What I Got For Christmas This Year

I bloody love Christmas! it's my favourite time and day of the year and I've been extra excited for it this year after having a pretty rubbish year overall thanks to my health problems. It was nice to spend some proper quality time with my family as I've spent most of this year literally just in bed and in pain. Even though I did have a pain flare up after Christmas dinner after I stuffed my face with potatoes obvs, I did manage to ride it out after taking some painkillers and CBD oil and I didn't go and lie down in bed and waste the rest of the day sleeping like I was expecting. I definitely got spoiled this year and I'm not writing this post to brag or anything like that, I'm so grateful for every single present I received and there's literally not a present that I don't love and won't use. I did a little poll on Twitter asking if you would be interested in seeing what I got this year and the majority of the vote said yes so here it is! 

Two gift sets which were featured in my Christmas Wishlist were the Origins Best of The Best Gift Set and Origins Mini Mask Musts Set and I didn't just get one of them, I received both of them from my mum and dad! I'm so excited to give all of the products a try and see which work for me and my temperamental skin. So far I've tried the Super Spot Remover and also the Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream and I've really liked both of them. 

Probably one of my favourite presents was a Rotating Storage Tower... The weird thing is that I was actually looking at them a few weeks before Christmas for my perfume and also skin care storage as I saw someone on insta had bought one and was saying how good it was. But the only good one I could find was £30 and I just couldn't afford it at the time, I didn't mention it to anyone and then I received one for Christmas. It was meant to be haha! I can't wait to organise my perfumes and there's even a little area for makeup brushes where I'm going to put some of my overflow clean brushes.

I also received the AVON Eve Du/et EDP Duo by Eva Mendes which both smell so nice! - the scents are called Radiant and Sensual and you can wear one alone or mix them together. I also got the corresponding body lotions to the perfume too. I've been wanting to get my hands on the EDP for a while but because I do have a lot of different perfumes I decided to hold back until I've used some of my others up but I'm happy I received it for Christmas because they do smell lovely.

I always receive some LUSH goodies at Christmas because well, I just bloody love LUSH and everybody seems to know it. I received the Night Before Christmas Set which has the Golden Wonder and Shoot For The Stars bath bombs inside, the American Cream Hair Conditioner which is one of my fave hair products, Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt and the Chocolate Lip Scrub which is so good. I think it may be a new fave Lip Scrub! I can't wait to add all of the bath goodies to my almost empty LUSH box.

I also got the Benefit Confection Cuties Gift Set includes Roller Lash Mascara, Porefessional Primer and Gimme Brow and I use all of those products already so it's great to have some mini back ups of them all. I also LOVE the cute cake tier tin packaging. Another makeup product which I received is the L'Oreal Paradise mascara which has probably been my favourite mascara over the past year, it really works well with my pretty useless, straight lashes. I've not tried the waterproof offering but I'm sure it'll be the same as the original.

You may have seen the ASOS Paris Sketch T-shirt on my Christmas Wishlist and I can't wait to style it up. I love that it's quite minimal but pretty. Another clothing item I received was a lovely brown and black leopard print cardigan from Primark which will actually look really nice with the ASOS Paris Sketch T-shirt. I'll put a photo of me wearing both up on insta soon, as it's quite hard to put them in the flatlay with everything else and a cat trying to climb over everything too (bloody nightmare lol).

Is it even Christmas if you don't get some new slippers and fluffy socks?! I received some cute little Pom Pom Slipper Boots and they are so comfortable and warm which I think my mum said were from Morrison's in their Nutmeg clothing range. I've barely taken them off over the past few days. I also got some Primark Ugg-like Boots which I think are so comfortable. I always buy my boots from Primark because they are so affordable but also really comfortable but I haven't been to my local Primark this Winter because of being unwell so I'm happy I've got some new ones as my old ones were looking a bit tatty.

I also got a Soap and Glory The Zest of Times set which includes their Hand Food, Body Mist, Body Wash and Body Butter all in their Sugar Crush scent as well as their Puffy Eye Attack Eye Mask which I'm yet to try but I've heard good things about. I also love the Sugar Crush scent from S&G, it's one of my favourites and another set I received is the OGX Pink Sugar Plum Hair Set which includes their shampoo and conditioner and a hair wrap - if you haven't tried their limited edition Pink Sugar Plum range then you need to. It's so hydrating and also smells delightful.

I received some money too and so far I've picked up the Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops which are supposed to be a dupe to Farsali Unicorn Elixir Drops which are £50!! so I'm looking forward to giving the cheaper version a whirl. I also picked up some Bath Bombs and Bath Melts in the Bomb Cosmetics Boxing Day sale which I can't wait to arrive and I'm planning on finally picking up the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream that everyone raves about but I'm waiting a few weeks whilst my body gets used to the pill I'm going on to see if it changes how my skin behaves first. I was going to get the matte version to suit my oily skin type but I think I may opt for the original just in case my skin gets a little dry.

I did get some other bits and bobs too including a variety of chocolate from a Terry's Chocolate Orange, Celebrations and a box of Malteasers (like the ones in the Celebrations box, so yummy), a new card holder with the letter K on it, a cute hedgehog teddy, a few other bath and shower sets and also a cute knitted hot water bottle with stars on.

What did you get for Christmas? If you've done a blog post like this about what you got for Christmas then leave me your links as I love reading them :)

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  1. You got so many lovely things. Hope you had a great Christmas

    Candice | NatalyaAmour.com

  2. WOW! What lovely presents! Those Origins sets look great!

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Aww you received some lovely gifts! :D


  4. You got some lovely Christmas gifts. I love Lush products and got bunch of bath bombs this year. I did a mini post on it if you'd like to read it? http://chimmyville.co.uk/christmas-day-2018/

  5. That so cool receiving all the lovely gift! I have to wait mine till the three wise kings day that is the day where all the goodies present appears. I've been quite obsess with Lush products lately so getting a gift of any Lush products is pretty cool!

    Michelle| www.brokebutflawless.com