Christmas Gifting With FatFace

I thought I'd kick start my Christmas Gift Guides will a brand focused one. Obviously if you've already read the title then you'll know that this is all about FatFace and what they have to offer this Christmas. They have a huge amount of Christmas gifting to choose from for Men, Women and Children. With FatFace you get quality products at an great price which is what I really like about them. They're also cruelty-free with is a huge plus! Here are a few lovely gift ideas below to show you what they have to offer if you're haven't started your Christmas shopping yet.

For Men
The Mens Sandalwood Duo Set RRP £15* contains a White Musk & Sandalwood scented Body Wash which has an easy to use pump dispenser and the corresponding White Musk & Sandalwood Soap Bar too. I've had a smell of both of these and they smell lovely. It's a really natural and not overpowering scent like some sandalwood products can be. 

You can go wrong with socks can you? I used to hate getting socks when I was younger now I'm like "give me all the fluffy socks please!" which is why I think the Mens Cosy Socks in a Box RRP £10* is a good stocking filler kind of gift. I love the house packaging too, it just makes it the right amount of cute without going overboard. Another little stocking filler kind of gift is the Moss & Amber Beard Oil RRP £9.50* which is pretty self explanatory but again, I really like that they are sticking to more natural scents and it sounds like it'll be a nice warming kind of scent which is perfect for the festive and winter season too.

For any beer loving adventurer in your life then you could pick up the Four Unique Cork Beer Mats RRP £8*. Two of which have a VW looking camper van so if you know someone who likes or owns a camper van then they'll probably love this set!

For Women
The Hand Cream Set RRP £15* is not only super pretty to look at, the scents inside are so nice. They are Chamomile & Apple, Ocean Palm and Sweet Pea.  I've actually picked up the Ocean Palm Shower Gel because I love the scent that much, it's a new fave! Obviously winter is prime time for hand cream use, I get through so many tubes because my hands do get really dry so I think these would be a great gift for someone.

The Eye Mask And Pillow Spray Gift Set £15* is just so pretty and I think it would suit anyone from a teen and upwards. It includes a cute Star Print Eye Mask which is really comfortable to wear and it isn't one of those eye masks that you can still see through a little, it's completely shuts everything out which is great because I tend to use eye masks when I get bad headaches and it also comes with their "Slient Night" Relaxing Pillow Spray which is a really nice soft lavender kind of scent which soothes you to sleep.

You can find all of the above and more from their gifting range here.

Have you picked anything up from FatFace lately? Or planning on checking out their Christmas range? Let me know below in the comments!

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  1. Weirdly I would never have though to go to FatFace for gifts?
    The eye-mask and pillow spray set sounds lovely.
    Cora |

  2. I completely forgot about Fat Face! I've been struggling with the men in my life this year but the beer mats and the sandalwood set sound great!

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

  3. I love FatFace, they have some great like novelty gifts as well!.
    Charlie |