Six Products I've Been Trying Out Recently

-This post contains some gifted/PR items, not paid content. All opinions are my own-
I really like doing kind of "products on trial" type of posts because it gives you a mini review and update on products I've recently picked up or have been sent. I haven't done a products on trial kind of post for a while either so I thought it was about time I changed that. So here are some products I've been trying out recently and my thoughts so far.

I've never heard of Ayumi Naturals before but I recently got sent their Turmeric and Argan Oil Body Wash* which is suppose to promote clearer skin naturally. I do sometimes get the odd few spots on my back especially if I'm stressed, had too much chocolate or if my hormones are going crazy so this has definitely come in handy because I've experienced all of those things over the past few weeks. It smells really refreshing and citrusy and because it contains argan oil I've found that it leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft too, which is always a big plus! You can buy the wash and other products from Ayumi Naturals at Tesco for £5 each. I'm definitely interested in trying out more from the brand, however we don't have a Tesco near where we live (it annoys me so much) but hopefully when I do visit Tesco again, I shall remember to keep a look out for Ayumi Naturals.

The Pixi Glow Cakes priced at £24 each come in two different shades GlidedBare Glow* and PinkChampagne Glow*. The idea of the palette is to achieve a lovely radiant flushed cheeks look whilst also subtlety contouring your face too. The palettes are in a gradient layout so you can swish your brush through all the colours and apply or pick and choose which you want to use. Technically there's a highlighter, blush and contour/bronze. I've not used these tons as I've been wearing very minimal makeup lately. I initially thought that the GlidedBare Glow* would probably be my favourite of the two just because I feel like the more neutral shades would suit my skin a little better. However PinkChampagne Glow* seems to give more of a blush effect compared to the GlidedBare Glow* which on me looks more like a highlighter. The PinkChampagne Glow does look a little scary because of the bright pink shades running throughout but it doesn't come out like that when you apply it to your skin. However I will continue to use both but I think I shall be picking up the PinkChampagne Glow palette more often.

I recently picked up The Body Shop Oil of Life Intensely Revitalising Cream because I'm almost 25 now and apparently in my mums words "that's when everything starts going south" yep, how reassuring haha. It is a little pricier than I would've liked at £26 but you don't need to use a lot per use. It's not too thick nor thin but it does lean more towards the thicker side. However I've noticed after buying the cream that you can get a gel version. But the cream version seems to work well for my oily skin type which has actually shocked me because normally thicker creams tend to block up and disagree with my pores and skin in general. I also like the smell of it and you can just tell that it is a quality moisturiser. I don't use it daily (yet) but I'm probably using it every other day at the moment with my other go to moisturisers in between. 

The Hempz Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt Foaming Body Wash* arrived a week or two ago and usually I'm not usually a big fan of foam body washes if I'm being completely honest. I find that they don't make me feel like I've had a good wash if that makes sense and they tend to leave me skin feeling a little tacky which I don't like. The Hempz Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt Foaming Body Wash* first of all smells gorgeous, it smells like a product I used years ago and loved but I just can't remember what it is. It smells quite summer-y if you get what I mean. I did find I needed to use quite a few pumps to cleanse all over my body but I found that it left my skin feeling like it had a good clean like a normal body wash does which is good. It did leave my skin a little tacky but I just popped on my go-to Moringa Body Yogurt from The Body Shop on afterwards and it sorted that out. So overall the product is okay, I'm not sure if I'd rush out and buy it again but I do really like the scent and would definitely purchase more products from the range.

I picked up the Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops Beauty Elixir with some of my Christmas money because it's apparently a good dupe to the Farsali Unicorn Essence Primer which is £50 a bottle - which I just think is crazy to be honest. I also watched Soph Does Nails comparison video and she said that they were really similar. I definitely didn't need to buy a new primer as I already have a small collection of primers in my makeup stash right now but I liked the sound of the Barry M one and I've really been enjoying their makeup over the past couple of months too. I really like the fact that the elixir is supposed to make your skin "glow from within". I definitely think that less is more when you first start applying it as it is a little runny. The primer is a pretty shimmery pink and it smells really fruity which is nice. It does feel a little tacky when you first apply it but I know some people will like that because it apparently makes your makeup stay put. Overall I do like it and would definitely repurchase. I've been wearing it under minimal makeup and it really does makes my skin look naturally glowy.

I also received some Benecos Happy Nails Nail Polishes from their Winter Collection just before Christmas. I received the shades Galaxy*, Nordic Blue* and Rock it!* and I've actually been wearing them quite a lot, I even wore the shade Nordic Blue on Christmas Day and Rock it! is a great neutral colour to wear with it being a warm grey colour. I do struggle with normal nail polishes as I find a lot of them tend to chip but I have recently picked up an old favourite which is the Seche Vite Top Coat which keeps literally any nail polishes in place. I also like that they are natural and cruelty free too.

What products have you been trying out lately?

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-Any products marked with an asterisk (*) have been gifted or PR samples-


  1. I loved Hempz when I tried them out last year, so kind to the skin! Body Shop’s Oils of Life range is amazing too!
    Emma |

  2. I'm loving the Pixi Glow Cakes right now, they're so pretty and easy to wear xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️