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I haven't done a travel post for a short while so I thought I'd talk about where I would love travel someday. I've somehow managed to condense it down to just 5 places, which I'll admit was quite hard. So here are my current top 5 places I'd love to visit in the future...

New York has been on my travel bucket list for the longest amount of time. I’ve literally wanted to visit since I was a little girl but it was never somewhere where my family wanted to go on a family holiday (which I totally understand) and plus it’s pretty expensive. Now I'm 24 and I'll be honest I have no self control over spending my money, I like to "treat myself" too often. So it’s not something I’ve been able to save up my pennies for. But I’ve told myself that the goal is to visit before I turn 30 so that gives me a good 5 and a half years to tick it off my travel bucket list so fingers cross I’ll actually start to be more sensible with my money and master the whole adulting thing of saving up money lol.

Another place that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time is Australia. I don’t really know why considering being visited by huge snakes and spiders is quite the norm over there. But I think it’s the gorgeous pristine beaches, the sunny weather and I also love the Aussie accent. I’d definitely want to see Sydney Opera House in the flesh and maybe even do the Sydney Bridge Climb if my body would allow me and not totally freak out. There’s also Hop-On Hop-Off Sydney Harbour Cruise as well as a City Bus Tour which is definitely use as it takes you to all the known attractions as well as enjoying the sights at the same time. I also know that if I wanted to get away from the busy city then the Blue Mountains are the place to go, just to be with nature a little. Also even though I know it would be super busy because it's such a touristy place I'd love to visit Byron Bay.

I’d love to do a road trip of the West Coast of America and visit LA, San Diego and San Francisco, Monterrey, Big Sur etc. If I could afford it I would preferably want to be out there for at least 2 weeks, so that I could get a chance to see the main places on my bucket list. Obviously if I do ever make it out to Cali then I'd visit the usual touristy places including Universal Studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Pier, Griffith Observatory and also the OUE Skyscape in LA because who doesn’t want to slide down a glass slide on the side of a skyscraper?! 

I feel like the Canary Islands is a good place for a nice family holiday. Tenerife has some gorgeous beaches and also some nice looking national parks which I'm sure my family would enjoy a lot. Lanzarote is another place I’d love to visit, apparently it’s a great place to learn how to surf. Surfing is something that has always interested me and for some reason I've always had a weird pull towards it but the problem is - 1. how the heck would I fit into a wetsuit and 2) I’m terrified of sharks, I don’t mind watching them on TV and seeing them in aquariums but being out in the open with them scares me, especially when there’s nothing between you apart from a surfboard. If I haven't put you off the Canary Islands talking about sharks then have definitely got you covered and offer some great prices and deals.

Another place I’d love to visit which is a lot different to the places above is Austria. I would love to rent an average sized chalet which I'll admit are quite expensive but if you chipped in with a few other people then it would definitely make it a lot more easier on the pocket. I love the idea of learning well, attempting to learn how to ski and then going back to chalet in the evening and getting all cosy and snug with a big roaring fire. I think it's probably after watching Chalet Girl years ago on Netflix which has made me want to go stay in a chalet if I'm being totally honest. Also I recently watched Lily Melrose's vlog whilst she was in Austria and it just looks so picturesque, it almost doesn't look real.

What places are on your travel bucket list?

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  1. New York is at the top of my travel bucket list at the moment!

    Katy |