Trying Ambience CBD Muscle Balm and Body Oil For My Chronic Pains

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If you've been following me on social media or reading my blog since last year then I'm sure you'll know that I've been diagnosed with chronic pelvic pain and chronic back pain which I suspect is endometriosis even though no doctor or gynaecologist seems to want to listen to my obvious symptoms of the horrible disease. So for now I'm just trying to get by day-to-day using CBD oil, having a hot water bottle constantly on my back or lower stomach area and I've also started on the pill to see if it'll suppress the symptoms a little. Because CBD oil itself doesn't seem to help with my back pain much but helps with my pelvic pain pretty well most days I thought maybe applying something topically around the main area of pain would help and/or boost the pain relieving effects more so when I got the opportunity to try some products from Ambience CBD I obviously said yes. So here's how I've gotten on with the two products I've been trying out.

Ambience CBD have just recently launched in Holland & Barrett and priced reasonably starting from £6.99. I definitely think that some companies take advantage of the great things CBD can do for pain relief, anxiety relief and also promoting better sleep. However I don't think Ambience CBD have done this and their prices are accessible for all who want to try them out.

The first product I tried is the CBD Infused Body Oil RRP £11.99* which I thought I'd try on my lower back area where my chronic back pain is the worst. Unfortunately I didn't find the Body Oil did much for my pain, however it does smell lovely which I'm guessing is down to the Coconut, Apricot and Rosemary present in the ingredients and made my skin feel super soft. I did find that the oil worked well for my achy arms and legs after suffering with the flu for a few weeks which is a good thing to know. So overall I feel like it may help with general day-to-day aches and pains but not chronic pain. 

I also tried out the CBD Infused Muscle Balm RRP £12.99* which I'm so impressed with. i find that it helps with my chronic back pain a little but I found that it helps with my pelvic pain really well and as soon as I feel it flaring up I'll apply some to some my lower stomach/pelvic bone area and within about 20 minutes it usually feels better than it did beforehand. If I am having a big flare up and the pain is already pretty bad (like it is sometimes when I wake up with pain) I'll use CBD oil to try and help with the pain then I'll use this to kind of help assist the oil on the outside if that makes sense. So overall I do think this works and I have already picked up another pot of it from Holland & Barrett. I also like that it doesn't smell super overpowering like other muscle rubs on the market do such as Tiger Balm and Deep Heat and it also doesn't heat up and feel as if it's basically burning your skin off. So I'd highly recommend trying this out (especially if you have PCOS, chronic pelvic pain or endometriosis) because it may work for you! Ambience CBD also have other products available which you may be interested in including their facial moisturiser, lip balm, foot moisturiser and body wash too.

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  1. The muscle balm sounds great for chronic pain, I'd love to try it out x

  2. I've started using CBD oil recently and am seeing a small difference in my anxiety once I have taken it, which is good. Its also good to see a brand creating an affordable CBD, as some are so highly priced its ridiculous!

    Lucy | Forever September