Bad Driving Habits Which Drive Me Crazy *

*this post is in collaboration with Lease Car, all opinions are my  own
Whether if you drive yourself or not I'm sure everyone has seen their fair share of bad driving habits over the years, I definitely have! So in this post I'm talking about the ones which tick me off the most and why... As well as talking about the ones in the interesting and also kind of shocking infographic featuring in this post too which Lease Car have put together.

Number one on my list which I hate seeing people doing whilst driving is talking or texting on their phones. It really riles me up, especially when I know a few people who have ended up in a really bad, almost fatal car crash (all on different occasions) because of someone being on their phone. If the phone call or text is that important then pull over in a safe space and use your phone and then carry on your journey. Why risk hurting or killing yourself, your passengers or someone else just for a text, social media post or a phone call?

Noise in general can be a distraction whilst driving which is pretty obvious but I guess it depends on how loud your music/podcast is but something which really grates on me is something which I've been seeing people doing a lot more lately which is... wearing your earphones whilst driving. I mean, just why would you do this? I'm sure I'm not the only people who thinks it's surely common sense to not turn off one of your main senses when driving? It's actually scary that people think that it's okay to do too. 

Eating whilst driving is another thing you see people doing on a daily basis as well whether if it's a snack or a quick in the car lunch break, it's still dangerous and a distraction. It's also included in the infographic below which says 32% of people eat whilst they drive and that people prefer to snack at the wheel which includes eating chocolate, sweets and also fast food. 

Another bad driving habit which can cause a massive distraction is doing your hair and makeup in the mirror whilst going along in the car. I'm not joking I've actually seen a lady putting on a full face of makeup whilst going down a motorway a few years ago and she was all over the place, drifting into the other lanes and people were beeping their horns at her - it was crazy! We decided to move into the furthest lane away from her and hope for the best. She seemed completely oblivious (or ignorant) to the fact that she was being a danger to herself and other people on the road. According to Lease Car's infographic 45% of woman apply lipstick or lipgloss in their car but will stay away from applying eyeliner and blusher. Personally I think applying any sort of makeup is a distraction whether you're driving along or stopped at a traffic light. It's still dangerous and you're taking your eyes off the road no matter what.

Lastly on this list is pets and children in the car - particularly ones which stupidly aren't strapped into a seat and it's pretty obvious if you have an animal in the car then make sure it's in an appropriate carrier/behind a cage so it can't get into your line of vision and cause a distraction. Obviously if you need or want to go somewhere then your kid(s) will most likely be with you and also potentially your pet (most likely a dog). But just make sure everyone is strapped in, secure and happy and hopefully it'll avoid anyone causing a dangerous distraction. 

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*this post is in collaboration, all opinions are my own

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  1. Seeing people texting or on the phone while driving makes me angry - they could hurt so many people if they're distracted!
    I agree with these - I can't stand them x