Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes From Nanshy


I'm such a makeup brush hoarder but I think it's because I like having "back up" brushes so that when I'm super lazy and cba to wash my brushes, I have another full face worth of brushes to use before I have to wash my brushes. If that makes sense? Yep. I really hate washing my brushes that much. Fact. So when Nanshy got in touch asking if I would like to try out their gorgeous brushes, I obviously said yes please right away. I'd never actually heard of Nanshy before because I kind of just stick to my Real Techniques, Spectrum and also Crown ones because I know they all work well for me. But I really liked the look of the Nanshy ones and another great thing about them is that they are cruelty-free and also vegan friendly and it's nice to try out new tools rather than new makeup, right?

They were very generous and sent me over six of their brushes with the white handle and white tipped brush. Each brush arrived in a box which is great for when they are in transit and means they won't get damaged. Also if you wanted to buy only one or two of their brushes as a gift for someone then the brushes would look better boxed rather than loose. Another thing about Nanshy Brushes which I like is that each brush has on the handle what the brush is actually for.

I'm going to start with the larger three brushes which they sent over which are the Stippling, Conceal Perfector and Contouring brushes, They are all super soft and easy to work with but I have found that I use them for different things slightly than what they are supposed to be for. 

The Stippling Brush* is very different to my other Stippling brushes as I've found that it's not as dense and it's larger than my other Stippling brushes. So I've actually been using it more for powder and bronzer. It does work for applying foundation but I just prefer my other stippling brushes from other brands. 

The Conceal Perfector* is definitely one of my favourites from the brushes I've received, it works so well for heavy duty creamy concealers (like Seventeen Phwoarr! Paint and Benefit Boi-ing) it really does blend them perfectly and I've found that my concealers last longer when I use the Conceal Perfector brush. I could also imagine it being good to apply cream contour precisely too but I don't personally use cream contour so I can't actually put it to the test. 

Lastly out of the three bigger brushes I was sent is their slightly angled Contouring Brush*. It's super soft and it blends out harsh contour lines so well, believe me I know because I'm hopeless at applying contour. You can also use it for bronzer or blusher too which is handy too!

The Large Shader Brush* is great for applying eyeshadow all over the lid and it's quite dense so it makes the eyeshadow apply evenly and it doesn't take any pigment away like some shader brushes do. It's a great brush to use if you're someone who likes to pack on bold pigmented colours as well.

The Eye Crease* does exactly what it says on the tin (well, handle) and it's also a great size if you have quite small eyes like myself because I find that most of my blending brushes are too big for my eye socket and then I end up with eyeshadow basically everywhere if I'm not careful when blending out. But this seems to make blending out my eyeshadow a doddle which is something I'm usually not so great at.

Lastly is the Concealer Brush* which I do like but I definitely prefer the Conceal Perfector. But I have used the Concealer brush a few times to apply highlighter precisely to my brow bone so I will continue to use it for that rather than concealing.

I think that Nanshy are definitely a brand to try out if you're in the market for some new affordable makeup brushes which are cruelty-free and vegan friendly as they start from just £5.95. I've found that they wash really well and also just look really pretty in my makeup brush holder. I'm definitely going to try out a few other products from them soon including their marbled blending sponge and precise bent eyeliner brush.

If you would like to try Nanshy Brushes then you can shop their website here.

Have you ever tried Nanshy brushes or is there any of their products in particular you want to try out?

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*PR sample, all opinions are my own

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  1. I've not heard of these brushes before, but they look so good! They kind of look like a Morphe set that I have. These are such a better price though xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush