7 Steps To Help Increase Your Blog Traffic

I've decided I'm going to talk about blogging more often on my blog and what tips and tricks I've found have worked best for me personally. I do sometimes get DM's on instagram and twitter asking about certain things so I thought I'd answer some questions and other blog related things in some posts. I'm no expert and although I'm self-employed through my blog, I don't make a huge fortune every month and it's very hit and miss. But I can get by on the money I make and it's also super helpful for me because when my chronic pain is bad, I can just take the day off if it's needed. It's definitely got it's pros and cons though, which is something else I shall be writing about soon. But in this post I'm talking about how to increase your blog traffic and how to get more people interacting with your blog posts too. 

Schedule posts daily via Buffer
So you don't have to use Buffer but I find that personally that's the easiest one to use. I did try Tweetdeck but I found it a bit confusing. I find the best way to get more views is by scheduling posts to your twitter feed! I tend to aim to schedule 4 posts every day (or every other day). I schedule my latest post first usually at 10.30am and then I post two others in the afternoon and evening and then my latest post again at around 9.30pm. I find that works the best and I can definitely tell when I've scheduled blog posts onto my twitter feed as I get so many more views.

Tag RT accounts into your scheduled tweets
Some RT accounts are little hit and miss but my favourite accounts to tag are @sotonbloggers, #TeacupClub and @UKBloggers1 and I also use hashtags like #bbloggers #lbloggers and etc. Do NOT use the #bloggerswanted tag because that just pisses off everyone who is trying to look for opportunities and it's just super annoying tbh. Also just a cheeky plug but if you do happen to be looking for some blog/insta opportunities then follow my @BloggerOppsxo account. I try and post every other day or so with the latest opportunities.

Don't forget to use Instagram to promote your latest blog posts too!
When I have a new blog post I either post on my grid to say what my latest post is about or I'll share it on my insta stories and say that the link is in my bio. I also sometimes do a sneak peek kind of post on my stories of what's coming up on my blog too.

Ask your readers what they want to see on your blog via twitter
You could also use the insta polls but I find more people answer the polls on twitter because it's anonymous and I think people are scared to offend you if they openly say they want to see more beauty related posts as opposed to fashion. But this is a good way to find out what people really love to read on your blog and what topics people aren't so bothered about reading.

Post regularly on your blog 
I know this is hard to do if you're in full time employment/education or if you just have a super busy lifestyle but I'd just say try and post as much as you can as it gets more people interested in reading your blog and also following you on social media (if you share you posts via buffer and use the tags). A little tip - don't have scheduled blog upload days! I used to do this when I first started out blogging and it used to put so much pressure on me to make sure I upload a post and to be honest because I was so stressed with posting at certain time on a certain day my content was really rubbish because I was rushing writing it.

Get people's attention with a catchy and enticing title
This is something I've been trying to do more over the past year as I find that if I just say for example "Proto-Col Intense Protection Day Moisturiser Review" then it's a bit bland and boring and I don't get as many views or comments. So instead I used "Why you Need Proto-Col's Intense Protection Day Moisturiser SPF50+ In Your Life" instead. It grabs your attention and makes you think "Ooo, why do I need it in my life?", right?

Up your photography game or change it up a little
You may have noticed on my instagram that I've changed up my photos a little recently just because I was a little bored of what I was producing and I felt it was all really repetitive. It still is a little repetitive but I'm planning on getting some more props soon and I'm also planning to start taking photos in different places around the house too. But I think upping your photography game really helps - whether if it's buying a new camera, picking up some wallpaper samples for a background at your local B&Q,The Range or B&M or buying new props, buying some soft box lights and so on then it can make a big difference. I'm going to be doing an updated blog post about blog and insta photos and blog props really soon!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! If you have any tips then leave them below in the comments x 

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  1. I think photography can be a big thing when it comes to blogging, its the first thing a lot of people see so its important to keep it engaging/eye catching!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Some amazing tips here, I have been trying to post on my instagram regularly because I never really did that last year!

    Katie | www.justkatiee.com XX

  3. I really want to try and increase my blog traffic. I find trying to be part of the community really helps so finding new blogs, commenting and building relationships!

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  4. These are all such helpful tips, I always forget about buffer etc!.
    Charlie | www.charlieswonderland.co.uk

  5. I've been trying to change my photography up a little bit and find that keeps blogging fresh for me as well as the readers. Great post with such useful advice!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  6. These tips are so helpful! I find it so hard to post regularly at the moment with uni, but I'm hoping to when I get a week off.
    I completely agree with having no scheduled posting days..it makes it too stressful and less enjoyable! x