Dress To Impress: The Best Office Wear Trends For 2018*

As a career woman with her sights set firmly on the boardroom and promotion, it’s vital that you dress to impress. Yes, you want your talents to shine through, but you also want to maintain your fashionista credentials as you climb the corporate ladder. Dressing formally yet comfortably can boost your confidence and help you perform better at work. While trouser suits belong in the nineties and shoulder pads find their natural home in the eighties, there are other looks you can try out in the boardroom of the twenty-first century.

Power Shoes
It doesn’t matter whether your fashionable footwear of choice is a wedge, a kitten heel or a shock of bold colour, you need to have a pair of power shoes that you can always rely on. If you’re feeling particularly nervous about a presentation, you have an important meeting to secure a lucrative contract, or you are interviewing for new, potential staff members, you want to look and feel the part. Adding a pair of killer heels to any ensemble can give you that inner self-esteem boost that you need.

Crisp White Shirt
Nothing oozes more professionalism than a crisp white shirt. Perfect for those summer days when it is sweltering in the office, you can take off your jacket or blazer and remain in that corporate mode. You may want to add some thin pinstripes to the plain white shirt to add a touch of creativity. Don’t go cheap and spend your money wisely to purchase a high quality fitted shirt for all occasions.

A blazer is a staple for the woman who finds herself cooped up in the office for eight hours a day. On occasion, you may decide to make your office attire a tad less formal if you don’t have any meetings scheduled or you are planning to do a lot of solitary work one day. However, what do you do when your boss casually mentions that he forgot to tell you about the important client popping into the office in less than an hour? Grab your trusty Basler jacket of course. With a more formal blazer to pop over a casual blouse coupled with a pair of flats and tailored trousers, you can still ooze professionalism. Ensure that your blazer stays in the office on the back of your chair for formal emergencies.

The Flexible Dress
Having a dress that can be worn at work and then accessorised up for an evening out at your favourite bar means that you can wine and dine clients without having to change. This flexibility gives you one less thing to worry about in the office when other pressing issues take up your time. A little black number with a pencil skirt drop is ideal. You can pair it with any pair of shoes, any blazer and any clutch bag to make a whole new ensemble from the one you wore for your day in front of the laptop.

While it can still be more difficult than we might like to compete for promotion in male-dominated corporate environments, that doesn’t mean that you can’t dress to impress. Boost your confidence, ooze professionalism and make your mark in your career in the twenty-first century.

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