For example, avoid rubbing it during application and apply it to pressure points for longer lasting results.

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If you have read any of my beauty wishlists or blog posts in collaboration with Fragrance Direct then you'll probably know by now that I have a bit of an obsession with perfumes. I am getting better though, promise! I just like smelling nice and that isn't a crime, is it? I also tend to relate certain scents to certain memories and times in my life as well so in a way some scents are quite sentimental to me too. Missguided have recently launched a new EDP called "Babe Night"* and when I got an email about it I thought this sounds right up my street in terms of the notes. Described as an EDP to take you from day to evening it contains notes of lemon, orange and green apple which develops with heady accords of orange blossom, jasmine and spicy pink pepper. With base notes of musky vanilla, cedar and patchouli. 

When I buy a new perfume, particularly if I'm going in blind and buying online, I tend to look for perfumes that contain either pink pepper, orange blossom or patchouli and this has all three! I've also tried a couple of Missguided EDP's before (Babe Power and Babe Oud) and have been really impressed and I also like the unique can design packaging. Babe Night is quite a heavy scent but it's not super heavy which is good because heavy scented perfumes tend to give me a headache and this hasn't yet (yay!). If you do happen to try Babe Night instore and think it's quite strong when you first apply it, leave it for a short while and smell it again as the heaviness does settle nicely and then the pink pepper and vanilla notes really shine through. I really like this scent and I can see myself wearing it quite a lot.

If you're interested in trying it out for yourself it's priced at £28 (80ml) and available from Missguided and all other authorised retailers.

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In today's post I'm talking about Secret Scent Box which is a monthly subscription service which helps let you discover new designer perfumes and aftershaves depending on your preference. Your Secret Scent Box arrives in a little square box which can be popped through your letterbox and inside you get three 3ml fragrances to try which have been made to last 30 days.

I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to perfumes and I have a rotating makeup organiser (I think that's what they're called?) which is basically filled with perfumes. Some are cheap and some are high-end - I like a bit of both and I love finding a good dupe too! So I loved the sound of Secret Scent Box because it's a good way to try out some perfumes and you might find one you love which you might have not picked up initially and it means that the perfumes aren't taking up a lot of room because they're 3ml each. It also means they're great for popping in your bag too. 

Inside the August Edition box I received Stella McCartney Stella, Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Sun Kissed and Elizabeth Arden Always Red Femme.

Stella McCartney - Stella 
Described as a feminine and sophisticated floral fragrance which has been designed as homage to the English Rose in full bloom in a classic English garden. With Top Notes of Mandarin Essence, Middle Notes of English Rose Accord and Base Notes of Amber Accord.

Considering "Stella" is a best seller perfume on a lot of known beauty websites I've never tried it before but now that I've tried it, I now know why it's a best seller. It's lovely! I feel like it's a scent you can wear throughout the year too. I find some scents are more suited for certain seasons if that makes sense but I would definitely pick it up no matter what the season. It's definitely going on my beauty wishlist!

Tommy Hilfiger - Tommy Girl Sun Kissed 
Tommy Girl Sun Kissed is a brand new scent from Tommy Hilfiger which was launched this year which captures the spirit of summer adventure in a floral, fruity scent. With Top Notes of Cranberry, Pixie Tangerine and Red Apple, Middle Notes of Cranberry, Beach Gardenia and Blue Violet and Base Notes of Birchwood, Rum and Peach Cobbler.

I also really like the Tommy Girl Sun Kissed scent and I think it's a really nice uplifting scent but it's more of a summer scent to me which is kind of expected with the description talking about "capturing the spirit of summer adventure". But I do think it's a perfume I'd reach for often as it's a perfect every day kind of scent. It's not too overpowering but it's not super deep either. It kind of reminds me of one of the recently launched Yardley London Flowerful perfumes but I can't remember which one.

Elizabeth Arden - Always Red Femme 
Described as an intriguing, feminine and dynamic fragrance which gives a spirited and sensual expression of the woman who sets the New York City pace. With Top Notes of Raspberry, Lemon, Pear and Blackcurrant Buds, Middle Notes of Peach Blossom, Jasmine and Davana and Base Notes of Vanilla, Patchouli, Cedarwood and Moss.

Unfortunately I have already tried the Elizabeth Arden Always Red Femme EDT and I'm not a fan. My mum picked it up recently and going by the notes it's made up of I would've thought I'd have loved it but it's just not one for me. However I do think the full size bottle is very pretty and I think it would make a nice gift for someone. 

