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Stripping back your skincare routine to the bare essentials can sometimes help reset your skin, especially if you’ve been using a lot of products containing active ingredients or have had an allergic reaction. I also tend to strip back my skincare routine to just the essentials on lazy days or sick days so in today’s post I wanted to share my go-to skincare products for those days. 

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I thought I'd talk about some things which I find really help my chronic pain/illness on my blog today and hopefully, if you also suffer from chronic pain or a chronic illness then this might be helpful for you. Obviously, everyone is different and some things that work for me might not work for you or be your cup of tea and vice versa. 

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If you're a regular reader of my blog or follow me on my blog's instagram or my private instagram where I talk more about my day-to-day life living with chronic pain then you'll know that I swear by CBD products for my chronic pain, suspected endometriosis and my anxiety. I started using CBD after I became allergic to NSAID's after I had a severe allergic reaction to Mefenamic Acid which I was prescribed for my pelvic pain. Since that happened, I've basically been too scared to try any new prescription painkillers I've been offered by my doctor because I'm absolutely terrified of having the same reaction because I literally couldn't breathe properly, my heart rate was going crazy and I had an all-over itchy rash too. Obviously, CBD is natural and it's known for its anti-inflammatory properties and I do find that it does help with my day-to-day pain and my anxiety. My go-to CBD oil is the 600mg Oral Drops in the Berry flavoured from BeYou just because I really like the Berry flavour and it also works out cheaper than other CBD brands on the market as it's only £19.99 for a 30ml bottle which really is a bargain. I've also tried their Natural flavoured 300mg CBD Spray* which you can read about in this blog post. They recently sent me over their 1200mg CBD* to try out in the Lemon flavour which is the next strength up from 600mg that BeYou offer, so in this post, I'm going to be talking about how I've got on with the 1200mg Oil and whether or not I actually like the Lemon flavour.

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 I'm sure you probably know by now that I'm a big fan of BeYou, their CBD products really help with both my period pain and my chronic pain and their monthly patches are fab too. They reached out to me recently and asked if I would be interested in trying out their new CBD Gummy Bears which are exclusive to Superdrug along with their 300mg CBD Spray which are both products I'd never tried from BeYou before, so I obviously yes, please! I've been using them both for a little while now and I wanted to talk about how I've been getting on with each of them.
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In today's post I'm talking about CBD again but in a whole different form to what I'm used to using. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been testing out Budslife CBD Patches*. Each of their patches contains 16.7mg of CBD and 0.001 mg THC and slowly release CBD into your bloodstream for up to 8-10 hours. Here's more about how I got on with using them...
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I was a bit silly towards the end of March to the beginning of April because I stopped using my CBD products as much as I usually do, just because I was kind of testing my daily pain with little to no pain relief and guess what? I suffered big time... Not only did I have some really bad pain flare-ups, but I also came down ill with tonsillitis for almost 3 weeks too which I'm pretty sure happened because I run myself down because of the bad bad flare-ups. So this month I've gone back to using my CBD products consistently and I've also been putting some brands I've never heard of before to the test. In this post, I'm going to be talking about
Synerva 300mg CBD Body Balm and how I've got on after using it pretty much daily for 3 weeks. 
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I'm sure by now you will know that I like to try out different CBD brands and products on the market. I also know a lot of people read my blog who suffer from similar chronic pain/illnesses to me as well as anxiety and I do get DMs frequently about using CBD. In today's post, I'm talking about two products from Herts Hemp which are their CBD drops and CBG drops which I'd actually never heard of before until now. 
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If you've been following my blog for a couple of years then you'll probably know that I have chronic pain (lower back/pelvic area/suspected endometriosis) as well as anxiety. I've been using CBD to help with both for almost 18 months now and it's personally really helped me and I think it's a great product to try if you're wanting to go down a natural route when it comes to trying to relieve/help with health problems. I'm personally not too fussed whether I use natural products or prescribed medications to help with my pain and anxiety but I am allergic to a lot of OTC pills (including NSAID's) which makes it difficult when it comes to finding effective pain relief. In today's post, I'm talking about newly founded Evo Pure and their 3% Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil RRP £24.99* which I've been trying out for a couple of weeks now to see how it works for my chronic pain and anxiety. 

Their broad spectrum hemp oil is extracted from organically grown EU hemp grown using sustainable farming practices which is obviously a good thing to know. It's also made using the whole plant for it's "entourage effect" and is never taken from CBD isolate so it won't get you "high" but it still has all of the good parts of the plant which can help with things such as inflammation, anxiety, sleeping issues, period pain and more. It's also non-GMO and contains no preservatives or artificial colours.

With it being a "full spectrum" CBD hemp oil it means it contains combinations of CBG, CBN and CBC which all work together for increased effectiveness. 

