New Year, New Wardrobe: Different Places I'm Planning On Shopping This Year *

*This post is in collaboration with OD's Designer Clothing
I've realised that I always kind of shop at the same places and in the New Year I really want to start broadening my shopping habits and I really want to start stepping outside my comfort game and to start buying clothes that I wouldn't normally wear because I automatically think they won't suit my body type. I also want to start buying from a few different places too. So I thought in today's post I'd talk about the main places I'm planning on trying in the New Year and why.

Nasty Gal
It was only recently when I found out that Nasty Gal actually stock up to a size 22 meaning they cater for my size as I'm a size 18-20 usually but I do tend to buy a size 22 for an oversized fit in t-shirts and jumpers just because I like being super cosy and comfortable, especially during the winter months. So I'm definitely planning on placing an order with Nasty Gal soon, maybe when they start stocking their Spring clothes.

OD's Designer Clothing 
For designer wear I've recently come across OD's Designer Clothing, I don't shop designer wear too often but I do when I want to treat myself or if I want something high quality and that will last me for a while I do tend to choose a designer brand over a high street brand. OD's Designer Clothing sell so many well known designer brands and cater for men, women and girls and boys or as they call "Juniors". I've already got my eyes on a Boys Hugo Boss Coat for one of my cousins for his birthday next month.

I did used to love Boohoo but I kind of stopped buying from them in 2016 because I just found that their clothing sizes are a little hit and miss and I can buy something in my size and it'll be perfect but other times I've found that the clothes sizing is way off or too short to hide my tum and I can buy something in a size 18 or 20 and it feels as if I'm squeezing into a size 12. But I have seen a few people wearing some lovely clothing pieces from Boohoo recently, especially their dresses. So I feel like I may give them one more try before I give up on them completely. I must admit I do like Boohoo jewellery and bags though and they are affordable too.

Forever 21
Forever 21 are a pretty affordable brand (similar prices to New Look), I know their sizes can be a little off sometimes according to other people but I'm definitely going to try them in the next few months (when my bank account has properly recovered from Christmas and the sales lol). I wish they did a yearly fee for next day delivery like New Look, Boohoo and ASOS do.

Are you planning on updating your wardrobe in the new year? If so, where will you be shopping?

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*this post is in collaboration, all opinions are my own

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  1. This is a great idea. I usually get stuck shopping in the same high street shops and I get bored. The styles that are in at the moment aren't necessarily me. I'll have to give these ago, especially Forever21. I went to one in Los Angeles and really loved the style.