Two Unisex Fragrances I Love

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I do love a good fragrance and I definitely have more fragrances in my possession than I really but I do often go through them all and pass on or sell bottles which I'm not really reaching for much. In today's post I thought I'd talk about two unisex scented fragrances which I really like. One has been a favourite for almost a year and the other one is pretty new to me. 

Ever since I got a sample of Glosser You I needed it in my life however it is a little more pricier than I would would normally spend at £45 for a 50ml bottle. I spent a couple of months trying to find a dupe and didn't find anything even remotely similar to the scent of You so I waited until around my birthday last year and picked my first bottle up as a treat to myself. The three base notes melt in with your skin - ambrette, ambrox and musk and the top notes being iris root and pink pepper. I would describe it as a very comforting grow up scent and I think it's a scent you can wear throughout the year because usually I'll opt for more of a floral scent in the spring and summer and then something more warming and comforting in the autumn and winter but as I've mentioned already I bought my first bottle in April last year and I've been using it almost daily since and I bought my second bottle in December so it definitely lasts well. I wouldn't say it's a perfume you can put on first thing in the morning and can still smell when you get back home in the evening but I do have one of those refillable perfume bottles and I tend to take that with me everything so I can pop some more on when I feel like the scent is fading a little. 

Another fragrance which I've been enjoying over the past month is the Echt Kolnisch Wasser 4711 Original From £6.49* who also sell other products from a cooling stick, tissues and also body spray. The unique composition of 4711 claims to have a positive effect on the mind & mind and producing a feeling well-being. I personally think that the 4711 Original scent smells very similar to the LUSH Karma scent which is very uplifting and kind of old-fashioned scented (I don't mean it smells like old ladies btw lol). However I have found that sometimes when I use my LUSH Karma solid perfume I find it can be overpowering and makes me feel a little headachy which is why I'm so happy I've come across 4711 because it's not as overpowering but still a very uplifting scent and it also works out cheaper to buy. Again, like the Glossier You fragrance it's not a scent that lasts all day but the 25ml bottle is a perfect size to pop into your bag and use throughout the day when you feel like the scent is wearing off a little.

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  1. I didn't know Glossier did fragrances! Might have to try them out!XX

  2. I've had a sample of the glossier perfume and really liked it, perhaps I'll add it to my birthday wish list (which isn't for ages haha)!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I had no idea Glossier did perfume!
    Both of these fragrances sound amazing - especially 4711 as I love the smell of Karma x