Let's talk about taste because I know the taste of CBD is what puts people off or stops people giving it a proper chance. The Evo Pure CBD does have a slightly bitter earthy taste like a lot of CBDs oils do but it's not super strong and the taste doesn't linger for ages like some CBD oils I've tried before. Also if you do happen to buy and try any CBD oil and it has a strong taste then you could pop it in a strong cup of tea or coffee to disguise the taste (I've done this before and it still works the same!). Evo Pure even have some recipe guides on their FAQs section.

Overall I've found the 3% Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil has worked well for my anxiety and believe me, it's been put to the test over the past couple of weeks because life has been a bit crazy recently. But I wouldn't use the 3% oil on it's own when I'm having a really bad day with my chronic pain as it just doesn't seem to help a huge amount. I've come to the conclusion that on my bad pain days I definitely need to opt for at least a 5% CBD oil or more. However, please bear in mind that my pain is chronic so it's harder to manage over say having achy muscles after a gym workout for instance. So I think it's a good starter if you're thinking about trying CBD for yourself and it's good that they also offer free UK delivery on all orders.

Have you tried CBD before?

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I have quite bad anxiety and when it's bad, it's really bad, my sleeping issues kind of vary depending on my anxiety levels and then obviously I have my chronic back and pelvic pain joining in on the party too. I've been toying with the idea of trying a weighted blanket for a couple of months but they are quite expensive for what is essentially a blanket. However last month, I decided to buy a weighted blanket from Mela Comfort because I found a good deal on Amazon that I just couldn't pass up. On the website, it's priced at £144.99, however at the time on Amazon it was £94.97 (including free postage) which is still quite pricey but better than the RRP.

Mela Comfort also give you a 100-night trial with fuss-free returns which is great, obviously, if you buy through Amazon then that changes things a little because they have their own returns channel so ideally, you would return via Amazon within 30 days for free.  But if it goes over the 30 day return policy then you can contact Mela and then they will send out a courier to collect the blanket (I'm not sure if this is free or not though).

They also donate a portion of every sale to Mental Health America & B1G1 which is obviously fab and it's nice to know that your purchase helps people in need. Another thing which I found out before buying from Mela is that if you do decide to return your blanket for whatever reason they don't resell their used goods, instead they donate any returned blankets to their housing shelter charity partner.

I've been using my blanket for almost a full month and I feel like I can give you my full review and kind of pros and cons about it now as I know quite a few people were asking me to do a review when I said I was getting one.

Because of my chronic pain issues, I'm usually glued to a hot water bottle or a heating pad of some kind, even in the summer. So prior to buying their weighted blanket I had a look on their FAQs about using heated products near the blanket. It doesn't say anything about hot water bottles but it does say you can use an electric blanket under the weighted blanket but you may get hot. However, in one of the leaflet/guides which come in the box, it says to avoid using direct heat sources as it could damage the glass pellets inside. So it's kind of saying one thing on the website and then something else in the guide which threw me off a bit. I still use my hot water bottle with the blanket but if it's a fresh hot water bottle, I tend to cover it with a cushion just to stop it being in direct contact with the blanket. The blanket is also is noisier than your normal bedding or blanket. I'm not going to lie, it did annoy a bit on the first few days but now I'm kind of used to it. It's kind of a rustly noise, similar to a sleeping bag. 

Onto the pros... I like that the blanket is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, some other weighted blankets which are priced at a similar price, literally look like a sleeping bag and just don't look very nice IMO. I like to try and make my room look and feel super cosy and the cover of the blanket definitely fits into my decor. It's also super soft which adds to the whole cosy vibes too. I do wish you could buy the minky cover that comes with the blanket on its own but apparently, you can't, which I think is a bit weird to be honest because what if you accidentally spill something on it and stain it or if it starts getting a little worn after you've owned the blanket for a while. You can buy other covers to fit the weighted blanket but they are more for the summer as they're lightweight and breathable.

I feel like the blanket has been helping with my sleeping to a certain extent, I still struggle to fall asleep but I sleep for longer amounts of time, I feel more well-rested when I wake up and I find the blanket quite comforting, especially when I'm having a bad day with my pain or anxiety. Talking of my anxiety, I feel like the majority of the time, the blanket helps but there have been a few times when I've been in a bad anxiety spell and I've felt like the blanket is suffocating me a little. So for me personally it's kind of hit and miss. The one thing I'm shocked about is that I think the blanket has been helping my pain a bit. When my pelvic pain is flaring or just a little angry, I tend to get quite bad upper leg pain and it can go from feeling like a heavy, dull thudding ache to feeling like electric shocks and since I've been using the blanket, the leg pain has definitely reduced, even though I have had a couple of bad pelvic pain flares over the past month. It's also completely stopped my restless legs which I get when my anxiety is bad which is great because I always joke that I kick my legs out like a donkey when it's bad. My back pain has also been a tad better recently but I think that's because I've been watching my posture and making sure I rest when I feel I need to.

Overall I do think the blanket is worth it and it has helped me and I think it's been a good investment for my health but if the price is what's putting you off trying a weighted blanket, don't forget to shop around first and see if you kind get it cheaper on Amazon or find a promo code.

