Is Microblading For Me? How To Ditch Your Brow Products For Good... *

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Eyebrows have long been something of an obsession among beauty enthusiasts, and quite understandably so. After all, your brows are key to ‘framing’ your face, so if you aren’t completely happy with the shape or shade of them, you may well feel self-conscious about them.
Now, there have long been all manner of ‘miracle’ oils and other products – even ‘brow wigs’ – that have been talked up as the next big revolution in brow beauty.
So, with microblading having been subject to a lot of hype of its own lately, you may initially imagine it to be just another ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ fad. Here, then, are some of the things you should know about microblading, and whether it’s a treatment you ought to seriously consider.
First of all, what is microblading?
‘Microblading’ may sound like the name of some ice-skating craze, but in many ways, the name of this treatment neatly sums up what it is. It’s essentially a type of tattooing, except that unlike traditional cosmetic tattoos, it’s only semi-permanent and involves implanting pigment into fine incisions in the skin, rather than creating a larger block of colour.
Such fine strokes – created with needles that don’t actually penetrate the skin, but instead merely delicately scratch the surface, resulting in something akin to a paper cut – will leave you with a much more realistic-looking effect than you’d get from many of the alternatives.
The fine implantation of featherweight strokes with a medical grade pigment on the skin’s epidermis layer creates an illusion of real hairs that is almost certain to be the envy of your friends who’re still resorting to pencilling in their eyebrows.
Who is microblading suitable for?
Microblading makes a lot of sense for an extremely wide range of people. You may just be an average person with a wish to significantly enhance the appearance of your brows, while this treatment may also interest you if you have alopecia or have gone through chemotherapy.
What do people who have undergone the treatment say?
You can find many accounts online of people who have had microblading done on their troublesome brows – such as Vogue writer Nicola Moulton, who observed of the results of her treatment: “It’s remarkable the difference bolder brows can make.
“I found my attitude towards make-up changed completely – I could try stronger lipsticks, bolder eyeliner – or just do nothing and still feel ‘done’. If brows are the ultimate frame to your face, then microblading just about makes you a work of art.”
Sounds brilliant – so are there any risks I should be wary of?
Unfortunately, as you might imagine given that it does entail the use of a scalpel-like hand tool to wound the skin, microblading isn’t a completely risk-free procedure. It might only take one accident by the beauty professional carrying out this treatment to leave you with infected brows.
That’s precisely why you should only turn to a suitably qualified, reputable and experienced salon or freelance beauty therapist to perform the treatment. It’s also why any such salons or beauty professionals should have the right microblading insurance to protect themselves against potential compensation claims from any clients who suffer ill-effects as a result of an error.
What are your own thoughts on microblading? Have you considered having it done or actually undergone the procedure?
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  1. i'd like to do microblading but the idea terrifies me because i've seen a lot of people not so happy with the results!

  2. I'm so intrigued by Microblanding but it makes me so nervous too! I'd be so worried they'd look horrific!

    Katie | XX