4 Quick Fixes For Instant Confidence *

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It’s okay to admit it, we all have those days. The days where, no matter what our shape and size we feel roughly the size of a small democratic republic. Days where everything we attempt to wear looks too small, too tight or just plain ill-fitting. Days when our hair looks more like a surrealist painting than the glossy cascade that we wish it to be. Days when, for one reason or another, our lack of self-confidence taints the way you see yourself. And of course, these days always tend to be when you have an important engagement, a first date or a big interview that could unlock the next stage of your career.

Of course, you’re still gorgeous. No really, you are! But I understand that no matter how much anyone tells you that, they can’t make you see it in yourself. The good news, however, is that there are a number of quick fixes which can help your confidence to skyrocket and have you dancing out of the front door ready to take on the world. Quick fixes like…

Clip on veneers
There’s no better way to make a first impression than with a dazzling smile. However, as much as the right set of veneers can provide a shortcut to the smile you’ve always wanted, getting them fitted can be a time consuming (and incredibly expensive) endeavour. The great news is that there are brands like Instasmile that make clip on veneers to give you a Hollywood smile instantly. And without all the discomfort and stress that comes with visiting the dentist… I’d call that a win!

Frizz-fixing miracle solutions
There’s nothing more dispiriting than waking up to find a wild mane of dandelion fuzz where your hair used to be. Despite your very best styling efforts, it refuses to be tamed. It’s time to take action! There are a number of ways in which you can tame frizzy hair. Some personal favourites include;
- Apply coconut oil once or twice a week
- Use a mascara brush doused with hairspray to comb out patches of frizz
- Apply a few drops of hair oil to ends after blow drying
- Pop a diffuser on your blow dryer (seriously, everyone has one but few people use them).
- When frizzy hair is vanquished it goes a long way towards boosting your confidence.

The right shoes
If you feel your confidence dropping, slide into your favourite heels and walk around for a little while. Walking in heels is empowering. It makes you feel taller, sexier and more in control. It also encourages you to correct your posture and think more about the way you move, lending more grace and surety to your gait.  

Give yourself a 10 second positivity pump!
Okay, so this last one might make you feel a little silly. Nonetheless, life coach and business strategist Tony Robbins swears by it, as does Oprah Winfrey. It goes a little something like this;
- Shake out your body
- Clench your hands into claws
- Rock back and forth on your heels, breathing in and out quickly.
- Stop moving, then shake out your body again.
- Clap and shout the word "Yes!" five times
- You’ve just given yourself a positivity pump!

Now get out there and show the world what a badass you are!

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  1. I love the idea of the 10 second positivity pump!
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