Two Products From ECooking

-This post contains gifted/PR samples, no paid content. All opinions are my own-
In today's post I'm talking about two products from Danish brand ECooking which I've been using recently and how I've been getting on with them. ECooking are available from Indulge Beauty. 

I was sent over their ECooking Shower Gel RRP £18.50* and ECooking Multi Oil RRP £20*. What I really like about both of the products I've tried so far from ECooking is that they can be used for more than one thing. The shower gel can actually be used as a shampoo and the Multi Oil can be used as a facial oil, cleanser, makeup remover, hair oil and massage oil. They are also vegan and paraben free, which is fab! 

The Shower Gel (and Shampoo) smells extremely similar to the Happy Hippy Shower Gel from Lush which I do already like but I've found that the ECooking option lathers up easier and I love that you can use it as a shampoo too. If you're not familiar with Happy Hippy then it's a very fresh and citrusy scent. It's also great shampoo to use before using a hair mask or any sort of conditioning treatment I've found. I don't know why that is but I can tell that it really does cleanse my hair well. I also really like the packaging and it looks cute sitting on the edge of the bath. I can tell I like it as I have a fair few different shower gels on the go at the minute and I've been reaching for the ECooking option the most. 

The Multi Oil which is priced at £20 is a great product if you're wanting to save on both space and money. It also looks aesthetically pleasing on my skincare cupboard shelf with it's glass bottle and pump and it smells really nice as it's Orange, Lavender and Rose scented and it's made from organic Jojoba and Sesame Oil. It's not a heavy oil so it's been a nice oil for my face to use when my skin feels like it just needs an extra kick of hydration or a bit more of a glow. I love that you can use it on your hair too - I've only used it on the ends of my hair but you can use it as a hair scalp treatment if desired aswell. I've also used it as a cleanser and makeup remover and it works well for both of those too. So it definitely lives up to it's name as a multi oil! 

Out of both of the products I definitely would repurchase the shower gel just because it's great as a shower gel and a shampoo and I may potentially pick up the multi oil again once I've used up some of my other facial and hair oils. 

Have you tried any products from ECooking?

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