Incorporating My Personality & Style Into My Home *

*This post is in collaboration with Julian Charles
Even though I still live at home I like to add a touch of my personality and my current favourite interior looks into pretty much every room in the house. My mum and dad are pretty chilled so they don't mind if I buy a lamp, plant or candle and whatever else to pop into the living room, kitchen or bathroom. Obviously with my room being my own personal space it shows my taste in home and interiors more so than anywhere else in the house. In this post which is in collaboration with Julian Charles who sell luxury soft furnishings and home decor I will be talking about who inspires my taste in home and interiors and also why I love how my bedroom is currently styled. It may not be huge and nowhere near perfect but it's good enough for me and it's just my cosy little safe place and I love it.

I don't like to copy people and steal their ideas but I do take some inspiration from some fellow bloggers when it comes to home interiors I really like Kate La Vie who is basically the queen of home interiors, Hermoine Chantal who is mainly a craft/organisation Youtuber/blogger but I do like how she styles her home, Lily at Pint Sized Beauty posts the most dreamiest photos on her insta and also talks about her home interiors and home ware wish lists on her blog and I also really like Little House in London's insta for instant inspiration. They are all quite different in the way they style up their homes but think they all know how to style up a home perfectly in my opinion. 

My bedroom is a deep, cosy purple and apparently says that I'm a organised person and I have structure in my daily life. My room has been the same purple for a few years now and my dad likes the whole Olde Worlde look, so when we first moved into this house we're in now, we got fake beams put in a few rooms around the house and one of those rooms is my bedroom. I'm not the biggest fan of them but it's quite funny watching my cats running about on them so I just decided to leave them up. I also think that they kind of add a cosy cabin kind of feel in my room, which I do actually like, especially in the colder months.

I also have some purple silk looking curtains which are a deeper purple than my walls and are pretty new to my room, the only annoying the thing about them is that they do let the light in first thing in the morning but they do add some texture to my room. Another way I like to add texture into my room is buying a variety of different cushions for my bed... yes I am one of those people. From a basic plain grey square cushion because I think you just can't go wrong with grey, an oblong plush green cushion, a pale pink fluffy cushion which I love and a mini one which reads "sleep" in a cute font with some closed eyes below it. I also have a cute Hedgehog teddy on my bed because I received it for Christmas last year and it's so cute! My current bedding is pretty new and I treated myself to it just before Christmas last year. I definitely have a problem because I'm always buying new bedding just because I think it adds so much to a room. I love that it's quite a Spring/Summer pattern and even though it seems quite busy, it still fits in nicely with my room and my kind of go-to style.

My "gallery wall" on my brick feature wall is still a pretty new addition to my bedroom. I had been debating on putting some prints up or some shelves up for ages but I was worried it'd look too much with everything else I've got going on in my room and I just thought having one wall which is plain would look best. So I basically just had a brick feature wall with some fairy lights over my bed for almost 2 years. But then I bit the bullet and decided to just go for it and I'm so annoyed at myself for not doing it sooner because I love my gallery wall so much. It really shows off my personality and things which I like. I love the "Meet Me In New York" Print and then "Moon Phases" print the most and I think the black and white prints look fab and I think the prints with colour really pull it all together and makes it stand out on my wall. I also really like that the Monstera leaf print goes with my latest bedding set too.

I have an oak effect bookcase which was super cheap and is below where my TV is on the wall. I've technically done that to hide wires because seeing loads of wires looks so messy in my opinion. On my bookshelf I have an array of bits and pieces from a sketch print of an empty Chanel bottle with some pretty pink peonies inside, some books obviously, a copper clock and also a copper basket with more books and notebooks and then on the second shelf I've got a light up "K" sign, a woven basket with some blog props in and then a fake succulent plant in a polka dot canvas bag (the pot is actually copper but I thought it looked a bit too much with all the other copper things going on on the bookshelf haha). The bottom shelf is just some large grey canvas storage boxes which I'll admit, they both need a good sort out but the concept is one has blog props inside and the other is just general bits and bobs but it's gone a little out of hand and everything has merged together.

I also have a mini desk area set up but I'll admit I prefer to sit in bed and do my work as I just find it more comfier for my chronic pain. But on my desk I have yet another print which says "She believed she could, so she did" with colourful flowers around the words, a wire house shelf which I'm debating putting on the wall somewhere which currently has on it a candle, fake cactus plant and a little wooden owl from my gran and granddads house that used to sit on their mantelpiece and obviously there's a coaster on my desk for when I do occasionally sit at the desk or if I'm tidying or something in that area of the room I have somewhere to put a drink. My office chair is a white fake leather swivel chair but it definitely looks more expensive than it was and it also has a pastel grey cushion on it for show mainly which also ties into my room nicely. I just think you can't go wrong with the colour grey because it's calming and it just goes with other colours well.

I do have a few other areas in my room like my makeup area and bedside table which are both below my gallery wall and also my wardrobe, but if I write about those then this post is going to be even longer. But I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog post and seeing me talk more about home interiors. I really want to talk about home and interiors more so this year on my blog. How do you incorporate your personality into your home? Would love to read any home and interiors blog posts you have!


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*this post is in collaboration with Julian Charles, 
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  1. Those are all some really cute decor bits!

    Candice |

  2. These are some really cool d├ęcor pieces!
    Amber |

  3. those prints are gorgeous your style is brilliant

  4. Oh, I love Kate La Vie's decorating style, and I wish I had more of an eye for interior decor. Loving your gallery wall and that moon phase :3

  5. I love interior design so I found this to be a great post :D
    I like the idea of purple and playing with different shades of the same color. I also like your gallery wall and the actual brick wall :)
    btw, I agree new bedding adds so much to the room, it instantly changes the aesthetics!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  6. I love that brick feature wall it looks SO good! I'm really looking forward to being able to decorate my own home soon!

    Jess //