5 Things I Don't Get The Hype About

~Warning: this post is basically a rant about things that a lot of people love. Don't take offence. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion lol~

I've never understood the hype about Beyonce. Since middle school when my best friend back then was obsessed with her (and Mariah Carey ugh). I just don't get the hype around singers who over sing if that makes sense. I'm not saying she can't sing because she can but there are other people who can sing better than her, but don't get the recognition which is a shame.


Oh my god, I'm sorry I know this will probably ruffle a few feathers but I can't stand bloody Friends. When it was added to Netflix recently I wanted to cry actual tears because I knew everyone would start going on about it when I thought the hype had calmed down. I just don't find it funny at all. I find that it's too forced and not realistic at all. 

The Kardashians 

I think it's because the Kardashians are basically throw into your face everywhere on TV, social media, in the news and more. I just can't think of anything worse than sitting watching the show if I'm being honest. I'll admit I did watch Kylie Jenner's youtube video after she had her baby girl and I think how she kept her pregnancy from the press was a really grown up way to handle it and I respect her for it but I'm not about to become a diehard fan of hers or the show anytime soon.


I'm sorry but just why? I know everyone has different music tastes and so on but to me it's just noise. I do think it's great how he basically outed Teresa May at the Brits about Grenfell and said she should do some jail time because I completely agree. I do think he seems like a nice, decent guy but his music is not my cup of tea and I don't understand why everyone seems to love it.

Love Island
I just think Love Island is basically grim. I'm not being old-fashioned or anything I just don't get the hype. It's basically "hey let's throw a load of people who want to get off with one another in a house and see what happens". Nah, not for me. I remember when it was on TV and I muted everything to do with it on my Twitter lol. P.S I'm currently watching Celebs Go Dating whilst I'm writing this and Muggy Mike is on and he literally makes me wanna vom. 

So there's some things I dislike/don't get the hype about. 
What are some things that you don't like which everyone seems to love? 

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  1. Oh man I agreed to so many of these! The one thing that people are always disappointed and shocked at when I admit to it is that I HATE Friends! I feel exactly the same as you do about it. The one thing I hate the most about it is the whole PIVOT, PIVOT! I got it loads when I moved in and I never understood it, so when people were insulted that I didn't know it and didn't like Friends. Urgh. So childish! :P

    I also don't see all the fuss about Beyonce, especially her dancing... I do like her songs but not like crazy about it. I think the only time I have ever said she's bad at singing is when she sung with Ed Sheeran on his recent single. She sounded so strained and it made me cringe. >.<


  2. I agree with most of these but FRIENDS?!
    I know it can be a little forced as you said but I bloody love it.
    (I hate how it ended though!)

    Louisa | Loubee Lou Blogs

  3. I agree with every single one of these, especially Friends; back when it was still actively running, everyone was frothing at the mouth about it and I was like, "...eh?" Oh, look, characters make loud sounds, it's funny, laugh track initiated, ha ha ha... ha.. eh.

    Beyonce is as far from my music taste as can be but I don't get how her music is so amazing. She's very shady, as well.