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Travelling never used to be a problem before my chronic pain started back in 2018 but now I find it hard to travel in a car if I'm travelling any distance over around 30 miles which is crazy, considering I was always up for spontaneous or planned days out when you're stuck in the car for hours on end before I became unwell. Now I find it quite draining and uncomfortable to be stuck in a car for even an hour and obviously that affects how I feel once I get out of the car too. So it's really knocked me back and makes me question what I feel I can push myself to do in general. However this year I've set myself a couple of goals and I've also thought about some things which could help me if I'm travelling further than around the 30-mile radius I can just about put up with. I'm not saying I'm going to jump on a plane and travel to a warmer climate any time soon but there are definitely a few places that I want to try and visit this year within the UK. Most of them are places which I used to love visiting before I got ill. So here are my "goals" and a couple of the places I'm hoping to visit this year.

My first goal is that I need to be realistic with myself and know that I'm not going to be able to walk around or do as much as I used to before I got unwell. But even if I get to the town/city I want to visit and walk around even half the amount as I used to, it's still better than nothing! It's places like Matlock, Bakewell and Manchester which I used to love visiting a couple of years ago, where I know I may now struggle to walk around now either because of my pain or the fear of flaring but the plus side is that there are loads of little coffee shops and things where I can go if I need to rest for a short spell. But when I know I've done enough for one day then I need to stop and go home and not overdo it. 

I also really need to make sure I give myself time to recover days after I've done a "big day out" as I like to call them haha. I'm a bit silly sometimes because I don't let my body properly recover if I've done something which is quite draining or could/has made my pain flare and then I just make myself more unwell for a longer amount of time. It's almost as if I'm punishing my body for not letting me do things I used to be able to do. It's kind of strange to be honest.
I'm also looking into mobility aids such as Lightweight Wheelchairs for travelling which could really help me when I'm in a big town or city. It also means I'd be able to push myself a little more and try and travel further distances because I know if I do travel for a longer amount of time then I know I don't have to worry about trying to walk around if my pain is flaring, as long as whoever I'm with is happy to push me around in the wheelchair. Obviously, with it being a lightweight wheelchair, it means it'd be easy to carry around in the car as well as being easy to take out and put back in the car after using it too.

I think the biggest "travel" goal for me this year is to visit Chester Zoo, which I know might sound really trivial to you if you are an abled person. But it's a big place and I haven't been in years. I just think it's a good goal to aim for because I really want to go anyway, I was hoping to go last year but I couldn't but that was mainly because of other things that were going on in my life as well as my fear of flaring taking over. I also love The Secret Life of the Zoo and every time I watch it, it just makes me want to visit ASAP. I'd definitely need some sort of mobility aid like a wheelchair to get around though so I think it depends on my confidence using a wheelchair too. But I really hope I can manage it this Summer!

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 I’m sure by now you’ll know that I use CBD products to help ease my chronic pain and anxiety. But I’m always up for trying out different brands and strengths and so on. I like to test out and review different brands on my blog as I do get a lot of DMs about using CBD and I want to point people in the right direction in terms of which I've found worked for me and which I found didn't work for me. I also like to let people know which have *that* earthy taste and which don’t and things like that. So I’ve recently been testing out Brown's CBD Hemp Oil in the 10%/1000mg strength* and I feel like I've tried it long enough now to give my overall thoughts.

The Brown's Golden CBD Oil priced at £39.99* is decarboxylated and filtered for optimum purity, CBD concentration and taste. It's a full-spectrum oil and contains 1000mg of CBD/CBDA, Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed oil and a range of other supporting cannabinoids such as CBDV, CBG, CBC, THC (less than 0.2%) and more. The oil goes through an extra filtration process which gives it a smoother taste and a more golden colour than many other CBD oils. I personally didn't find the taste to be too strong and off-putting but I know some people are a little iffy about earthy tasting CBD oil. If you do find yourself with a CBD oil that has a strong taste then you can pop it in your tea/coffee to disguise the taste so that you don't waste the oil and so that you can still get the benefits from it.

The oil is also vegan certified, 100% natural, gluten-free, contains no additives and is also HPLC lab tested and at a pharmaceutical quality level. They recommend 1-10 drops 2-3 times per day and the bottle contains approximately 200 drops. I personally think you kind of just have to figure out what works for you in terms of dosage, as long as you're within the recommended dose. I guess it depends on your build and how your body takes the CBD too. I find I use less amount of drops when I use a stronger CBD oil such as a 10% one because it's obviously stronger. So I've personally found that 4-5 drops per day is enough for me for my daily chronic pain and also anxiety which is good. I tend to take it when I feel my pain is at its worst because then I can feel the difference when it's settling down which is always a nice feeling. I've also been a bag of nerves over the past couple weeks because I had a doctor's appointment booked that I'd been putting off since June and I was worried my doctor was going to switch up my medication again as well as some other things I was worried about. So when I was really stressing out a few days before my appointment, I found the CBD oil really helps to calm my mind and stopped me from overthinking which was obviously great.

