3 Natural Deodorants I've Been Trying Out Lately

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I really want to go natural when it comes to deodorants but I've tried out a few over the past year or so and they just weren't very good. They either didn't keep me fresh, they seem to make me sweat more or the application method was awkward. So I kind of gave up searching for a perfect natural deodorant product and switched back to my usual deodorant. However I've decided to try again and go on the hunt for a natural deodorant that ticks all the boxes and is not super overpriced. So I thought I would write about the products I've been trying out over the past month or so and how I've gotten on with them all. 

The Earth Conscious - Peppermint and Spearmint Tin RRP £7 was the first one I picked up as I've heard so many great things about the brand. The product I chose comes in a tin but you can buy them in a stick too. Also 10p from the sale of any of their deodorants goes to the Marine Conservation Society which I think is fab. I chose the Peppermint and Spearmint option which is supposed to be the "Strong Protection" but I just chose it as I liked the sound of the scent more so than anything. The application is okay, you have to kind of rub the product to warm it up to get it out smoothly and then you just apply it. I do like the scent but it doesn't last all day. it's not overpowering so you aren't going to be walking around smelling like toothpaste all day lol. I think it does an okay job at keeping me feel fresh but I think if I was having a really busy day and was rushing around, I wouldn't pick this up. It's okay for a slow day, that's the best way to put it. Also I feel like the product may melt in the Summer in the tin with it being like an oil-balm kind of formula. So I'll be honest I'm not 100% sold on this and I don't know if I'd repurchase it.

Tropic Skincare Feel Fresh Soothing Deodorant Antiperspirant Cream 80ml RRP £10*  main ingredients are: Benetonite Clay - "Composed of volcanic ash, it effectively absorbs odours, sweat and toxins while keeping undersarms fresh all day long". Bisabolol - "Soothes irritation and helps to repair damaged skin, epecially after shaving or waxing, by replacing moisture and helping to maintain the skin's natural balance." Gingergrassa Extract - "It's antibacterial, antispetic and antifungal properties help to relieve skin irrtation and control body odours." I really like the uniqueness of the Tropic offering as I've never tried a cream deodorant before, it smells absolutely gorgeous thanks to the Grapefruit but the scent doesn't over take any perfume you are wearing which I like about it. I do feel like I'd soon run out with it being a cream product if I'm using it daily but I do find it to be really moisturising and it has been keeping me feeling really fresh throughout the day, so I would repurchase this one.

Salt of The Earth Pure Aura Melon & Cucumber Natural Deodorant Spray 100ml RRP £5.99 which I picked up from Holland & Barrett has really let me down. It's probably the worst natural deodorant I've ever tried. After searching the internet for affordable natural deodorants the Salt of The Earth Natural Deodorants looked really promising as they seemed to have such good star ratings and raving reviews. Straight away I noticed that it doesn't really spray, it basically attacks you with a forceful squirt (ugh, hate that word lol). I then soon realised that the tube seems to block up every time I use it and I know it's not because I'm storing it wrong or anything as it's in a room which is kept at room temperature. When it does work (after I literally blow into the tube to loosen it up, ew) I've found that the deodorant is quite sticky and it just isn't very long lasting in terms of how long it keeps me feeling fresh. It's a shame as the scent is really nice with it being Melon and Cucumber and really refreshing but I definitely won't be picking it up again!

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