Have you heard of Secret Scent Box before? Does it sound like a subscription service you're interested in trying?

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I do love a good fragrance and I definitely have more fragrances in my possession than I really but I do often go through them all and pass on or sell bottles which I'm not really reaching for much. In today's post I thought I'd talk about two unisex scented fragrances which I really like. One has been a favourite for almost a year and the other one is pretty new to me. 

Secret Scent Box is a great monthly subscription for any beauty lover or perfume hoarder (like myself!). It's a great way to explore what new scents are available without having to leave your home and also to stop you looking like a mad woman by spraying 10 different perfumes on your body and trying to figure out which scent is which with an audience of customers watching in the middle of Boots (you know what I'm talking about, don't pretend you don't lol).

Each month you receive a 30 day supply of 3 different perfumes from 3 different designer brands which are delivered through your letterbox for just £15 per month including p&p. I also have a cheeky discount at the end of this post too! Some brands you may find in your Secret Scent Box include Chanel, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Davidoff, Gucci and more. It also comes in a presentable, cute box with little cards about each perfume included in your box for the month and I really like that the perfumes are a purse-friendly size too.

I am a total perfume hoarder. I'll admit right away I own way too many but I do kind of rotate them all so they do all get used but when I received an email about the new GHOST Dream perfume and was asked if I would like to try it out myself, I couldn't resist. The scent sounded just up my street and the bottle is just gorgeous because of the different shades of blue and the geometric gem kind of shape along with the pretty rose gold cap. It's just different to any other perfume I own right now. Even the box it arrives in is pretty too.

"Dream reflects the pink clouds of a hazy sunset"

It's described as - "A multifaceted, floral scent with a subtle depth: the scent opens with delicate Rose Essential and Moroccan Orange flower. This leads to the heart of fragrance, Egyptian Jasmine and beautiful Violet to further reveal a base of woody notes, Ambroxan Musks and Patchouli, providing a sharp edge to a feminine fragrance. Central to the fragrance is the unique Aquaflora note creating a delicate aqueous floral scent to interpret a transcendental reality."

The scent is really light but noticeable and it stays on for hours on end. I do like floral scents but I don't like heavy floral scented perfumes so if you're like me then I really think you would love this perfume. It really is just dreamy (no pun intended) and a fresh, easy to wear, floral scent. It's a perfect perfume to wear for any occasion whether it be a casual everyday scent, a wedding, night out and so on.

  • Top Notes: Rose Essential, Aquaflora 
  • Middle Notes: Violet, Heliotrope, Moroccan Orange Flower, Egyptian Jasmine 
  • Base Notes: Ambroxan, Musks, Patchouli

I've been using this for just over 3 weeks and I definitely know as soon as the bottle runs out I am going to be running to the shops to pick up another bottle. It's a new staple perfume in my collection. I think it's a lovely, light, feminine type of scent and it's a new favourite of mine. I also think it would make a great gift because it's RRP starts from £25 and it's just one of those scents that I think most people will like, plus the bottle is stunning, what's not to like?

You can pick up GHOST Dream from Superdrug, The Perfume Shop & Boots now nationwide.

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I'm a huge fan of solid perfumes (particularly LUSH ones) just because they are so travel-friendly and I find that they usually last longer than your usual perfume or body spray. The Light & Dark Touch Up 30ml EDP from Leighton Denny* has been formulated to not only to be worn alone or with other perfumes from the Light & Dark range but also to moisturize your skin too.

It comes in a cute, travel-friendly stick format and twist it up like a lipstick to apply and is obviously you can't spill it in your bag. The scent of the stick is the Original scent from Leighton Denny which is a warming scent -

"A fruity mixture of pepper, myrrh and incense, offers a warm welcoming unique fragrance. With its heart of gardenia, jasmine, lily and rose, which are merged with top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, peach and white pepper."

I really like the packaging, it's pretty and has a kind of classic, luxe kind of look going on. It smells lovely and perfect for Autumn/Winter because of it's warming, citrusy scent. Because I'm currently loving small bags this is the perfect size to pop in my bag too.

It definitely can be worn either alone because it does have enough scent power to be worn alone but it definitely works to layer and mix up with the other perfumes from the Light & Dark Range (or even other perfumes!). I do really like this solid perfume and it's really affordable at £14.50 and I think it would be a great, different kind of gift rather than a normal bottle of perfume aswell. 
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*PR sample, all opinions are my own