5 Things To Do in Manchester *

-*This post is in collaboration with Excess Baggage Company, all opinions are my own-
In today's post I'm talking about some things to do in Manchester, whether if you're planning a day visit or having a mini city break there's definitely plenty of things for you to do. I'm a bit of a shopaholic so Manchester is probably the closest city to me which has everything I want or need either smack in the middle of the city or just on the outskirts so if I want to go on a big shopping trip, Manchester is where I'll tend to go.

Obviously talking of shopping I've got to mention the Trafford Centre and the Arndale Centre as they are my kind of go to places to go when I'm in Manchester and they cater for the majority of my shopping needs. Together they have tons of shops that I shop at regularly including - New Look, Lush, Topshop, Homesense, Boots, Accessorize, H&M, Debenhams, Yours Clothing. 

I love watching the soaps and yes I know that makes me sound like a 90 year old but I just do. My favourite out of the soaps I do watch is definitely Coronation Street and obviously there's a Coronation Street Tour in Manchester. So if you're a big fan of Corrie too, then I'd highly recommend checking it out. You can go behind the scenes of the show and take pictures outside the well known shops/houses and so on. It's really interesting and fun! It is only open on selected weekends though.

If you're into watching comedians and/or also watching artists and bands live then there's also the Comedy Store, the O2 Apollo, Manchester Academy and Manchester Arena you could check out. If you were planning a bit of a day trip or mini weekend break in Manchester then you could get your shopping or whatever you have planned for the day done and then go and watch a band or an artist you love in the evening.

Although I've not visited myself I've heard great things about the Cat Cafe which is about 5 minutes away from the Arndale Centre. I definitely want to pay the Cat Cafe a visit sometime this year. If you follow me on instagram and watch my stories then you'll see my cats on there (usually either Charlie or Ozzy) as I do have 4 cats... yep, I'm a crazy cat lady. So obviously a cafe full of cats, tea and cakes sound like literal heaven to me haha. You do have to book in advance to get a definite place the day you're visiting but if you're a huge cat person like myself then I'm sure this would be a great thing to do. 

With Manchester being such a big place there's plenty of places to get food and drink. Whether you want a quick bite to eat, a take away meal, a proper sit down meal or a liquid lunch then you'll definitely find what you're looking for. Excess Baggage Company have put together an infographic which highlights some of the best bars and pubs to visit if you find yourself in Manchester as well as some other major UK cities. 

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  1. Manchester is such an amazing city! It's one of my favourite shopping cities xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  2. I live in Manchester and it's such an amazing place to live and visit! There's so much to do!
    Chloe X http://chloelxuise.com

  3. I love Manchester! I definitely want to visit again soon x