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I love trying out brands that I've never tried before so in today's post I'm talking about three products which I've been trying out from Daytox Skincare which is available from Waitrose and also Amazon. They focus on one of the most important organs in the detoxification process: the skin. They are on the pricier side of skincare in my eyes but if you're into skincare and like to invest a bit more money into your skincare regime then you'll hopefully enjoy reading about these products and also reading about my thoughts overall about the brand and products I've tried.

The Daytox Skincare Face Oil priced at £24.99* claims to help with ageing and nourishing the skin and they recommend using it both day and night. I'll admit oils do still scare me a little with having more of an oilier skin type. But I have used this face oil probably about 5 times now and I've found that it does absorb quicker than other oils I've used which is something I do like about it. It contains Meadowfoam Oil, Almond Oil and Argan Oil and the oils help to stimulate the body's natural cell healing mechanisms which is music to my ears as I do have some areas of acne scarring from over the years. The blend also contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E which is help to support the skin. Obviously as I haven't used the oil over a large space of time because I'm still a bit scared of using face oils regularly so I can't say if it's made a huge difference to my skin overall in terms of healing any scarring but it definitely makes my skin feel very hydrated and soft and is nice when I feel like my skin needs some extra care.

The Daytox Aqua Moisture Moisturising Cream £24.99* comes in a cute little quirky jar which I really like and it just look nice sitting on my bathroom shelf. The moisturiser contains Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Rhubarb extracts and it smells super fresh and is a perfect moisturiser to use first thing in the morning when you feel half asleep and your skin is looking a little drab. The moisturiser is really cooling and refreshing and has a gel like texture. It also contains Glycerin which I know people like so that it "sets your base" before applying makeup. I'm personally not too fussed about that but I just wanted to mention it anyway. I think it'd be a great moisturiser to use in the Summer when your skin has been in the sun too. Overall I really like this moisturising cream, like I already mentioned it's great to use first thing in the morning just to give your skin a wake up call and it just smells fresh and clean. It agrees with my skin and hasn't made it break out or cause redness. I actually think it helps with any redness on my skin with it being very cooling. Overall I love this and would definitely repurchase!

Lastly is the Daytox Smooth Hands Hand Cream priced at £9.99*. Personally I think it is a little pricey for a hand cream but I think that is because my go-to hand cream is the Soap and Glory Hand Food which is about £3 I think and seems to last for ages. However the Daytox offering does contain more "goodness" in the product including BioDtox, Hyaluron Vitamin C which all promote anti-ageing. It also absorbs faster than my usual go-to hand cream too. The smell is the same as the Aqua Moisture Moisturising Cream which I'm a fan of so overall it is a nice hand cream but I'm not sure if I'd replace my favourite Hand Food for this.

Overall I've enjoyed trying out some products from Daytox Skincare and I like that they are Vegan and free of Silicones and Parabens and I am trying to go completely cruelty-free this year. Even though I've only found one product which really works for me and I would repurchase, I would still consider trying more from the brand in the future.

If you're interested in trying Daytox Skincare then you can purchase their products at Waitrose, Amazon and Zest Beauty.

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