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-*This post is in collaboration with WhiteWash Laboratories, all opinions are my own-
I'm very conscious about keeping my teeth clean and healthy like everyone should be, however because of my love for sweet, strong tea, they do tend to get quite stained quite easily. I also switched to a different whitening toothpaste last year which is all natural as some of my fave toothpastes were making my acid reflux worse (weird, I know) and I've noticed that although I feel the toothpaste I've been using does a good job, my teeth aren't looking their best in terms of how stained they have been looking lately. So I've teamed up with WhiteWash Laboratories to try out their Nano teeth whitening products and to see if I can get some good results from the award winning products.

WhiteWash Laboratories (also known as Whitewash or Whitewash Labs) offer premium quality teeth whitening and oral care products which have been developed and formulated by leading UK dentists, so you know you are getting the good stuff when you buy from them. Their aim is to provide high quality products which perform well and are affordable and accessible to everyone. Their products are also cruelty-free and suitable for vegans which I think is great.

I was sent over a bundle of their products from their Nano range to try out including their Nano Whitening Toothpaste RRP £14.95*, Nano White Manual Toothbrush RRP £4.95* and their Teeth Whitening Kit RRP £34.95* which includes 2x Mouth Trays, 2x 5ml Nano Whitening Gel and 28 Nano Intensive Whitening Strips (2 week course). As soon as I received them I couldn't wait to get started on trying to whiten my teeth. I have tried a few different brands of whitening strips over the past two years and have got some okay results but I've not been totally blown away by the end results either. I also find whitening strips a little fiddly to put on at first but I don't know if that's just because my teeth are a little misshapen and twisted in some areas (wow, I'm making my teeth sound lovely right now lol). Following the instructions WhiteWash Labs claim that the 2 week course has been proven to whiten teeth by 3.6 shades after just one application and the 2 week course can be repeated every 3 months.

The first obvious step before starting the whitening course is to brush your teeth thoroughly and I obviously opted for the Nano Whitening Toothpaste and their Manual Toothbrush for this. The Whitening Toothpaste contains a combination of 10 whitening ingredients. It contains their patented ingredient Hydroxyapatite to whiten and remineralise the teeth and also include the natural sweetener Xtylitol to prevent any acid attacks. It's also free from SLS, Alcohol, Parabens, Triclosan and PEG. Because I've been using a different brand for a few months I'm kind of used to the way that particular toothpaste makes my teeth feel, but after using the Nano Whitening Toothpaste for 2 minutes, I instantly felt the difference in how much cleaner my teeth felt as opposed to how they felt after using the other brand. I now realise that the other brand hadn't actually been cleaning my teeth as well as I thought and was still leaving a very slight gritty feeling. I've also noticed after using the Nano Whitening Toothpaste twice daily for almost two weeks that my teeth are feeling and looking whiter. Obviously that might be because of the other teeth whitening products by WhiteWash Labs I've been using too. But I'm definitely not going back to my previous toothpaste after getting much better results from WhiteWash Lab's offering.

The next step of the whitening course is the Nano Intensive Whitening Strips and I'm not going to lie, this is the part I wasn't looking forward to just because I find them a little fiddly to put on at first. On the back of the little sachet each set of whitening strips comes in it shows which should strip should go on the top teeth and which go on the bottom teeth so for a newbie to whitening strips it's super easy to follow. After a few attempts at putting on the strips, they were both in place. The instructions say to leave the strips on for an hour. Whenever I do use whitening strips I tend to pop them on whilst I'm working on my laptop or watching a film or something. Obviously having some strips on your teeth feels slightly weird at first but after about 10 minutes you get used to them and they don't hurt or tingle or anything like that - they just taste minty. Obviously you shouldn't eat or drink whilst wearing the whitening strips. To remove them you get gently pull them off from the corners carefully and then brush your teeth to remove any remaining product from the strips. Even after just one use of the whitening strips I saw a slight improvement in my teeth colour which is pretty impressive and I could see where the strips had lifted some of the superficial recent stainage. 

The next step of the whitening course is using the Mouth Trays and Intensive Whitening Gel. I've never used mouth trays before so it was a bit alien to me. But you just pop the Mould and Bite Mouth Trays in hot water for 15 seconds and then wait to cool for a few seconds and then just put them in your mouth (one at a time) and bite into them for 30 seconds to mould the tray to your teeth. It super easy to do and then you put the Intensive Whitening Gel on the side that hits the front of your teeth and then you wear both of the Mouth Trays at the same time for 35 minutes. I did take the trays out half way through for a few minutes because my mouth started to ache (lol) but then I popped them back in for the remaining time. After the full 35 minutes was up, I removed the trays and cleaned them and then brushed my teeth normally to just remove any remaining gel. 

Overall I'm really happy with the results I've managed to get from using all of the products together and I haven't finished the course just yet (I've been using the whitening strips every other day or so) so I can't wait to see my end results after I've completed the whole course. The Intensive Whitening Toothpaste and Intensive Whitening Strips are definitely the stand out products for me personally. I feel like the WhiteWash Intensive Teeth Whitening Strips are definitely the best ones I've tried and the easiest to apply and remove (once you get the hang of it!). The mouth trays I did find slightly uncomfortable to keep in for the full 35 minutes, however I do think they've contributed to my results so far.

WhiteWash Labs also offer free UK delivery and if you sign up to their VIP emails then you get a discount for your first order!

Have you tried any products from WhiteWash Labs before?

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  1. I've heard so many good things about this brand. I'm definitely intrigued by them! Great post.

    Katie | XX

  2. These products do sound great - I've heard so much about them!
    I need to try out the whitening strips as my teeth are due a whiten.
    Loved reading your review x