Overall I would say that the Brown's CBD oil is a good one and I think it's priced well at £39.99 for a 1000mg in a 10ml bottle because when I first started using CBD I was buying a 500mg oil in a 10ml bottle for £40! The price also includes free UK delivery. So you're literally getting double for the price I was paying at the time. It's definitely the oil I'm going to be reaching for on my really bad pain/anxiety days because I do feel like it packs a punch and really helps to reduce my pain and also anxiety levels. It does have a bit of an earthy taste but it's definitely not as strong as some I've tried before. If you're interested in this oil or any other products they offer then check out their website. They also have a really helpful FAQs section if you want to find out more information.

Have you tried CBD oil before?
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-This post is in collaboration with Axess2-
If you or someone you know suffers with mobility problems then making sure your home or their home is a safe and accessible place is a must. In this post I'm talking about some of the ways in which could help to improve accessibility and make life a little easier.

1) You could put hand rails in key areas such areas where there are stairs and also by any toilet in the household. This can help the person in need who needs the extra help to lower themselves onto the toilet and also to help push themselves back up again. You can also add a raised toilet seat which can make it easier to sit down and stand up as it reduces the distance the person has to go before they reach the seat. 

2) It's also handy to have something to hold on to whilst in the shower if you/they feel a little unstable. Adding to that you could add a hand rail on the wall by the shower or a grab rail on the side of the bath if you/they struggle to get in and out of the bath or shower.

3) Something else which I personally find really helpful when my chronic pain is flaring is having a proper shower stool in the bath as it provides a safe and sturdy place to sit when I'm showering and reduces the chance of causing any more strain and discomfort if my pain is already flaring up. It also has a handy push-button height adjustment system so you can choose how high or low you want the seat.

4) You could consider installing a lift in your home if you have limited mobility or if you use a wheelchair or mobility scooter. There are many different Types of Platform Lifts you can choose from and these lifts in particular are designed to help wheelchair/mobility scooter users to access other levels of a building at ease. 

5) Something else which I think is a must if you or someone you know struggles with their mobility is a grabber tool or what I like to call a "Grabby" which is basically what you may know as a "litter picker" too. Although it doesn't really fall into the "accessibility" category, I just thought I'd mention it because it's so helpful when my pain is bad and also if I'm home alone and I'm struggling to reach something or if I've dropped something I need on the floor etc.

6) Buying a firmer mattress or a memory foam mattress depending on your preference might be something to look into. Also adjustable beds and chairs are a great idea for many people who are stuck either in bed or have to be sitting down for most of the day due to their mobility/disability. This could also make it easier if the person lives alone or is on their own a lot of the time as it makes it easier to sit up/get up without the need of any assistance. 

7) And lastly is to declutter routes where you walk/use a wheelchair or mobility scooter for obvious reasons and make sure the routes stay clutter free. You should get rid of any furniture that's not needed and is in the way and rearrange the most needed and used areas to make it more accessible.

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I can't believe as I'm writing this it's been over 6 months since I was basically forced to go on the mini pill for my chronic pain/suspected endometriosis. Like where has that time gone? Anyway I wrote this post all about my experience so far which I think I wrote after being on it for around 3 months. However there's been some weird things going on since then that I just wanted to talk about as I know some people have been following blog for my (suspected) endometriosis journey and any posts I write about it. Also when I say suspected I mean pretty certain btw. It's the doctors who are "blind" to the fact that I have the majority of the symptoms and have done for years. I honestly think my chronic pain kicked off last year because the endometriosis has gotten worse over the years without being detected and now it's built up inside of me and it's just inflamed and angry all of the time. The only problem is now is that any doctor I see is basically playing god with my body when things could be seriously messed up inside of me, to the point that I might not be able to have kids if I want them in the future, which I'm pretty sure I do. Also because I'm plus size, I constantly get fat shamed during every doctor/hospital visit too. 

Anyway I've had some weird things going on since my last blog post about going on Cerazette and I just thought I'd basically brain dump everything here for both myself to look back on and also anyone else who is having the same or similar symptoms (whether you have endo or not). 

First up is cramps... I've been getting monthly cramps minus a period which is super annoying. My actual chronic pelvic pain still isn't as bad as it was when I wasn't on the pill which again, is another obvious symptom that the doctors should pick up on. The pill is helping my pelvic pain which pretty much says my pain is gynaecological related and not just sudden onset "chronic pain". I've also had scans and blood tests in the past year which have ruled out any other concerns including fibroids, PCOS and anything more sinister. So it means everything is pointing to endometriosis again. For the cramps I've been getting I've been using a mixture of either CBD products, BeYou Patches and strong paracetamol (I can't take NSAIDS so yep, fun for me).

