Things I've Been Loving Lately - Summer Edition

Autumn is pretty much here now (in my eyes anyways) and I haven't written a post about what products I've been using and loving lately for quite awhile now so I thought I would write about some products which have helped to get me through the summer months. I'll admit there is the odd one or two products that I haven't had for that long but the majority of them I've had and been using religiously for a couple of months now.

First up is the 60 Second Smooth Pre-Shampoo Treatment from Umberto Gianini which is literally a complete game changer for my hair. I've barely been straightening my hair for literally months now and I've just been blast drying my hair and then shoving it up either in a messy bun or a half up, half down do or a "hun" as I like to call it. It's safe to say that wearing my hair in a messy bun for a few days and also using dry shampoo to refresh it in-between hair washes has made my hair go a little crazy. So when I picked up the 60 Second Smooth Pre-Shampoo Treatment it really helped my hair to relax and made it smoother. I still have been throwing it up in a messy bun most days because that's just how I'm rolling whilst I'm unwell and at home most of the time but it's definitely helped to tame the crazy mane and made it feel a lot manageable.

I recently got sent a cute little PR box from Burt’s Bees including some lip glosses, a lip mask and a lip crayon. Although I like the lip glosses and use the often, I’ve definitely been reaching for the Lip Crayon in Sedona Sands* the most out of the selection. It’s super natural and a great kind of everyday shade and also really comfortable to wear. I'm definitely going to have to take a look at the other shades they have and pick up a few more.
Something else which I picked up recently is the Taylor’s 32 Grapefruit and Mint Toothpaste which I got from Amazon. Because of my ongoing health problems, certain, odd things set off my acid reflux more. So I thought I’d change up my toothpaste and guess what? It’s actually helped it calm down a little which is so weird! The toothpaste is more grapefruit in taste rather than mint which I like and it’s also helped to whiten my teeth a little too. I highly recommend this brand from my results so far! 

The Patisserie De Bain Sugar Violet Hand Cream has been my go to hand cream lately. It smells sooo nice and it's quite a thick cream but it soaks in pretty quickly, which is great. It’s not too sweet like expected, it’s more of a floral violet scent and does a great job at keeping my hands super moisturised. I also love the cute little jar packaging and it's affordable at £4.99. 

The Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Coconut Balm* has been a godsend to my hair. I’ve mainly been using it to put on my dry ends to add a little nourishment and shine but it also works to keep your hair flat if it’s a little frizzy. It’s also in the CoCo LoCo range which smells lovely and summery.

I also picked up a few products from the new Splash Botanics range from Zoella Beauty. The Quench Me Body Sorbet is without a doubt my fave out of the few things I did pick up. I feel like it’s got more of a powdery scent than the tropical scent I was expecting and I prefer moisturisers which dry super quick and it definitely does soak into your skin fast. It's quite similar to the recently released Body Yogurts from The Body Shop.

Lastly is the Rituals Happy Buddha Shower Foam* which I forgot to put in the photo above, oops. Anyways I received it in the Latest in Beauty X Red Summer Edit Beauty Box* and It’s literally the perfect scent for the tradition between Summer and Autumn, which I know may sound a bit odd but I hope you get what I mean. It’s a warm, spicy scent but it’s not too warm and spicy. I’ll be honest I don’t think it does that good of a job at cleansing the skin but I tend to use it after I use another shower gel just so I smell of it because it's really nice. I'm definitely going to have a look at more products in the range.

What things have you been loving lately?

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*PR sample, all opinions are my own

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