My Go-To Everyday Skincare Picks


Because I'm always talking about skincare and the fact that I own enough skincare products that I could actually open up a shop (even after a brutal destash) I thought I would share with you my kind of go-to skincare products on an everyday basis when my skin isn't acting up too much and then I'm going to do a blog post soon which  is all about what products I use for when my skin is being problematic and breaking out and really oily which tends to be worse when it's around that time of the month usually.

My go to cleansers for an everyday basis are the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser (shocker, not), Pixi Double Cleanse or the Burts Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream*. I kind of just pick whichever I fancy. I like to use my Pixi Double Cleanse and Burts Bees Cleansing Cream more in the evening as they remove any dirt, pollution and makeup whereas the Glossier MJC is more of a gentle offering but still does a good job at cleansing my skin and giving it an nice healthy glow.

For toner I use the Pixi Glow Tonic* if my skin is looking a tad dull just to waken it up a little but I tend to stick to my Pixi Rose Tonic* or The Body Shop British Rose Petal Soft Gel Toner (which is apparently a dupe to the Fresh Hydrating Toner who are a brand I'm yet to try). I absolutely anything Rose scented so I really enjoy using the latter. I do love Pixi Glow Tonic as it does an amazing job at waking up dull skin and also battling any problem areas but I'm not super keen on the scent if I'm being super honest.

For moisturiser I've been using either my new Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturiser which I got in a gift set for Christmas and I absolutely love it! It does such a great job at brightening up my skin first thing in the morning and I like that it's a gel formula as it suits my oilier skin type. If I'm planning on wearing makeup then I tend to use my Glossier Priming Moisturiser just because it gets my skin prepared for makeup and gives my skin more of a normal finish, whereas the Origins Moisturiser gives me a radiant glow. In the evening I've been using the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream* which is powered by "Active HydraMesh Technology", which basically means it carries on hydrating for a further 48 hours after applying and protects it from the environment and reduces water loss. It's their updated version of their original Skin Smoothing Cream and it's really nice to use before bed to give my skin some TLC. It's also great to use after using a clay face mask if you sometimes feel like it's stripped your skin of all of your "good oils".

I was sent the Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti Redness Miracle Formula* SPF 25 just before Christmas and I'm not going to lie, when I first squeezed some out of the tube and saw that it's green I was thinking "Oh god, I'm going to end up looking like Shrek" lol. However I've found that if you don't use too much, it's fine but it does leave a slight green tinge but any foundation or CC cream should cover it up fine. It claims to conceal and camouflage redness on uneven skin tones which definitely fits the bill with me as I do have areas of redness when my skin is breaking out and I also have some redness in the cheeks too. It also claims to gently treat signs of redness and inflammation in 4-8 weeks I personally can't say yes or no to that as I haven't been using it daily. But when I do wear it definitely conceals redness and calms down any sensitive red areas. I've found that it works really well underneath the Glossier Skin Tint which doesn't give tons of coverage but a nice amount of coverage and smoothness if you're wanting more of a minimal makeup look. 

Another Origins product I've recently been using is the Ginzing Revitalising Depuff Eye Cream which is literally amazing and really helped my under eyes which let's face it, are a permanent shade of grey/purple thanks to always being tired due to pain and discomfort keeping me awake most nights. Because it's orange scented it automatically perks up your skin and it's definitely a new fave eye treatment product!

Before bed I tend to just cleanse, tone and moisturise using the products above and then I use a lash serum, I'm currently using the NYK1 Lash Force Lash and Brow Serum* which I've really been enjoying using and has been making a different to my lashes. However I'm not a huge fan of the eyeliner-like brush and I've been having better results from the serum when using a disposable mascara brush (which I picked up on eBay) but I guess it's personal preference. I haven't used it on my brows as I don't feel like I need to use it on my brows right now. It says to apply twice a day but I tend to apply at night before bed as I find it works better at night and I tend to forget to use in the morning. It's suitable for contact lens users and is dermatologically and ophthalmologist tested which is great. Also I really like that NYK1 are cruelty free! I will be writing a mini review styled post after this where I'll show how my lashes are looking now after consistent daily use of the Lash Force serum because they definitely do look longer and feel in better condition than they were.

Another product which I've really been enjoying using 2-3 nights a week is the J.One Black Jelly Pack Multi Functional Overnight Rescue Mask* which literally has been leaving my skin glowing like crazy in the morning. J.One are a Korean brand and have recently started to be sold in Boots and have already been mentioned in many magazines and etc. I have had to cut back on wanting to use it every night as I find that jelly-like skincare products sometimes break me out and I think that this was causing me to have a few breakouts. But that's just my skin being awkward, like normal. I'm definitely intrigued to try out more from J.One after using this Overnight Mask!

Lastly is the Glossier Birthday Balm Dot Com which I had to mention in this post because it's been my go to lip balm since I first picked it up. It's basically just a balm which smells like Vanilla birthday cake and that's totally okay with me. It works well underneath liquid lipsticks and it's great to wear alone as it has a slight sparkle effect going on. 

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  1. The rosalique cream sounds amazing and definitely something that my skin could use!

    Lucy x

  2. I seriously need to try the Pixi Double Cleanse because it sounds amazing!

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Loved this post!
    I really need to try some Pixi skincare products, I've heard so many great things x