I also got a period. Yep and guess when it arrived? On Friday the 13th and also during a full moon. That is some witchcrafty, powerful shit, right? I was just like oh my god and then I shouted downstairs to my mum to tell her hahaha. I literally felt like I was getting my very first period all over again. I've definitely been taking white bedding for granted over the past 6 months. The period itself in terms of the flow wasn't too bad, it was light-moderate and nowhere near as heavy as my usual periods and I didn't really get any clots like I would normally (sorry tmi but just being real). I just whacked my trusty ModiBodi on and I was fine. It was the pain that was the issue, it wasn't as bad as they usually are during my "natural period" but it was still up there on the pain scale and it was setting off my pelvic pain even more than usual. So yeah, it's safe to say it was not a good 5 days. I just hope I only get one every 6 months or so because I can just about handle that. 

Something else which is really weird and I don't know if it's just me finally growing up and realising that "my type" always end up turning out to be arseholes or if it's the pill affecting me but my "taste" in men has changed a lot. Which I've got to admit is very weird because my type has been very samey for years and then all of a sudden it's changed a lot and it kind of coincides with when I started on the mini pill. So I do think it's pill related in some sense because of the hormonal changes. I've also read articles about it prior to going on the pill about people being in long-term relationships or even married and then not being attracted to their other half all of a sudden after going on the pill or changing pills. It's all a bit weird and scary really, isn't it?

I've also noticed that some days (usually in the middle of my pack) I'll get really intense cravings for the most random foods, usually things I can't eat because they set my pain off too. So yeah, ngl that's annoying.

Overall I do think the mini pill I'm on (Cerazette) helps with my daily pelvic pain and it's obviously a plus that it's almost stopped my periods too. I still have pain every single day with my pelvic pain and that general area really but it's not as intense as it was. I think if the pain sprung on an "normal" person who doesn't have pain day-to-day, they'd probably go to A&E or at least to the doctors but because I'm used to the day-to-day pain, it doesn't affect me that much. Also I know it can be a heck of a lot worse to the point I can't walk, bend down or stand up straight because of the crippling pain. 

I don't have really bad flare ups of pain every single day like I was last year when it really started to kick off but I would say I get at least a few per week. The pain I get still drastically affects my day-to-day life and I can't do things that I used to before I got ill and even on my lesser pain days I have the constant fear of flaring so if the fear takes over I tend to back out of any sort of loose plans I make.

I do want to continue to take the mini pill and I've got such bad anxiety about my upcoming doctors later this month because I'm so worried my doctor will try and randomly take me off it because if she does then I don't think I can cope with the pain I was having every single day last year.

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-This post is in collaboration with Mistatera, all opinions are my own-
If you're a regular reader of my blog or if you follow me on my social media then you'll probably know that I suffer with chronic pain (which I think is due to suspected endometriosis) and I also have quite bad anxiety too. I've been using CBD oil since November last year after quite a few people recommended it to me and it's definitely been helping me over the past year. I've tried quite a few different brands and strengths and I'll admit, there's been some good ones and some not so great ones for a variety of reasons but overall I'm glad I discovered CBD in general and I can't be without it. Over the past couple of weeks I've switched out any of my usual CBD products and I've been using a CBD oil by Mistatera and putting it to the test. In this post I'm going to be talking about their brand, product and how I've been getting on with it.

They sent me over their 5% (500mg) CBD oil* which comes in a 10ml bottle to try out for myself. It's non-GMO, premium certified, eco and vegan friendly. It's also 100% safe, laboratory certified (you can view the certification on their website), it's made with full-spectrum cannabionoids and they offer 30 days money-back satisfaction guarantee too.

The oil comes in a nicely presented box with corresponding packaging and it also comes with both a sprayer and a dropper top in the box so you can decide what works best for you. You can use the sprayer for a more easier, casual approach or use the dropper for a more precise measurement. It's completely up to you! I'm personally a fan of using a dropper just because it's what I'm used to doing but I think it's great that they add in a sprayer automatically. I've literally not come across another brand who offer both options for one single bottle and you usually have to choose between either buying a dropper bottle or a sprayer bottle. So I think it's really handy and helpful for someone trying CBD oil for the first time.

Mistatera state that their CBD oil is a dietary supplement made from CO2 extracted hemp resin with full spectrum cannabinoids. If an oil is made with full cannabinoids it means that it will provide higher levels of relief rather than a CBD isolate which is why I always choose to use a full spectrum CBD so that it helps with pain relief and anxiety more and so that I know I'm getting my money's worth too. It's definitely something to look out for if you're new to buying CBD. The Mistatera CBD resin is dissolved in an organic coconut oil which is good because coconut is a known superfood as it's high in healthy saturated fats. Coconut oil can raise HDL cholesterol (known at the "good cholesterol") in your blood which is linked to reduced heart disease risk and boosted brain function. So it means that you're getting a little extra when you use Mistatera's CBD oil. 

