How To Make Your Rented Apartment Feel Like Home *

-*This post is in collaboration with RW Invest-

Have you just moved into your flat and want to start decorating? The issue with renting is that you are sometimes limited when making any changes, although this depends on your landlord. If you’re unsure about decor changes, you should take a look at your tenancy agreement to see what you can and can’t do.

You may find that you are one of the many tenants that cannot make massive changes. However, there are several things you can do which will make your rented apartment feel like home. Read these top tips which will help you transform your space.

Update furniture
If your flat is unfurnished, your landlord will give you more leeway when decorating the property, which means you can pick the furniture you want. However, there is an advantage of having furnished apartments like those available at RW Invest, which feature beautiful contemporary furnishings that will make you feel right at home.

Some tenants in furnished apartments aren’t so lucky, but there is a way around this by talking to your landlord about upcycling the furniture. For example, you could ask about painting a cupboard to add a pop of colour into a plain-looking bedroom. You could also add some colourful cushions or a throw to a drab sofa to enhance your living room.

Go green
Another great way to enhance your rented flat is by adding indoor plants, which will introduce natural light into your home, making it appear more spacious and open. When choosing plants, you should choose either artificial or long-lasting plants, such as Ivy, Spider plants, Cacti or Aloe Vera which are extremely low-maintenance.

Flowers can be placed anywhere in your home, including the kitchen, bathroom and on any window ledges. This is the perfect addition to any home, especially an apartment without a garden, as using plants allows you to create a botanical feel, even if you’re in a top floor apartment.

Hang art
Adding art in your home is essential, as it makes it more personal and stops your apartment from looking like a show home. However, before you purchase any wall art, you should check with your landlord about their wall hanging policy. If they don’t permit anything being hung on the wall, you should opt for standing framed art, which is the perfect decoration for your coffee table.

The main reason why your landlord will not allow you to hang things in your room is that it will leave a hole in your wall. However, there is plenty of way around this, such as using removable wall hooks, which can be used to hang any piece of art of your choice. By using this little tool, you will keep your landlord happy by avoiding any damage to the walls.

Collect rugs
Most rented properties will fit some type of wooden floor instead of carpet, as the latter is more likely to stain. While this may be suitable for some people, a lot of tenants prefer carpet, as it makes a home appear more comfortable and warmer. Some tenants may also have children, in which case carpets are preferred in the event of trips or falls.

To solve this issue, you should consider purchasing a rug or two, which will not only create a safe and warm home but will also enhance even the dullest decor. You can choose either small or large rugs dependant on the size of the room, although, for large rugs, you should take a look at sites like eBay or look in charity shops where you can find some great bargain rugs.

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