A Sheet Mask Subscription Box?! Mask Time - Glow Starter Box Review

-This post contains a gifted/PR sample but no paid content. All opinions are my own-
I used to be such a big fan of sheet masks but last year I was using more clay masks instead of sheet masks just because my skin was acting up a lot which I think was just down to being unwell and the stress of it all and I found that clay masks helped my skin out more than a sheet mask did. However I've recently fallen back in love with my sheet masks because I find they are a good quick fix when my skin needs some extra care. I recently was sent a Glow Starter Box from Mask Time who sell KBeauty Sheet Masks from various different brands and they offer subscription boxes and also gift boxes full of sheet masks. I received their December Glow Starter Box RRP £12.95 (including free UK Mainland postage if subscribed).

In my Glow Starter Box I received 4 different sheet masks from different brands and I actually have never heard of any of the brands before which I personally like because I love trying out new and different brands and I've found some great brands that way in the past. 

Eunyul - Natural Moisture Pack ALOE RRP £3
I've not actually tried this mask out yet just because it sounded super moisturising and my skin doesn't need tons of moisture right now as it's only a little dry. However the product claims to sooth sensitive and irritated skin and drench it with moisture. It also is a pure cotton sheet mask which sounds lovely and high quality for the price and I'm sure my skin will love it when I do get around to using it. 

Banobagi - Vita Genic Relaxing Jelly Mask RRP £3.50
I love the unique concept behind the Vita Genic Relaxing Jellly Mask and I really like the packaging too. It contains a liposome jelly which is specially formulated to deliver micro nutreients which then allow full absorption. It features 20,000ppm of a vitamin complex derived from premium natural ingredients which give your skin a extra boost of moisture and care. I used this literally the other day as my skin was feeling quite sensitive and irritated due to being unwell and it really made my skin feel like it had some extra TLC and soothed my nose which was feeling really sore due to blowing my nose so often (lovely image, sorry...). Overall I really like this mask and I would repurchase.

DCKR - Exclusive Collagen Colour Changing Facial Mask RRP £4
Like the previous mask I like the uniqueness of the whole Colour Changing aspect of the DCKR sheet mask which reacts to temperature. Its's fun and I think it would be great to include in a beauty hamper or gift as it's a little different to your average face mask which you can pick up in Boots. I'd love to see it in different forms like animals and things like that.

Ponybrown Plus - Skin Hue Aquaring Face Mask RRP £3

The Skin Hue Aquaring Face Mask contains Bio-Ha (Hyaluronic Acid) which is a water holding agent and a natural moisturiser which is produced by the body but does decelerates with age. Ceramide, Coconut and Cornflower Water which also assist to deeply moisturise the skin. If your read my recent products on trial post then you'll know that I'm almost 25 now and I've started to buy anti-ageing products because it's apparently the right age to start using them and because the Ponybrown Plus mask contains Hyaluronic Acid which adds moisture back into your skin, it sounded perfect for me. I followed the instructions and left the mask on for -- and removed and massaged any excess product into my skin (I did find it to be a little sticky but it did sink into my skin after about 10 minutes) and I do feel like it left my skin feeling really soft and well hydrated - so it's a thumbs up from me!

Overall I think it's a great idea and it works out cheaper to buy their Starter box rather than going out and buying the masks separately. It would've been nice to see a bit of a variety of sheet masks for different skin types as I found that they were mainly promoting moisturising qualities and I have more of an oilier skin type but I would recommend trying out Mask Time if you're wanting to treat yourself to some KBeauty sheet masks!

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  1. This is such a good idea and a lovely pick me up pamper box which will cheer you up each month!!

    Katie | www.justkatiee.com XX

  2. I love the idea of sheet mask subscription, such a fun way to try new masks and brands xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  3. I do love a good sheet mask (I have so many sitting in my skincare cupboard right now), but this is such a fab idea!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. This sounds like an amazing box to subscribe to, I love trying out new masks! I currently have a lot of Sephora sheet masks to use, but once I've got through those I'll be checking this box out. I think I'm in need of a mask to soothe my face after being ill too x