The oil is 5% (500mg) in strength and contains less than 0.2 THC (which means it's within the legal EU limit and it won't get you high). 1 bottle contains 250 drops and 1 drop contains 2mg of CBD. The CBD is extracted from the finest industrial hemp and all of the ingredients are of plant origin. The first time I tried CBD oil it was a 5% strength and I definitely feel like it had to build up in my system for about a week before I started to notice a difference. But I honestly wouldn't be without CBD now because I find it does help with an array of my health problems from my chronic pain, anxiety, depression spells and also sleeping issues.

Mistatera recommend using one drop once a day as part as a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle. It also should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and it's not suitable for children. They also recommend that you should use their CBD oil for 2-3 weeks without interruption to see and feel a difference - this includes getting a better night's sleep, waking up feeling more rested and less stressed and also for pain relief. Adding to that they advise using CBD oil for 3 months to see long term results (depending on condition and the reason why someone is using CBD). Everyday use should boost your functions and that will result in an increased energy level, getting a better night's sleep, reduced dizziness and overall happiness. It should also help to ease pain, anxiety and depression depending on your condition(s). 

The dosage depends on the individuals condition and his/her needs and I personally think that dosage depends on your size and weight too. I've figured out that I personally need between 4-6 drops per day usually to help with both my pain and anxiety. 

I've really enjoyed using Mistatera's CBD oil over the past two weeks and I've found that it's worked well to help ease my daily pain and also my anxiety. I think it's a great starter CBD oil for someone completely new to CBD because although it's got a natural CBD taste, it's hasn't the super strong and bitter taste like some I've tried in the past. I also think it's great that they include both a dropper top and sprayer so you can figure out which works best for you and your lifestyle. Adding to that I always say to people who are thinking about trying CBD to go for a 5% (500mg) because it's a good in the middle kind of amount to start with.

You can pick yourself a bottle of Mistatera's 5% (500mg) CBD via their website. It's usually priced at £49.99 but currently on offer for £39.27. Don't forget if you are planning on trying CBD for the first time then it is recommended to consult your doctor first.

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I thought I'd do a blog post about what things help relieve my chronic pain the most. If you're new to my blog then I have chronic back and pelvic pain which all kicked off in January 2018. I personally think that I have endometriosis but the many doctors I've seen just don't want to listen to my pretty obvious symptoms (some of which I've had for literally years too) and now every doctors appointment I go to they just bang on about weight instead of my daily chronic pain. Fun. So I've kind of given up on even going to doctors appointment anymore. I also had a bad reaction to Mefenamic Acid last year when I couldn't breathe properly, had a rash all over my body and it hurt my chest to breathe so since then I've not been able to take any NSAID's (such as ibuprofen) because they're all in the same medical family and I'm really wary of any new prescribed pills I get offered. So in this post I'm talking about what things and ways help me to get some relief from my pain.

The best health discovery for me last year was without a doubt CBD oil. I know I'm always banging on about it but it really does help with my pain most days. I tend to use a 500mg strength but I do have stronger versions for the really bad days. I still struggle day-to-day with my pain and I do find that the CBD helps my pelvic pain more than my back pain but I definitely feel like I can do a bit more than last year when I spent the whole summer in bed basically wishing I just was dead (and no that's not an exaggeration). I also feel like I'm in a better mindset most days because it does help with anxiety and stress levels too. I use both THC free and THC containing CBD oils/balms but they both are totally legal in the UK and they won't get you high like I know a lot of people worry about. My favourite places to buy from are from Bristol CBD, The.DrugStore and I've also been enjoying using the CBD Muscle Balm from BeYou. For when I'm out and about I find Naturopathica CBD Lozenges* are a lifesaver too and they taste nice! 

I've found that the pill has been helping with my pelvic pain quite a lot. As I write this I've had 3 days with minimal pelvic pain (but my back has been flaring bad ugh). But I definitely feel like for me personally if I do have endometriosis then the mini pill in particular has been helping with my symptoms most of the time. I do still have flare ups but not as often and I'll go hours and/or days with minimal pain now. However if I get stressed out/upset or annoyed about something then it tends to bring on the pain. You can read more about my experience on the pill I'm currently on here.

I've recently realised that Epsom Salts are a lifesaver for my chronic back pain and it's nice to have 20 minutes of relief whilst I'm in the bath. I tend to stick to what I know and buy my epsom salts from Westlab but I recently decided to try their Mindful Bathing Salts and they are so good! The bag contains a mixture of Epsom and Himalayan Salts with Frankincense and Bergamot as well as added CBD oil. It smells gorgeous and I find it really calms my back pain too. They're usually on offer for less than a fiver on LookFantastic and there's various other options too. 

Something else which I think helps my back pain is my Kinetik TENS Machine (from Argos). I did initially buy it for my pelvic pain when that first started but I think it actually aggravates the area and then I tend to be in more pain the next day. But I do find that the TENS machine is good for ovulation/period pains and also my chronic back pain. So I do recommend a TENS machine but if you're reading this and have undiagnosed pelvic pain then just be careful. It does have quite a lot of "settings" but I only use 3-4 of them as I find some of them are a bit uncomfortable. But it was definitely worth buying!

