Ways To Create A Luxury Spa-Looking Bathroom *

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I love revamping rooms in the house throughout the year, even if it's just buying a few new things to create different looks and give off different vibes. Today's post is all about how I'm planning on hopefully revamping our main bathroom in the new year and creating basically a luxury spa haven which I'm very much looking forward to. Obviously, we can't afford to rip out the whole bathroom and have a new snazzy bath or a high-end looking sink so a few things in this post will be kind of if "I had the money I would splurge on" as well as areas I think you don't have to spend a fortune and areas where I think you should splurge a little if your budget will let you.

Bathroom Cabinet | Splurge
If you think about it you probably use your bathroom cabinet at least 2-3 times a day so I do think it's an area to splurge on. We've literally only had ours for a few months which was from The Range and even though I really like the look of it, the middle shelf is already started to cave in, which is annoying considering I keep my heavier skincare items on the bottom shelf. I would say spending more money on luxury bathroom cabinets is a good idea because they look nicer and more spa-like and they'll last a lot longer too because they are made with higher quality materials.

Candles | Save
Candles are always a must if you want to have a super relaxing vibe in your bathroom when you're having a long soak but I don't think you need to spend a fortune on candles unless it's a little treat for yourself or if someone has bought you a more expensive candle as a gift. I tend to pick up my candles from B&M and they've currently got some dupes of the Bath & Body Works candles and they are only £3.99. I also really like some of Primark candles too which start from just £1!

Towels | Splurge
I definitely think spending a little extra on towels is a good idea because there's nothing nicer than getting out of a shower or bath and wrapping yourself up in a super soft towel which doesn't go all bobbly once you've washed it a few times. 

Bath With Jacuzzi/Spa Settings | Wishlist
I do love the bath we have already because it's very wide and deep so I love filling it up with hundreds of bubbles or using my bath bombs in it because they really do put on more of a show because they have a bigger area to fill but I would love to have a bath with some sort of jacuzzi settings because I think it would just chill me out even more and it might even help with my back pain too (I literally sound like a 90-year-old right now lol). I also really like roll top baths too because I just think they look aesthetically pleasing and give off a more vintage, olde-worlde cosy feel.

Bath Mats | Save
I personally don't see the point in spending a lot on bath mats because they get wet and ruined quite quickly anyway so I just think ones from either Asda George, Primark or B&M are fine. You can also buy lots of different patterns and colours if you fancy a little change each time you buy a new one too.

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Cute Detail Decor - Plants, Mirrors etc | Save
I think in any room the extra little details make all the difference but I never spend a lot of money of fake/real plants, mirrors, trinket dishes etc just because there's no need to because there are so many places which sell them at an affordable price and plus it's nice to be able to change things up now and again without breaking the bank. I also have cats which seem to think extra decor pieces are an inconvenience so things do get broken in my household easily thanks to my lovely cats.

Robe | Splurge
I think spending a little extra on the snuggliest, cosiest bathrobe a must! 

Stone Sink | Wishlist 
I really like the look of stone sinks because they just add a little bit of nature in a bathroom without going overboard. They may be a little inconvenient and probably will splash water at you easily but they just are aesthetically pleasing and are a little different to your bog-standard sink.

Extra Storage | Save
I think storage cabinets to store all of your body and hair care products are quite easy and cheap to pick up. The one we have right now is from B&M and it was really cheap and it's pretty sturdy too. The top has gotten a little scratched and it is white so you can tell it's scratched so I may DIY it and get some stick-down marble print vinyl or something from eBay and see if that'll sort it out for now because it actually fits the majority of my bath/hair products which is pretty handy.

What areas would you spend and splurge on if you were revamping your bathroom? 
Also, are you a save or splurge kind of person?

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