Things I've Been Loving Over The Past Month Or So

It seems like forever since I did one of these "Things I've Been Loving Over The Past Month or So" posts and boy, do I have a lot of things to talk about. I've found a great duo for helping me drift off to sleep and I've also found a few new holy grail skincare products too!

LUSH Sleepy Body Lotion 

I finally got around to picking this up in my latest LUSH Haul and it's honestly one of the best products I've bought from LUSH ever. It smells like my all time fave Twilight and it definitely does help me to sleep at night or reduce any anxiety/stress feeling. 

Feather & Down Pillow Spray* 

I've recently begun using pillow sprays again to help me to sleep and shortly after using them again I received some products from Feather & Down (which you can read more about here). The pillow spray doesn't smell like your typical Lavender spray is more of a powdery scent and it's not as overpowering. It's my new favourite pillow spray and when it's paired up with my LUSH Sleepy Body Lotion it works wonders. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Clay Mask

I've had this for a few months now and I use it once or twice per week and there's still plenty left. I'm a huge fan of the Tea Tree range from TBS, it really does help my skin. I used to not like Tea Tree because I found it sometimes broke me out more but I took a plunge earlier this year because a lot of people recommended the range and I ordered the majority of the range which stood out to me most from TBS and it did not disappoint. Some things I like more than others but this Clay Mask is definitely is up there in my Top 3 faves. I find sometimes clay masks feel as if they've sucked all the moisture out of your skin (which isn't great) but this doesn't and I can see a difference in my skin after using it. It is also included in the 30%-40% off promos too unlike some of the other face masks. So if you get it when a 40% off promo is on then you can bag it for just £6.60!

LUSH Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

Because my all time fave lip scrub "The Kiss" is almost empty and it's a limited edition product, I picked up the Sugar Plum Fairy and oh my god, I'm obsessed. It's tastes so nice, very sweet and candy like and I actually think I prefer it more than The Kiss which I thought wasn't possible. 

Glossier Cloud Paints

Yes, I had to give these a mention... again. I'm not usually a cream blusher kinda girl but I decided to just on the bandwagon and pick up some products from Glossier and they did not disappoint. You can read more about the products I picked up here

Barry M Mani Mask

I'm not usually a big fan of Barry M nail polishes but I liked the sound of this Mani Mask because I like the idea of having a little bit of something on my nails. The Mani Mask adds a pink tint and I just think it looks nice.

Essence Cream Eyeshadows*

I know I keep going on about these but I absolutely love these cream eyeshadows from Essence, I have the shades 03 Cosmic* and 04 Glided. They are super pretty and easy to work with. You can use them for a wash of colour on your lids or go all out with them. I really hope they release these in more shades soon! 

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ 

I've really been enjoying using the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ over the past month or so. I've definitely seen a difference in my skin and I haven't been having as many breakouts, it is on the pricier side in my opinion but I am definitely going to buy another one when mine runs out. I tend to use it mainly on my chin and forehead because they are my problem areas.

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 

This product is a complete game changer. It's the first product I've tried from the much talked about The Ordinary and it certainly won't be the last. I think using this and then using the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ is definitely what has helped my skin a lot over the past month or so. It really helps to even out my complexion and calms down my problem areas if I do have a small flare up of breakouts. 

Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm  

My lips have gotten really dry since the weather has gotten a lot colder, I wouldn't say they are chapped just dry. None of my usual go-to lip balms have been working but this has been my saviour. It's basically like a clear, non-scented, thicker Vaseline and you can use it on your lips, eyebrows, cuticles and so on. I've been loving using it on my lips and also on my cheeks as a natural sheen instead of a highlighter.

The Body Shop Frosted Plum Shower Gel

Guess who is going to have a bathroom full of Frosted Plum Shower Gel when they do their annual The Body Shop Christmas Sale Haul? ME! Last year I loved their Vanilla Chai range but it's now dropped to second place because I'm in love with this scent. It's not just a plum scent, it's quite floral too and I can't get enough of it. I'm definitely going to have to pick up the full size of the body scrub and body butter too because I currently only have the minis. 

What things have you been loving over the past month or so?

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