I spend most of my time with a hot water bottle either on my lower back or lower stomach, even in the summer months. I just find that heat really relieves pain and I find it quite comforting too when I'm having a bad flare up too. 

Lastly is distractions... although this isn't an actual pain reliever I find that trying to distract my mind from my pain is helpful. I do this by watching TV shows, films or playing games - I'm currently going through a phase of being obsessed with the Sims haha. I also find that if I'm watching something which is more of a thriller/horror then it'll take my mind off my pain more. I know that sounds weird but it's something I've noticed and I think it's because I'm more on edge and invested into the show/film.

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I've already talked about Naturopathica before when I tried their Citrus flavoured CBD Lozenges for the first time but I recently got an email asking if I'd be interested in trying out their Natural Strawberry flavoured 350ml CBD oil*. Although I usually prefer a higher strength CBD oil for my daily pain I thought it sounded interesting and strawberry is one of my favourite fruits. Because I have been using a CBD balm recently I thought I could use the CBD balm for my chronic pain (on my pelvic bone and lower back) and then use the 350ml CBD oil for my anxiety and/or sleeping problems to test it out properly.

What I love most about the Naturopathica 350ml CBD oil* is that it tastes exactly like strawberry. It doesn't taste fake or over the top and it also doesn't leave a "natural" CBD after taste like some flavoured CBD oils do. I'm personally not that bothered about the taste of CBD oil because I know it helps my pain, so I'd rather put up with the taste and help relieve the pain a little. But I know some people don't like the taste of CBD and that's what puts them off trying it long-term.

I've found the the Naturopathica CBD oil has done well in terms of helping to calm my mind when I'm feeling super stressed and believe me, it's definitely been put to the test over the past couple of weeks! I also find it helps settle my mind a little before I go to sleep which helps me to get to sleep because my brain likes to overthink things a lot at night. I do hope to see a stronger strength version at some point but I would repurchase when it runs out because I really like the taste and I did find it helped with my anxiety. So because of that I would recommend it trying it out if you're wanting to try a lower strength CBD oil.

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If you read this post back in March then you'll know that I decided to go on the pill to see if it'd help with my chronic pelvic pain/suspected endometriosis. Unfortunately during my last doctors appointment back in April my doctor kicked off about my weight (instead of actually discussing how my pain has been since being on the pill) and she took me off the combined pill immediately. She switched me to the mini pill instead which is commonly known as the POP pill. It contains progesterone only and you take it daily as opposed to the combined pill which you take for 21 days and then have a 7 day break. When she told me she was putting me on Cerazette I literally muttered "Oh shit" under my breath because I've read and heard so many horror stories about that pill in particular from irregular bleeding, cystic acne, continuous bleeding, weight gain, mood swings and so on. But I know that going on the combined pill helped relieve my chronic pelvic pain a little and I personally felt that the side effects I had from going on the pill were worth it in exchanged for less intense pain every single day. 

As I write this I've just started my third month of Cerazette and once again it's been a wild journey. I definitely feel like I've experienced more side effects on Cerazette but I also feel like it's been helping my pain a little bit more than Microgynon did so I'm still kind of weighing up the pros and cons if I'm being totally honest. 

So let's talk about what side effects I've been dealing with over the past couple of months... 

First of all I've got to talk about my skin and what's been going on with it. When I was on the combined pill I went about 2 months with pretty much pristine spot-free skin, which was amazing! Especially as I'm quite prone to spots normally and I have oily skin. Literally within about 3 days after going on Cerazette my skin started breaking out like crazy and it also got super oily. I was so pissed off and I almost stopped taking it there and then. Then about a week of being on it I noticed I was getting these weird bumps on my cheeks (mainly on the left side) and since then they've got bigger and have spread out more across my cheeks. You may have seen this tweet when I was asking if anyone had any ideas on how to help get rid of them (p.s I look rough AF in the photo but please ignore that lol). So it's probably something I'm going to have to talk about with my doctor when I go and see her again because they're really affecting my confidence which isn't great anyway as they're really visible through my high coverage foundations and concealers. I'm currently trying various different skincare acids from Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic to see if any of them will help but so far I haven't seen much improvement.

I also had really bad pain in my boobs for a week straight during my first month of being on the mini pill. If I accidentally knocked them or lay on them without a cushion supporting me I would literally yelp out in pain. I couldn't wear any sort of bra for that whole week either. But I'm guessing that my body was adjusting to the mini pill as I didn't experience it during my second month. Thank god. 

Another symptom which I think is pill related is that I feel bloated more often and you can literally see my belly bloating up and down. I also gained another 8lbs like I did when I first went on the combined pill. So I'm guessing an 8lb gain is the norm for my body and if/when I switch pills now. How fun... Not. Especially when I already have the doctors banging on about my weight instead of actually trying to figure out what's causing my chronic pain. I've also been experiencing nightmares quite often but I don't know if that's immediate side effects of the pill or if it's just because I've been dealing with a lot of stressful things over the past couple of months. But it sucks either way. Ugh.

