Top Tips to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover *

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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s the place where you go to rest after a long day, where you can truly relax and unwind. To that end, your bedroom should be a comfortable and calming space where you can chill out and forget the world for a little while – a room where you can simply be you.

However, since we spend a good portion of our time there, it can be easy for the bedroom to become old, tired and outdated. Everyone changes over time and our tastes often change too – a cutting-edge décor scheme might seem horribly old-fashioned in a few years’ time. So, if your bedroom is in need of an update, here are some great ideas to help you give it a much-needed makeover!

Unsightly clutter can make the room seem smaller and the space more disorganised. If you are struggling for storage space, this may be a sign that you need to do some decluttering! Take some time out to have a proper sort through your things and get rid of clothes you no longer wear, empty toiletries or make-up containers, and anything else that you don’t have a use for. By the time you’ve finished, the room should be looking better already!

There are also plenty of storage tips and hacks to help you maximise the space that you do have available. Under-bed storage boxes are a brilliant way to keep everything from bedding to out-of-season clothes neat and tidy, whereas a Brabantia laundry bin will keep your washing in one place in style.

If you are tight for money, it’s possible to change the way a room looks without spending a single penny! You can reorder your furniture and try things in a different combination to inject a new lease of life into a tired room.

Alternatively, if you have a little budget to work with, there are plenty of cheap ways to instantly update your bedroom. A new colour on the walls is a tried and tested solution, but if you fancy getting a little more creative, something simple like putting bright coloured handles on drawers can lend a whole new effect to a dull dresser. 

Happy with your furniture but fancy a change of scene? This could be the perfect opportunity to invest in some new soft furnishings, from curtains and bedding to blankets, cushions, rugs and even lampshades. 
Make sure to go for matching or complementary colours, especially if you are only changing up small parts of your overall décor scheme. Block colour can make a bold statement, or alternatively, soft patterns or floral designs can add a more relaxed vibe to the room. Whatever you go for, make sure that it suits the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

So much can be achieved just by adjusting the lighting in a room, so don’t discount the power of a fresh approach to your lighting! If you want more natural light, make sure to arrange the furniture in a way that allows as much sunlight as possible to enter the room. Avoid dark colours and thick, heavy curtains as these could block the amount of sunlight in the room.

Another solution is to add lamps to light key areas of the room. A bedside lamp is a must, but you could also try putting a standing lamp in a corner of the room to create softer, ambient lighting as opposed to harsher ceiling lights. 
First and foremost, your bedroom should be a space that reflects you and your personality. Make it a room where you feel happy and comfortable and you can’t go far wrong! 

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*this post is sponsored