So let's talk about the positives... I haven't had a period in two months. Absolutely nothing. Which I suppose is a good thing but I feel like if I was in a relationship right now then I'd probably be in full on meltdown most of the time thinking I'm pregnant. I still get period-like cramps around the time of the month I'd be getting a period but it's nowhere near as bad as it normally is. I just stick a BeYou patch on and hug my hot water bottle for a few hours (lol) and they both help to settle the pain. I've also not been having the bad mood swings that Microgynon gave me when I'd either feel super angry at nothing or I'd be crying over something silly so I don't feel as if I'm going completely crazy on Cerazette. Another big positive is something I've already mentioned which is that I *think* it's helping my daily pain more than Microgynon did. I still have pain daily and it still affects my quality of life but I know for a fact if I come off the pill I'm going to go straight back to the way I was before I was on the pill and I was not in a good state of mind back then, to the point that the way how I was feeling mentally was scaring the shit out of me. I still have bad mental health days but I don't feel like I'm in a constant depressive mood. It's either that or I'm just getting used to chronic pain life.

So overall even though I've been dealing with a lot of side effects I feel like I'm just going to stick it out a little longer and see how I go. I'm hoping my skin will clear up or settle down or that I'll find something which helps get rid of the weird bumps/spots and I'm also hoping that I don't gain any more weight. I also hope that the boob pain stays the hell away because that was brutal. I don't need any extra pain thank you very much lol.

Have you been on the mini pill before? 
If so, did you have any of the same side effects as me?

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I use CBD oil daily for my chronic pain and anxiety and I personally find that it works well for me, which you probably already know as I'm always going on about it. But it's literally the best thing I've discovered in terms of natural pain and anxiety relief. I tend to use a 5% 500mg strength oil on a day-to-day basis as I find that it works for me and I buy my 5% oils from various different places depending on how much I want to spend and what flavour (if any) I fancy buying. However when I'm in a lot of pain and I'm having a really bad flare up then I will opt for a stronger strength like a 600mg or 1000mg. I recently got the opportunity to try out Enhanced Biotics 10% 1000mg CBD Oil Drops* and in this post I'm going to be talking about their company and also how I've gotten on with their oil drops. 

Tom who is the founder of Enhanced Biotics was suffering with prolonged stress during his time at university. He rejected some of the prescription medication he was offered he began to search for some different ways of improving his well-being. He then came across CBD and after hearing about how popular it was in the USA he decided to give it a try. He quickly discovered that it was difficult to find a high quality CBD from a reputable supplier that had appropriately lab tested the product. After showing signs of stress relief from using CBD, he noticed numerous other mental health benefits and also found that the CBD was helping with his performance at the gym. He then envisioned Enhanced Biotics with the goal of helping others whilst providing high quality, safe and thoroughly lab tested products. 

Enhanced Biotics currently sell CBD Oil Drops starting from £29.99, CBD Capsules (300mg) which are priced at £21 and Vapes available in various flavours from Cool Mint Berry, Blackcurrant & Menthol, Mangoes & Cream and more.

I was kindly sent their strongest 10% 1000mg CBD Oil Drops priced at £59.99* (for a 10ml bottle) which is about the going rate for a CBD oil of that strength and size. They also offer free delivery with all domestic orders too which is a big plus. I've been using these drops on my really bad pain days and with it being a stronger strength and I can definitely feel some relief shortly after using it when I'm having a bad pelvic pain flare up. I tend to use 5-6 drops per day which usually does the trick. I'll sometimes have a couple more drops before I attempt to go to sleep just to tide me over during the night and also help me to settle my mind if I've had a bad day with my pain and I'm just feeling low. Even if you don't have a chronic illness or pain I've found that CBD oil is definitely the best thing I've tried for my anxiety and I've suffered with bad anxiety since I was about 12. I'm not going to lie, it does have a taste like most CBD oil drops (unless flavoured) but it's not the worst tasting CBD oil I've ever tried and believe me, I've tried some horrible tasting ones before. If you aren't a fan of the taste or texture of CBD taste in general then you could pop some in your cup of tea or coffee to help disguise the taste. That's what I do with CBD oils which taste really gross so that they don't go to waste. However I've found that I don't need to do that with Enhanced Biotics CBD which shows that it isn't that bad in terms of it's taste and texture.

Overall I'm impressed with the Enhanced Biotics 10% CBD Oil Drops* and I shall be picking up another bottle when I run out. I do find that my 10% oil drops last a little longer than the 5% bottles I use daily because I only use them when none of my other CBD products are touching the pain, so in my eyes it's worth the £59.99. I know it's what's inside what counts but I really like the bottle design too and you know what I'm like with cute or pretty packaging so I just thought I'd give it a mention. I'm also interested in trying out their CBD Capsules which contain 30x 10mg capsules at some point as I'm very intrigued to see how they work as I've never tried capsules before.

Have you tried any sort of CBD products before? If so, what did you think?

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